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Modern Indian Boy Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'V' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique boy baby names for alphabet 'V' that are popular across the world.
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Modern Indian Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'V'

Vaachaspati Lord of speech
Vacana Command
Vaageesh Lord of speech
Vaamdev Lord Shiva
Vaarshaney Lord Vishnu
Vabhravayani Weaver
Vacasampati Master of speech
Vacaspati Lord of speech
Vacasya Praiseworthy
Vachan Speech
Vacchacarya Teacher of children
Vadabasuta Son of mare
Vadhryasva With a castrated horse
Vadin Speaker
Vadiraj King among disputants
Vaduli Logician
Vagadhipa Lord of speech
Vagadusta Vile in speech
Vagara Hero
Vaghat Insitutor of a sacrifice
Vagindra Lord of speech
Vagisa Lord of speech
Vagisvara Master of language
Vagmin Eloquent
Vahati Friend
Vahin Driving, carrying
Vahnigarbha Gana of shiva
Vahnih Bearing alone
Vaibhav Riches
Vaidat Knowing
Vaidhava Son of the moon
Vaidyanaath Master of medicines
Vaijayi Victor
Vaijnath Lord Shiva
Vaikhan Lord Vishnu
Vaikunth Vaikuntam, the abode of Lord Vishnu
Vainavin Lord Shiva
Vaistra World
Vajasani Son of lord Vishnu
Vajendra Lord Indra
Vajin Swift
Vajra Lord Krishna's greatgrandson; diamond
Vajradhar Lord Indra
Vajrapani Lord Indra
Vajresh Lord Indra
Vaj Strength, Vigour, Energy, Speed, Power
Vak Voice; Speech; Diamond; Gold
Vakrabhuj Lord Ganesh
Val Power, Strong, Healthy
Valavan Skillful
Vallabh Beloved
Vallabhendra Best beloved
Vallabhesvara Most beloved
Valmiki, Valmik The author of the epic Ramayana
Vamana Fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu
Vamadeva Noble Lord, One of the 5 faces of Shiva
Vamsidhar Lord Krishna
Vamsikrishna Lord Krishna
Vana Forest
Vanadev Forest god
Vanajit Lord of the forest
Vanayu Long lived
Vanij Lord Shiva
Vanistha Very generous
Vansaja From a good family
Vanu Friend
Vardhaman Lord Mahavir
Varadaraja Lord of boons
Varatam Best among excellent
Varnit Narrated
Vardhana Bestower of prosperity
Varij Lotus
Varin Rich in gifts
Varindra Lord of the ocean
Varish Lord Vishnu
Variyas Excellent, best
Varsan Holy place in Vrindavan
Varun Lord of the sea
Varutha Protection
Varya Chosen
Vasant Spring
Vasav Lord Indra
Vasin Ruler
Vasistha Name of a sage, most excellent
Vasu Divine, precious
Vasudev Father of Lord Krishna
Vasudatta Gift of the divine
Vasul God
Vasya Humble
Vatsal Affectionate
Vatsa Child, a descedant of Kanva
Vatsin Lord Vishnu
Vatya Peace maker
Vayun Moving, active
Vayunand Lord Hanuman
Vea Chief
Ved A sacred text
Veda Well known, knowledge
Vedmohan Lord Krishna
Vedanga Meaning of Vedas
Vedprakash Light of the Vedas
Vedavrata Vow of the Vedas
Vedya Well known, famous
Veer The brave
Vegin Swift
Vekata Youth
Veni Lord Krishna
Velan Another name for Lord Murugan
Vendan King
Vengai Brave
Venkataraman Incarnation of Vishnu as Lord Rama
Venkatesha Lord Vishnu
Venimadhav Lord Krishna
Venu Flute
Venugopala Lord Krishna
Veekshith Brave
Veeresh Brave Lord
Vetrival Successful
Vian Full of energy
Vibhas Decoration, light
Vibhat Dawn
Vibhi Fearless
Vibhishan A character from the epic Ramayana
Vibhore Pleasure
Vibhraja Shining
Vibhu All-pervading
Vicky Victorious
Vidanga Clever, skillful
Videsh Foreign
Vidhi Method, system
Vidhu Lord Vishnu
Vidip Shining forth
Vidit Known, understood
Vidu Intelligent, wise
Vidur A friend of Lord Krishna
Vidhura Extremely Wise
Vidvala Clever
Vidyanand One who is Happy with knowledge
Vidyadhar Learned
Vidyadhara Receptacle of knowledge
Vidyasagar Ocean of learning
Vidyesa Lord of learning
Vidyut Lightning
Vighnesh, Vignesh Lord Ganesh
Vihanga Bird
Vihaan Morning time when the sun is about to rise
Vihang A bird
Vijay Victor
Vijayanatha Lord of Victory
Vijendra, Vijanyendra Victorious
Viju Winner
Vikas Development
Vikat Lord Ganesha
Vikesh The moon
Vikram Bravery
Vikramaditya A famous king
Vikramajit A famous king
Vikranta Brave
Vilas Play
Vilasa Shining forth
Vilasin Shining, radiant
Vilok To see
Vilokan Gaze
Vimahat Very great, immense
Vimal Pure
Vimanyu Free from anger
Vinay Modesty
Vinayak Lord Ganesh
Vineet Unassuming
Vinesh Godly
Vinod Pleasing
Vipin Forest
Viplab Floating; revolution
Vipra A priest
Vipul Plenty
Vir Brave
Virat Good Looking boy
Virabhadra Distinguished hero
Viraj Splendour
Viral Priceless
Virendra Brave lord
Viresh Brave lord
Virochan Moon, Fire
Virupaksa Diversly eyed
Vishal Immense
Vishwambhar The lord
Vishesh Special
Vishnu Lord Vishnu
Vishram Rest
Vishwamitra A sage
Vishwanath The lord
Vishwesh The lord Almighty
Vismay Surprise
Visvesvaraya Lord of the universe
Viswajit Conquerer of Universe
Viswas Trust
Vithala, Vitthal Lord Vishnu
Vitul King
Vivekananda Joy of discrimination
Vivek Conscience
Vrajakishore Lord Krishna
Vrajesh Lord Krishna
Vrajamohan Lord Kirshna
Vrajanadan Lord Krishna
Vratya Obedient, faithful
Vrishin Peacock
Vyasa The author of Mahabharata
Vyom Sky
Vyomaang Part of the sky
Vyomakesh Sky like hair
Vyomaratna Sky jewel
Vyomari Shining in the sky
Vyomesa Lord of the sky
Vyomasad Dwelling in the sky
Vyomasura Demon of the sky
Vyomesh The sun
Vyomdev Lord shiva
Vyusta Dawned, grown bright and clear
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