Popular Indian Boy Baby Names starting with 'A'

Modern Indian Boy Baby Names dictionary starting with letter 'A' and their meanings in a simple and easy to navigate format. The list comprises of Unique boy baby names for alphabet 'A' that are popular across the world.
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Modern Indian Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'A'

Aabhat Shining,Visible,Brilliant
Aabhas Feeling,Virtual
Aabheer Light
Aadavan The Sun
Aachman Intake of a sip of water before a yagya or puja
Aadesh Command, Message
Aadi First, Most important
Aadidev The first God
Aadijay The first victory
Aadimoolan Being Extreme, Dominant or supreme
Aadipta Bright, Blazing up
Aadit Lord of the sun
Aaditeya The sun
Aadhik The person greater than all others
Aadhish Full of Wisdom,Intelligent
Aadhishankar Sri Shankaracharya, founder of Adwaitha Philosophy
Aadhunik Modern,New
Aadijay The first victory
Aadinath God, Supreme Ruler of the Universe, The first God
Aafreen Encouragement
Aagney Son of the Fire God
Aaghosh Embrace
Aahan Sunrise or dawn,First ray of light
Aahlaadith Joyous person
Aahwaanith one who has been invited,wanted
Aakar Shape
Aakash The sky
Aakanksh Desire
Aalam world,universal
Aalap Musical,Raga
Aalok Cry of victory
Aamod Pleasant,Accept
Aandaleeb The Bulbul bird
Aapt Trustworthy
Aariv Peaceful and wisdom
Aarnav Ocean
Aaron Exalted on high,Light bringer
Aarush First ray of sun,space, galaxy, moon, star
Aarul Blessed person,Grace of God and brilliant
Aashay Meaning, Gist
Aashish Blessings
Aastik Believer of god and faith
Aatreya Name of a sage
Aatish Explosive, a Dynamic person, Progressive
Aayushman With long life
Abadhya Ever Victorious
Abala Powerless, weak
Abalendu The full moon
Abdul-Azeez The servant of the Almighty, the Powerful
Abdul-Baari The servant of the Creator
Abdul-Ghafoor The servant of the Forgiver
Abdul-Haafiz The servant of the Protector
Abdul-Hameed The servant of the Praiseworthy
Abdul-Haseeb The servant of the Respected, Esteemed
Abdul-Jabaar The servant of the Mighty
Abdul-Jaleel The servant of the Great, Revered
Abdul-Khaaliq The servant of the Creator
Abdullah The servant of God
Abeer Color
Abha Splendour, light, colour
Abhasa Reflection
Abhay Fearless
Abhayananda Delighting in fearless
Abhayaprada Bestower of safety, another name for Vishnu
Abheek Fearless
Abhi Fearless
Abhinay Expression
Abhijith Victorious
Abhay A Son Of Dharma
Abhibhava Overpowering, powerful, victorious
Abhibhu Conquer
Abhicandra With a moon like face, one of the seven Manus of the Svetambara jain sect
Abhidha Literal meaning, name,sound
Abhidi Radiant
Abhidipa Illuminated
Abhidyu Heavenly, bright
Abhigyan Full of knowledge
Abhihita Expression, word, name
Abhijana Of noble descent
Abhijata Handsome
Abhijaya Conquest, Complete victory
Abhiji To conquer completely
Abhijit Victorious
Abhijna Clever, skillful
Abhijvala Blazing forth
Abhika Fearless, Passionate lover
Abhik Beloved
Abhikama Affection, desire
Abhikanksa Wish,desire
Abhikhyana Fame, glory
Abhilash Desire
Abhima One who destroys fear
Abhimand Gladdening
Abhimani Full of pride, another name for Agni asthe eldest son of Brahma
Abhimanyu Arjuna's son, heroic, with self-respect
Abhimanyusuta Son or Abhimanyu
Abhimoda Joy, delight
Abhinabhas Renowned, famous
Abhinamin One who has a famous name
Abhinanda To rejoice, to celebrate, to praise, to bless, delight
Abhinandana Felicitous, delighting, welcoming
Abhinandin Wishing, rejoicing
Abhinadita Delighted
Abhinatha Lord of desires, another name for kama
Abhinav Novel
Abhinava New, young, fresh, modern, a sakta notable for his great leaning and spiritual attainment
Abhinavin New, Innovation
Abhineeth loving
Abhinita Well Carried, friendly
Abhinivesa Study, Affection
Abhinivesh Desire
Abhipada One who steps fearlessly
Abhipala Protector
Abhipri Gladdening, refreshing
Abhiraam Pleasing
Abhiraj Fearless King
Abhiraja Supreme king
Abhiraksa One who protects
Abhirama Pleasing, delightful
Abhirastra One who conquers kingdoms
Abhirath Great charioteer
Abhiroop Handsome
Abhiru One who is fearless, strong and powerful
Abhirup Pleasing
Abhisala Convergence
Abhisara To spread brightness, companion
Abhishek An auspicious bath for a deity, anointing
Abhisneha Affection, desire
Abhisoka Passionate, loving
Abhisri To spread brightness
Abhisu Ray of light
Abhisumat Radiant, another name of sun
Abhisyanta Splendid, a son of Kuru and Vahini
Abhita Fearless
Abhivira Surrounded by heroes, a commander
Abhiviraja Full of brightness
Abhra Cloud
Abhrakasin With clouds for shelter, an ascetic
Abhranti Without perplexity, without error
Abhrottha Cloud born
Abhu Unborn,not earthly
Abhyagni Towards the fire, a son of Aitasa
Abhyudaya Sunrise, elevation, increase, prosperity
Abhyudita Elevated, risen, prosperous
Abja Born in water, A lotus
Abjayoni Born of the lotus, another name for Brahma
Abjit Conquering water
Acala Immovable
Acalapati Lord of the immovable, lord of mountain
Acalendra Lord of the immovable, the Himalayas
Acalesvara God of the immovable, another name for Shiva
Acanda Not of the hot temper, without anger, gentle
Acarya Teacher, another name for Drona, Asvaghosa and krpa
Acaryanandana Son of the teacher, another name for Asvatthaman
Acaryasuta Son of the teacher, another name for Asvatthaman
Acaryatanaya Son of the teacher, another name for Asvatthaman
Acchindra Flawless, uninterrupted, perfect
Acintya Surpassing thought, incogitable
Acira Brief, prompt, active
Achal Constant
Achalendra The Himalayas
Achanda Without anger
Achintya Inconceivable, a name of Lord Shiva
Achyut Imperishable, a name of Vishnu
Achyutan Indestructible
Acharyasuta Son of teacher
Acyutaraya Worshipper of the infallible, a devotee of Vishnu
Adalarasu King of dance
Adarsh Ideal
Addana Shield
Adesh Command
Adeep The light of Vishnu
Adeela Equal
Adhik Greater
Adhikara Principal, Controller
Adhiksit Lord,ruler
Adhipa King, Ruler
Adhira Impatient
Adhiraj King
Adhiratha Charioteer
Adhirohana Ascending
Adhisa Lord, Master
Adhita A scholar
Adhoksaja Universe, another name for Vishnu and Krishna
Adhrsya Proud
Adhrta Unrestrained, Uncontrolled, Another name for Visnu
Adhvara Not causing any injury, A sacrifice, A vasu
Adi Beginning, Firstborn
Adibuddha The first seer
Adideva The first God
Adikara The first creator, another name for Brahma
Adil Sincere, just
Adina Noble minded
Adinath The first lord, Lord Vishnu
Adikavi First poet
Adipa Illuminating
Adiratha The first chariot
Adisa Ordered
Adit From the beginning
Aditeya Another name for the sun
Aditya The sun
Adityanandana Son of the sun
Adityavardhana Augmented by glory
Adityesa Lord of Adityas
Adhisa lord, master
Adnan Lion,Bravery
Adripathi Master of the mountains
Adipurush Primordial being
Adrisa Lord of the mountains
Adrupa Consuming the earth
Adura Not far, near, soul
Advaith Unique
Advaya without a second, unique
Advik Creativity
Advika Unique
Adwaita Non-duality
Adwaya Unique
Adway One, united
Adyota Surrounded by light, brilliant
Aftab,Aftaab The sun
Agadhi Deep, incogitable
Agama Knowledge, wisdom
Agapito Beloved
Agarva Free from pride
Agasti, Agastya Name of a sage
Agendra King of mountains
Aghaghna Destroyer of sin
Aghora Another name for Siva
Aghrni Glowing with heat
Agira The sun, the fire
Agni Fire
Agnimitra Friend of fire
Agha Pre-eminent
Aghat Destroyer of sin
Agharna The moon
Agneya Son of agni
Agnikumara Son of agni
Agnima Leader
Agniprava Bright as the fire
Agrasena Chief Warrior
Agraj Leader
Agastya A Saint In Hindu Mythology
Agrayana Leader
Agrim Leader, first
Agriya First best
Ahan Dawn, morning
Ahanmani Jewel of the day, the sun
Ahannatha Lord of the day
Ahanti Indestructible
Ahar Defender
Aharpati Lord of the day
Ahijit Conquerer of the serpent
Ahika Of heaven and earth
Ahilan Knowledgeable, commanding
Ahima Cloud
Ahinagu Excellent ray
Ahisvara Lord of serpents
Ahlad Causing delight, refreshing
Ahuka Offerer
Ahupathi Follower of prayer
Ahobala Very Powerful
Ahovira Very strong
Ahmad Praiseworthy, Commendable
Ahsan Mercy
Ahuka Offerer, sacrificer
Ahupathi Follower of prayer, a devotee
Ahuta Invoked, invited, called, summoned
Aijaz Favour
Aiman Fearless
Ainesh The sun's glory
Aja Unborn
Anjani Son of Anjana
Ajaat Unborn
Ajaatshatru Who has no enemies
Ajamil A mythological king Male Islamic
Ajanta Eternal fame
Ajasra Not to be obstucted
Ajavindu One who has the knoweldge of eternity
Ajay Invincible
Ajinkya Invincible
Ajit Invincible
Ajitabha Unconquerable brilliance
Ajitesh Vishnu
Ajmal Pious
Ajamil A mythological king
Akalmash Stainless
Akalpa Ornament
Akanistha Elder
Akand Clam
Akantaka Free from troubles
Akara Mine, a collection, a treasure
Akasa A Touchstone
Akash The sky
Akhil Complete
Akhilesh Lord of all
Akmal Complete
Akram Excellent
Akrida Pleasure grove
Akroor Kind
Akshan Eye
Akshar Imperishable
Akshath Indestructible
Akshay Indestructible,immortal
Akshayaguna Lord shiva
Akshit Permanent
Akshobhya Lord Vishnu
Aksitavasu Possessing undecaying wealth
Aktu Tinge, ray, light
Akul A name of Lord Shiva
Akupya Not base, gold
Alagan Handsome
Alagappan Handsome
Alagarasan King of beauty, handsome
Alagarasu Handsome king, King of beauty
Alaksya Visible, apparent
Alak World, beautiful tresses
Alam, Aalam The whole world
Alamba Support, receptacle
Alamgir The lord of the whole world
Alankar Ornament
Aleem Knowledgeable
Alhad Joy
Ali Protected by god
Alok A man with lovely hair
Aloke Light
Alop That which does not disappear
Amaan Peace
Amal Unblemished, pure
Amalendu The unblemished moon
Amalesh The pure one
Amanath Treasure
Amanda Active
Amandeep The lamp of peace
Amar Immortal
Amani Wishes
Amartya Immortal, Amber of the sky
Ambaka Eye
Ambara Sky, atmosphere
Ambarish The sky
Ambuj Lotus
Ambupa Protector of water
Ameya Immeasurable
Ameet Limitless
Amidio Demigod,Half god
Amil Invaluable
Amin, Ameen Divine grace
Amir Rich
Amish Honest
Amit Without limit
Amitbikram Limitless prowess
Amitiyoti Limitless brightness
Amitabha, Amitav Limitless lustre, name of Lord Buddha
Amitrasudan Destroyer of enemies
Amitosh, Amitabh Boundless joy
Amiya Nectar, delight Amlan unfading, everbright
Ami Nector
Amlankusum Unfading flower
Amma Without Ego
Ammar The maker
Amadhya Not Indifferent
Amod Pleasure
Amodin Fragrant, famous
Amogh A name of Lord Ganesh
Amoha Clear, straight
Amol Priceless
Amolik, Amolak Priceless
Amos Carried by god
Amrit, Amrik Nectar
Amshu Atom
Amulya Priceless
Amura Wise, intelligent, sharpsighted
Anadi Eternal Anal fire
Anal Fire
Anamitra The usn
Anamol Priceless, precious, rare
Ananda, Anand Joy, happiness
Ananmaya One who cannot be broken
Ananga, Anang Name of Cupid or Kamadeva
Ananta, Anant Infinite, Joyful
Anantajit Always victorious
Anarghya Priceless
Anay Radha's husband,Lord Vishnu
Anbarasu King of love
Anbu Love, kindness
Anbuchelvan Kind, king of love
Anbumadi Kind and intelligent
Andy Brave
Angad An ornament
Angamuthu Made of pearls
Aniha Indifferent, King of Ayodhya
Anik Strong
Anika Army, front, haed, brilliance
Anil The wind god
Anikait Lord of the world
Aniketh Lord of All
Animish, Animesh Open-eyed therefore attractive
Anirudhha Free, grandson of Lord Krishna
Anirvan Undying
Anisa Supreme
Anish Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva
Aniteja Immeasurable splendour
Anit Joyful unending
Anjasa Guileless, deceitless
Anjum A token
Anjuman A token, a symbol
Anjal Hallow formed by joining two hands
Ankati Wind, fire
Ankal Whole
Ankur Sprout, new life
Ankush Check, an instrument used for guiding elephants
Anmol Priceless
Anram Continuous
Ansala Lusty, strong
Ansh Portion
Anshu The sun, Ray of Light
Anshuman The sun
Anshumat Luminous
Antara Paragraph
Anu An atom, follower
Anubhaj One who follows worship, a spiritual
Angra Not violent, gentle, peace loving
Anugya Authority
Anuha Satisfied
Anuj Younger brother
Anunay Supplication, consolation
Anup, Anoop Without comparison
Anupam Without comparison
Anurag, Anuraag Love
Anuttam Unsurpassed
Anuvitta Found, obtained
Anuvrata Devoted, faithful
Anwar Devote of God
Anyuna Not defective, healthy
Anukula Agreeable
Aparaditya Brilliant, enlightening
Aparusa Free from anger
Aparesh God Shiva's worship
Apasanka Fearless
Apaspati Skillful, active
Apasyu Skillful, active
Api Friend, ally
Apranesh Surrounding world
Apparajito Undefeated
Aprati Without opponents, irresistable, unequalled
Apurva, Apoorva Unique
Araga Without passion, cool, calm
Aragam Assisting, helpful
Aran Righteous
Aranab ocean
Arav Peaceful
Arati Moving Quickly
Aravali Righteous
Aravan Righteous
Aravinda Lotus, fragrant, beautiful
Archan Worship
Archit Worshipped
Ardhendu Half moon
Areehah Destroyer of enemies
Arghya Offering to the Lord
Arha Lord Shiva
Arham Rhe word is just like OM for Jain community
Arhant Destroyer of enemies
Arindam Destroyer of enemies
Arijit Conquering enemies, son of Krishna and Subhadra
Arin With spokes, discus
Arista Unhurt, safe, secure
Arita Praised
Arivalagan Intelligent and handsome
Arivali Smart, intelligent
Arivarasu King of wisdom
Arivoli Glowing with intelligence
Arivuchelvan One whose wealth is his wisdom
Arivumadhi Intelligent
Arivumani Intelligent jem
Arivunambi Confident and intelligent
Arja Divine
Arjit Earned
Arjun Pandava prince, bright
Arjunesh A charater in mahabharata
Arka The sun
Arkin Shining, bright
Arlo Fortified hill
Armando Bold man
Arnav Ocean
Arnesh Lord of the sea
Arokya Very pious
Arsa Sky
Arsabhi Like a bull
Arshad Pious
Arstisena Protected by swords
Arsya Celestial
Artham Fortune
Arul Gods grace, gods blessing
Arulchelvan Blessed
Arumugan Lord murugan
Arun, Aroon Mythical charioteer of the sun, dawn
Aruni Name of a devoted pupil
Arvind Lotus
Arvinda, Arabinda Lotus
Arya Honoured
Aryan nobel
Aryabhata Enterprising, Courageous
Aryaman The sun
Aryaka Like a Arya
Aryakumara Noble prince
Asao, Asav Essence
Aseem, Ashim Limitless
Aseelah From noble family
Asgar Devotee
Ashank Faith
Ashesh Benedication
Ashis Benediction
Ashlesh To embrace
Ashok Without grief
Ashwath A Tree
Ashraf Without grief
Ashu Quick
Ashutosh Lord Shiva
Ashwaghosh name of buddhist philosopher
Ashwin, Asvin A Hindu month
Asit, Ashit The planet
Asim Limitless
Asjita Bearing victory, always victorious
Aslam Greeting
Aslesh Embrance
Asoka Without sorrow
Asrita Dependent
Asruta Heard, wellknown
Asvajit Horses by conquest gaining
Atanu Cupid
Atambhu The holy trinity
Atal Immoveable
Atharv Name of lord Ganesha
Athiya To surpass
Atihata Firmly fixed
Atihata Firmly fixed
Atiksh Wise
Atithi Guest
Atima Proud
Atindra Beyond the senses
Atiratha With mant chariots, wealthy
Atisaya Excellence, superior
Atiya To surpass
Atma Soul
Atmaja Son
Atmananda Bliss of soul
Atnu The sun
Atralarasu Skilled king
Atrasiu Great warrior
Atreya Receptacle of glory
Atri Prosperous, glorified
Atul, Atulya Matchless
Aureliano Golden
Avadhesh King Dasaratha
Avajita Won by conquest
Avalok One who beholds
Avaneesh Lord of the earth (Shiva or Vishnu)
Avanindra Lord of the earth
Avanish Lord of the earth
Avarokin Shining, brilliant
Avatar Incarnation
Avi Favourable
Avijit Invicible
Aviraj To Shine As Bright As The Sun
Aviklava Not confused, not unsteady
Avikshit Not see before
Avinash Indestructible
Avirat Continuous
Avita Protected
Avkash Limitless space Avatar incarnation
Avyakta Invisible
Avyukth Clear mind
Ayaan God's gift
Ayansh The first ray of light
Ayog Institution
Ayudha Does not fight, peace-loving
Ayugmanetra Another name for siva who has 3 eyes
Ayugu Without a companion
Ayuja Without a companion, unequal
Ayush Long lived
Ayushman Blessed with long life
Ayustejas Energy of life
Ayuta A son of Radhika
Ayutajit A king who was theson of sindhudvipa
Ayutanayi Judge of many
Ayutasva The commander of the cavalaries
Ayutayu With an unlimited age
Ayusman A Brother of Dhruva
Ayyapan Ever youthful
Azeez Friend
Azhagar The handsome one
Azhar Famous, luminous
Azzam The lord, Almighty
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