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Indian Girl Baby Names Starting with 'D'

Popular Indian girl baby names starting with the letter 'D' and their meanings. Unique Hindu and Sanskrit girl baby names that are popular and widely used across the world by NRIs.
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Indian Hindu names with meanings - Alphabet 'D'

Daamini Lightning, Conquering, Self-controlled
Daarani Goddess Parvathy
Dadhija Daughter of milk
Dadhinadi River of curd
Dahanapriya Beloved of fire
Daityasena One who has an army of demons
Daksha Able, Talented, Sati, Wife Of Shiva
Daksakanya An able daughter
Dakshakanya Able daughter
Dakshata Skill
Dakshayani Goddess Durga
Dakshina A donation to god or priest
Dalaja Produced from petals
Dalbir The brave soldier
Damshi Powerful, Guide
Damita Little princess
Damini Lightning
Damayanti Nala's wife
Danandada Donates generously
Danna To give , Gift
Danti Patience, self restraint
Danavi Wealthy, Rich
Darpana A mirror
Darpanika A small mirror
Darshana Seeing
Darshini The one who blesses
Darsanojjvala Of Brilliant aspect, Fair to look at
Darvikaa a sacrificial ladle or spoon
Daru Alcohol; Wine
Dattadevi Goddess of gifts
Datti A gift
Daya Kindness
Dayamayee Kind
Dayanita Tender
Dayita Beloved
Debanshi Deva ansh
Deeba Silk
Deepa Lamp
Deepabali Row of lamps
Deepakala Evening time
Deepali Row of lamps
Deepanjali Offering By Lighting Lamps in Worship
Deepana Illuminating
Deepanwita Lit by lamps
Deepashikha Flame
Deepamala Row of lamps
Deepanwita Diwali
Deepaprabha Fully lighted
Deepika, Dipika A lamp
Deepitha Illuminated
Deepta Shining
Deepti Flame;lustre
Deepthi bright
Deeptikana A beam of light
Deeptimoyee Lustrous
Dehini Another name for Earth
Desiha Happy , Lemon
Deekshita Initiation
Delisha Make Others Happy
Deshna Gift
Devaga A Form of Shakti
Devahuti Daughter of Manu
Devak Divine
Devakanya Celestial maiden
Devaki Divine
Devalatha Divine wine
Devalekha Celestial beauty
Devamati Godly minded, Virtuous
Devamayi Divine illuision
Devangana Celestial maiden
Devapratima Image of gods
Devarati Delight of the gods
Devasmitha With a divine smile
Devasree Divine beauty
Devavacana With a divine speech
Devaviti Pleasing the gods
Devayani Chariot of the gods
Devika Minor deity
Deviki Derived from the goddess
Devina Resembling a goddess
Devisi Chief of the goddesses
Devkya Divine
Devya Devine power
Devyani Daughter of Shukraacharya
Dhamani Pipe,tube
Dhanalakshmi Doddess of wealth
Dhanapriya Doved by wealth
Dhanashri A raga
Dhanishta A star
Dhanvi Money
Dhanya Great
Dhara The earth
Dharahasini Always smile
Darshani The one who blessed
Dharani The earth
Dharitri The earth
Dharmadravi With virtuous waters
Dhatri Goddess Parvati
Dhenu Cow
Dhenuka Calf
Dheeksha Sacrifice
Dhenumati Possessing the earth
Dhisana Knowledge
Dhitha Daughter
Dhithi Thought, idea
Dhrishtika Sight
Dhriti Patience
Dhruti Motion
Dhruvika Firmly Fixed
Dhuthi Spleandour, lustre
Diksha Initiation
Dilber Lover
Dilshad Happy
Dipali A row of lights
Dipti Brightness
Disha Direction
Dishita Focus
Diti Wife of the sage Kashyap
Dityaa Goddess Lakshmi
Divena Blessing
Divija Born in heaven
Divita Divine power
Divisha Goddess Durga, Chief of the Goddess, Devee
Divya Divine lustre
Divyajyoti Divine Light
Divyana Divine
Divyanshi Part of divine power
Divyarani Heaven queen
Dixita Expert, Splendour, Name of Parvati
Dhanusha Bow, Genuine
Dharshini Someone who see
Divyashree Divine, Pure light, Source of wisdom, Heavenly
Dhruvika Firmly fixed
Doyel A songbrid
Dolly Like doll
Draupadi Wife of the Pandavas
Dridha Firm, a Buddist goddess
Drishya Sight
Dristi Eyesight
Drsika Good Looking
Druhi Daughter
Druthi Softened
Dulari Dear
Durga Succour, The Goddess
Durva, Durba Sacred grass
Dvaraka With many gates
Dwipavati River
Dyotani Brightness
Dyudhuni Heavenly ganga
Dyuksa Of heaven, celestial
Dyumayi Full of brightness
Dyumna Glorious
Dyumnahuti Inspired invocation
Dyuvadhu Celestial woman
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