Popular Indian Boy Baby Names starting with 'H'

Modern Indian Boy Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'H' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique boy baby names for alphabet 'H' that are popular across the world.
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Modern Indian Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'H'

Haadiya Huide to righteousness
Haady Guiding to the right
Haamid Praising (God), Loving (God)
Haani Happy, Delighted, Content
Haarith Plowman, Old Arabic name
Haaroon A Prophet's name
Haashim Generosity, Prophet's grandfather
Haatim Judge
Habib Beloved
Hadi The guide
Hadhi Ram Friend of Lord venkateswara
Hafiz Protected
Haha Water, Sky
Hahagiri The mountain of heaven
Haib Greatness
Haihaya Of the horse
Hajesh Lord Shiva
Hakesh Lord of sound
Halayudha Plough weaponed
Halin Ploughman
Halika Ploughman
Hamid Friend
Hamir A raga
Hammad One who praises God
Hana Happiness
Hanan Mercy
Haneesh Lord Shiva
Hansa Swan
Hansadhvaja With the swan as his banner
Hansaja Son of a swan
Hansaraj King of a swan
Hanshal Swan Like
Hanshit Like Honey
Hansin Containing the universal soul
Hanish Lord Shiva
Hanspal Lord of the swan
Hanvesh Very soft mind
Hanuman The monkey god of Ramayana
Hanumant The monkey god of Ramayana
Hanumesh Lord of Hanuman
Hanup Sun light
Hanumanth The monkey God of Ramayana
Har Name of Shiva
Hara The Remover of Sins
Haradeva Lord of Shiva
Haran Lord Shiva
Harandh Lord Vishnu
Hardik Heartfelt
Haraka One who takes away
Harekrishna Lord Krishha
Harendra Indra and Shiva cojoined
Haresh Lord Krishna
Haraksa Lord Shiva
Hari Vishnu
Hariaksa Lord shiva
Harij The horizon
Harisai Lord Sai
Haribabhru Visnu the great
Haricharan Feet of the lord
Haridas Servant of Krishna
Haridatta Blessing of Vishnu
Haridhana Treasure of Vishnu
Haridra One who is golden colored
Haridwar Gateway to god
Harigopal Lord Krishna
Harihara Vishnu and Shiva conjoined
Harihar Lord Vishnu
Harirama visnu and rama conjoined
Hariharaputra Son of lord Vishnu and lord Shiva
Hariharasuthan Son of lord Vishnu and lord Shiva
Harikanth Dear to Indra
Harikiran Rays of God
Harilal Son of Hari
Harita Sun
Harit Green
Harkrishna Lord Krishna
Harimat With bay horses
Harimedhas An oblation to visnu
Harin Pure
Harinaksh Lord Shiva
Harinarayan Lord Vishnu
Harindra Tree
Hariom Lord Vishnu
Hariprasad Blessed by Lord Krishna
Haripreet Beloved of gods
Hariraj King of lions
Hariram Lord Rama
Harish Lord Shiva
Harishankar Lord Shiva
Harisharan Protection of Hari
Harishchandra King of Surya dynasty, charitable
Haridutt Gift Of Hari
Harith Lion
Harjit Victor
Hari Krishna Another name Lord Krishna
Hari Narayana Lord Vishnu
Haritbaran Green
Harivansh Belonging to the family of Hari
Harivilaas A abode of hari
Harjeet Victorious
Harjeevan One who lives a god dedicated life
Harmendra The moon
Harmut Bearing the unbreakable
Haroon Hope
Harosit Very happy, joyful
Harsh, Haarsha Happiness
Harshad Giver of joy
Harshdeep A Light of Joy
Harshaman Full of joy
Harshavardhan Creator of joy
Harsh Veer Happiness
Harshraj Happiness
Harsi Happy
Harshil Joyful
Harshit Joyous
Harshul Deer
Harteij Radiance of lord
Hashmat Glory, joyful
Hasit Happy
Hasita Delighting
Hasmukh Full of cheer
Hastin Elephant
Havish Lord Shiva
Hassan An Islamic
Heer Diamond
Hem Gold
Hemal Body made of gold
Hemabala Power of gold
Hemachandra Golden moon
Hemadri The Himalaya
Himaghna Lord Surya (Sun)
Hemakesh Lord Shiva
Heman Golden yellow, made of gold
Hemanga Goldenbodied
Hemant Early winter
Hemamdar Golden creeper
Hemaprakash Golden light
Hemaraj Lord of gold
Hemavatinandan Son of goddess paravti
Hemayu One with long life
Hemendra Lord of gold
Hemendu Golden moon
Hemen The king of gold
Heramba Lord Ganesh
Hetal Cheerful
Himachal The Himalayas
Himadri Himalaya
Himaghna The sun
Himnish Lord Shiva
Himanshu The moon
Himaksh Lord Shiva
Himmat Courage
Hinadosa Without fault
Hind India
Hindola A raga
Hirak Diamond
Hiral Wealthy, bearer of diamonds
Hiranya Gold
Hiranmay Golden
Hirendra Lord of diamonds
Hitaish Well wisher, Good person, Faith
Hitansh wish for our happiness and favorable
Hitesh Lord of goodness
Hitendra Well-wisher
Hitakrit Well wisher
Houd A prophet’s name
Hriday Heart
Hridayanand Joy of the heart
Hridaynath Lord of the heart, beloved
Hridik Lord of the heart, beloved
Hriman Wealthy
Hrishikesh Lord Vishnu
Hrithik From the Heart
Hritish Lord of heart
Hrsu Glad,Happy
Hrutesh Lord of truth
Huda Right guidance
Hurditya Joyous
Husaam Sword
Husnain Pure in the eyes
Hussain Islamic thinker, saint
Hutabhuj Agni
Huthabuk Agni
Huthayfa Old Arabic name
Hutesh God of the earth
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