Popular Parsi girl Baby Names starting with 'F'

Modern Parsi Girl Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'F' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique girl baby names for alphabet 'F' that are popularly used by NRIs across the world.
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Modern Parsi Girl names with meanings - Alphabet 'F'

Fahnik Virtuous
Fakhri Glory
Farah Joy, Happiness
Farahnaz Joy
Faranah One who has Glory
Faratin Heavenly
Farhangi Learned in law
Fariba Charming
Faridah Proud
Farideh Delightful
Farihin Happy, Cheerful
Farin Wise, Intelligent
Farkhondeh Joyous, Happy
Forouzan Shining
Faranaak Fereidoun's mother
Farnaza Intelligent, Learned
Farrin Glorified
Farohar Angel
Farya Friend
Farzana Intelligent
Farzaneh Wise, Intelligent
Farzin Wise
Fatemeh The name of Mohammad's daughter
Fazanah Wise
Fehroza Victorious
Fereshteh Angel
Feroza Victorious
Fila Lover
Firouzeh Turquoise
Forough Brightness
Forouzandeh Shining
Fozhan A loud voice
Freny Beloved
Friyana Beloved
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