Popular Parsi Boy Baby Names starting with 'J'

Modern Parsi Boy Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'J' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique boy baby names for alphabet 'J' that are popular across the world.
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Modern Parsi Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'J'

Jaakko Following after
Jabari Courageous
Jabez Grief
Jabir One who comforts
Jac God is merciful
Jafar River
Jahanabad One who makes the world happy and prosper
Jahanbax Creative
Jahandar Possessor of the World
Jahan Universe, world
Jahanjuy Inspiring
Jahanshah King
Jahanray One who decorates the world
Jalal Greatness
Jalbhai Intellectuals
Jalil Noble, great
Jamal Handsome, fair
Jamshed Shining river
Jamshid Handsome, Sun's rays
Jasper The treasurer
Javad Liberal
Javed Immortal, living forever
Jehan Lord is gracious
Jehangir One who conquers the world
Jivaji Loving and Domestic
Jivanji Confident
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