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Indian Girl Baby Names Starting with 'I'

Popular Indian girl baby names starting with the letter 'I' and their meanings. Unique Hindu and Sanskrit girl baby names that are popular and widely used across the world by NRIs.
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Indian Hindu names with meanings - Alphabet 'I'

Ibbani Fog
Ibha Hope
Ibhi Female elephant
Iccha Desire
Inchara Sweet voice
Icchavati One who desires
Ida Intelligence
Idai Awakening,Love
Idavida Knower of liberation
Idha Insight
Idhaya Heart
Idhika Another name for parvathi
Idhitri One who praises
Iha Wish, Desire
Ihina Enthusiasm
Ihita Desire,Durga
Ihitha Desired
Idika Another name of goddess Parvati
Iishka One who has only friends no enemies
Ijaya Sacrifice
Ikmani Soul
Iksenya Deserving to be seen
Iksha Sight
Ikshana Sight
Ikshitha Visible
Ikshu Sugarcane
Iksuda Granting Wishes
Iksula Bringer of sweetness
Iksulata Creeper of sweetness
Iksura Fragrant grass
Iksuvari Sugarcane juice
Ila Wife of the sage Manu, The earth, Water
Ilabila The praised one
Ilakkiya A classic
Ilakshi Eye of the earth
Ilampirai Young crescent
Ilanji A Flower
Ilavalagi Young and beautiful
Ilavenil Spring, Youthful
Ilisha Queen of the earth
Ilvika Defending the earth
Imani,Imaani Trustworthy
Imrana Population, Socialism
Impana Girl with a melodious voice
Ina Mother
Inaksi Sharp eyed
Inakshi Sharp eyed
Inayat Kindness
Inas Capable
Indarawati Desired by Indra
Indrina Deep
Indira Goddess Lakshmi
Indiya Knowledgeable
Indradhwaja Samabahudharini With Shoulders Like Indra's Flag
Indraja Jupiter
Indrakanta Goddess Indrani (Shachi)
Indrakshi One with beautiful eyes
Indrani Wife of Lord Indra
Indrasena Daughter of King Nala
Indratha Power and dignity of Indra
Indravati Clouds
Indrayani The name of a sacred river
Indu Moon
Indushree Lord Chandra
Indukala Digit of the moon
Indulala Moon Light
Indumala Moon Crested
Indukanta Wife Of Moon ( Night )
Indulekha A Bright Moon
Induleksh The moon
Induma Moon
Indumati The full moon
Indumukhi Moon like face
Induja Narmada river
Indukala Moonlight
Induprabha Moon rays
Indumukhi With moonlike face
Indusseetala Cool like the Moon
Indhumathi Full Moon
Inika Little earth
Iniya Sweet
Inkurali Sweet voice
Insha Sentence, Writing, Essay
Ipsa Desire
Ipshita Desired
Ira Earth, Muse
Iraja Daughter of the wind
Iravati The river Ravi
Iraivi Goddess Saraswati, Earth
Irijaya A victorious mind
Irika A diminutive form of earth
Irshita Goddess Saraswati
Isa Faculty
Isai Music
Isana Sovereign
Isani Ruling
Isanika Belonging to the north-east
Isha One who protects
Ishaa Purity,Gift from god
Ishara Protection of Hari
Isharvari Divine
Ishawari A Goddess
Ishmika Dream
Ishu beautiful
Ishana Rich
Ishani Parvati, Wife of Lord Shiva
Ishanika Belonging to the north east
Ishanvi Goddess Parvathi
Ishanya North east
Isheeta Mastery, Wealth, Superior, Desired, Eminence
Ishi Goddess Durga
Ishika Paint brush
Ishita Mastery, Wealth
Ishmita Lover of God, Friend of God
Ishrat Affection
Ishta Another Name for Lord Vishnu
Ishwari Goddess
Ishwarya God's prosperity
Ishwika Smooth snow
Ishya Spring
Isi Goddess
Isika A painter's brush
Isiri Wealth
Isita Desire, Greatness
Isma Charm
Ismita Lover of god
Isshu Radiant
Isvargita Song of the lord
Isvarakanta Beloved of the gods
Iswari Goddess
Itara Another
Itishree Start
Itkila Fragrant
Ivy A creeper
Ivanshika Grace of God
Iya Pervading
Iyalisai Music
Iyla Moon light
Izna Light
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