Popular Parsi Boy Baby Names starting with 'A'

Modern Parsi Boy Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'A' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique boy baby names for alphabet 'A' that are popular across the world.
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Modern Parsi Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'A'

Aadat Habit custom
Aafrin Blessing praise
Abad Populated, prosperous
Abadan Populated, flourishing
Abadun Slave to God
Abah Clear limpid
Abaq Mercury, quick silver
Abarham Nature essence
Abarmand Inheritence privilege
Abarnanig Noble
Abbas Frowning, Description of a Lion
Abdar With water
Abdih Splendor giving
Abeem Fearless
Aberet One who carries water
Abesar Crown
Abitin Full, complete
Abkashin Bracelet
Abkhur Lot, Destiny
Abrang Freshness, vigour
Abrasham Silk
Abrnak Cloudy
Absal Garden
Abtab Splendour, Brilliancy
Achak Earth, dust
Adanosh One who show style
Adar Fire
Adarbad Protector of fire
Adarbahram Fire of victory
Adarfra Fire of glory
Adarmard A man of power
Adarvan Fire protector
Adel Equal, alike
Adinah Friday
Adish Fire
Adrakhsh Lightening
Advi No need of protection
Afgan One who throws down
Aflatun A person who is mighty and powerful
Afrang Splendor, glory, dignity
Afrogh Rays of the sun
Aftab Sun, sunlight
Afshar Accessorial
Afzaya Adding
Aghaz Beginning
Aghlisun Rainbow
Aghosh Embrace
Ahmad Most praiseworthy
Ahsan Excellent, most beautiful
Ahun Pertaining to god
Aibak Messenger, ambassador
Aigar Sugarcance
Aimani Security protection
Aizhak Spark of fire
Akashtah Strong, Firm
Akbar Big
Akhash Worth, value
Akhgar Sign of fire
Akhi Generous
Akhsham Evening
Akhund Teacher
Akhwand Preacher
Alauddin Superiority of Religion
Alborz The highest one
Ali High, Elevated
Ambir Clay, mud
Amin Honest
Amir King
Amjad Most excellent
Amun Strong, bold
Anamaka One whose name is not known
Anaoshak Immortal
Andaz Intention, purpose
Angam Time, season
Angar Opinion
Angur Grape
Anish Little garden
Anjuman Society, Assembly
Anosh Eternal
Anoush Everlasting
Anushah Prosperous, blessed
Aoshnar A man of intellect
Arad Name of an angel
Aram Quiet, peace
Arash Bright arrow
Arawand Desire
Ardanish Charity
Ardasher Courageous, good ruler
Ardashir Who rules with truth
Ardavan Protector of righteousness
Aref Wise, intelligent
Ares Quick sighted
Arif Knowledgeable
Arish Wise
Arjamand Honourable
Arman Ambition, wish
Armayun Intelligent
Armin Dweller of the garden of Eden
Armish Quiet
Arqish Skillful
Arsalan Lion
Arsh Gift
Arsham Very Powerful
Arshan Cloud
Arshish Blessing
Artayun Intelligent
Arun Attractive
Arvand Majesty
Aryan Of Arian Character
Arya Friend, faithful
Arzish Value
Arzun Amiable qualities
Asghar Small
Asad Lion
Ashkar Clear
Ashraf Noble, cultured
Ashti Peace
Ashtad Justice
Asim Defender
Asir Sun
Aslan Lion
Asrush Angel
Asuma Heaven
Atash Fire
Atish Fire
Atosa An Iranian Princess
Aurang Wisdom, understanding
Avizheh Pure
Awah Echo
Awan Season
Ayuft Wish
Azad Independent, free
Azadafroz Shining nobly
Azar Fire
Azarbad Protector of fire
Azard Color, paint
Azhhir Intelligent
Azin Decoration
Azman Infinite
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