Popular Parsi girl Baby Names starting with 'J'

Modern Parsi Girl Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'J' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique girl baby names for alphabet 'J' that are popularly used by NRIs across the world.
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Modern Parsi Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'J'

Jacqueline One who supplants
Jadwiga Fighting a battle
Jahanray One who decorates
Jahanaray Adorner of the world
Jaleesa Promise of God
Jaleh Rain
Jamileh Excellent talents
Jamila Gorgeous woman
Jannat Paradise
Jasmine A fragrant flower
Javaneh Young,sprout
Jazlyn Unclear
Jeremiah Exalted of the Lord
Jerilyn Ruler with spear
Jessamine Variant of 'Jasmine'
Jessica Wealthy in all ways
Jetta Ruler of the house
Jirina Farming woman
Jiya Heart, Sweetheart
Joasia God is merciful
Juniper Evergreen
Juno Young woman
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