Popular Parsi Boy Baby Names starting with 'G'

Modern Parsi Boy Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'G' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique boy baby names for alphabet 'G' that are popular across the world.
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Modern Parsi Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'G'

Gabe God's bravest man
Gable Tax collector, gobler
Gaidar To be joyful
Galah Black
Ganjbakhsh Liberal
Ganjshakar Sugar-store
Ganjur Rich man
Ganur Fruit basket
Ganjwar Treasurer,Richman
Gardanan Strong,Powerful
Gardun That which revolves
Garsewaz One who has stability
Garugar Granting desires
Gash Excellant, good
Gashi Happiness, health
Gaspard Excellant, good
Gashtaham Very strong
Gashtar Beautiful, pleasant
Gaspar The master of the treasure
Gauhargish Bold,Courageous
Gauzar Golden ox
Gaya Life
Gayoda Life-giving
Gayomart Life-giving
Ghadir A sword
Gharbun Gift, present
Ghastaham Very strong
Ghubad Invention
Gilshah King of the earth
Giraish Wish, desire
Giramish Power, dignity
Girish Gesture
Gitiban Protector of the World
Gitidar King
Goshtasb A Character In Shahnameh
Govad Wind
Guebers Followers of ancient Persian religion
Gudarz Father of Gev
Guhar Intelligence, wisdom
Guharafrid Created by nature
Gulfam The colour
Gulshan Rose garden
Gulzar A garden with flowers, rose garden
Gushad Victory, happy
Gustaham Very Strong,Honored,Respected
Guzarish Request
Gyan Soul
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