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Indian Girl Baby Names Starting with 'T'

Popular Indian girl baby names starting with the letter 'T' and their meanings. Unique Hindu and Sanskrit girl baby names that are popular and widely used across the world by NRIs.
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Indian Hindu names with meanings - Alphabet 'T'

Taai Obedient, willing
Taarini Saviour, She who frees, Another name for Durga
Taanu The Sweetest
Taanaya Daughter
Taanusiya A great devotee
Tabassum A flower
Tabu Excellent
Tadaka Beater
Taditprabha a flash of lightning
Takshvi Goddess Lakshmi
Talakaksi Green Eyes
Talakhya Perfume
Talakhya With the scent of a palm tree
Talikha Nightingale
Talli Boat
Talli Youthful
Taluni Maiden
Tama Night
Tamaharini Remover of darkness
Tamali A tree with very dark bark
Tamalika Belonging to a place full of Tamal
Tamanna Desire
Tamarai Lotus Flower, Beautiful
Tamasa A river, darkness
Tamasi Night
Tambura A musical instrument
Tami Night
Tammana Desire, Wish
Tanaya Son
Taneesha Fairy queen, Ambition, Goddess of physique
Tanesha Born on Monday
Taniska Goddess of gold
Tannishtha Dedicated
Tantra Reincarnated
Tanseem Salute of paradise
Tanika Rope
Tanima Slenderness
Tanishi Goddess Durga
Tanmaya Absorbed
Tanmayi Ecstasy in sanskrit & telugu
Tannishtha Dedicated
Tanu Body
Tannu Body, Strength, Power
Tanubhava Daughter
Tanuja Daughter
Tanuka Slender
Tanupriya Beautiful
Tanushri Beautiful
Tanvee Slender
Tanvi Slender
Tanvija Daughter of the Goddess Saraswathi
Tanya Of the family
Tanyasri Lakshmi
Tapani The river Godavari
Tapasi A female ascetic
Tapati The sun's daughter
Tapti A river
Tara Star, Wife of Lord Brihaspati
Taraka Star
Tarakini Starry night
Tarakeshwari Goddess Parvati
Tarala Honeybee
Tarana A musical composition
Tarangini River
Tarani Goddess Earth
Tarannum Melody
Tarika Starlet
Tarini Goddess Parvati
Tarjani The first finger
Tarlika Goddess Durga
Taru Tree
Taruna A young girl
Tarulata Creeper
Taruni young girl
Tarunika Young girl
Tarunima Youth
Tarushi Courage
Tashvi Composed,Charming
Tanseem Salute of paradise
Tatini River
Taveshi Courage,Divine
Teertha Place of pilgrimage
Teesta A river
Tehzeeb Elegance
Teja Radiant
Tejal Lustrous
Tejashree With devine power and grace
Tejaswini Lustrous
Tejaswi Lustrous
Tejini Sharp
Teju Full of Light, Glow, Pleasant
Thamarai Lotus flower, Pure and lovely
Thanmayi Concentration
Thanavi Attractive
Thanvika Goddess Durga
ThamilSelvi Pride of the Tamilians
Thanusree Name of the Goddess; A One who Add Colours to Your Life
Thanushree Beauty
Thanya Beautiful Eyes, Sensitive, Affectionate, Imaginative
Thanisha Fairy queen
Thapaswini Name of Goddess Parvati
Tharaa Wealth
ThenMoli Speaks sweet like honey
Thenral Cool breeze, Encouraging
Thogai Beautiful Feathers
Thrisha Star, Noble
Thulasi Holy plant with sweet fragrance
Thumri Light classical melody
Tilaka A kind of necklace
Tilottama A celestial maiden
Timila A musical instrument
Tisha Happiness
Titiksha Forgiveness
Toral A folk heroine
Tosani Satisfying
Toshini Goddess Durga
Toshika Alert child, Clever child
Toya Water
Trariti Agile, efficient
Trayi Intellect
Treya Walking in three paths
Tribhuvaneshwari Goddess of The Three Worlds
Tridhara The river Ganga
Triguna Maya or illusion; Goddess Durga
Triguni The three dimensions
Trikaya Three dimentional
Trilochana Lord Shiva
Trinayani Goddess Durga
Trinetra Goddess Durga
Triparna Leaf of sacred Bael
Tripta Satisfied
Tripti Satisfaction
Tripurasundari Goddess Parvati
Tripuri Goddess Paravati
Trisha Thirst, Wish
Trishika Goddess Lakshmi
Trishala Mother of Lord Mahavir
Trishna Thirst
Triveni Confluence of three sacred rivers
Triya Young woman
Triyama Night
Trotaki Angry speech
Trpti Satisfaction
Trsa Thirst
Trtiya River personified as goddess
Trupti Stilledness
Truti Atom
Tudi Satisfying
Tuhina Snow
Tuja Thunderbolt
Tulasarini A quiver
Tulasi The sacred basil
Tulika Brush
Tunga Strong, Elevated
Tungabhadra Very noble
Tungavena Loving heights
Tungi Night
Turi Painter's brush
Turvi Superior
Turya Superior powers
Tusita Satisfied
Tushitha Happiness
Tusti Peace, happiness
Tusharkana A particle of snow
Tushita Peace,happiness
Tuviksatra Ruling powerfully
Tvarita Goddess Durga
Tvarika Swift, quick
Tvesa Brilliant, glittering
Tvisha Bright
Tvisi Light
Tvisi Energy
Twisha Bright, light
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