Parks in East India

India is a country with full of Wildlife and Bird Sanctuaries. India has 88 National Parks, 490 Wildlife species, 390 mammals, 450 reptiles, 200 amphibians, 1,200 birds, and 30,000 insects which will attract the tourists from all-round the world. The people who love to explore the wildlife can rush towards the worlds famous Wild park all-around the world. In India you can find numerous Sanctuaries and Wild Parks. East India is famous for unique flora and fauna available in this region and here you find most endangered wildlife.

Parks in Assam

Parks in Assam

Assam is considered as one of the famous wildlife tourist attraction place, where the parks in Assam are the tourist favourite place. The national parks and the amusement parks are the most visited ones in Assam. There are many wild life sanctuaries as well.

Parks Description
Kaziranga National Park This park is famous for the One-horned rhinoceros which is seen very rarely in this place and considered as one of the oldest park in Assam established years ago. The species found here are elephants, tigers, bison’s, leopards, birds, ibis, and egret.
Manas National Park This park is famous for tiger's. Golden Langur is one of the rare species of animal that is found in this park. The other species are Rhinoceros, tigers, elephants, wild buffaloes and birds(visited during summer).
Barnadi Wildlife Sanctuary This has pigmy hog, bison, Asiatic elephant, hispid hare, pangolin, tiger, leopard, capped langur, porcupine, peacocks, Bengal florican, horn bills, king fisher and woodpecker.

Parks in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is famous for mammals and birds.

Parks Description
Namdapha National Park This famous Park has located with the greatest attitude. This includes Kalij, Monal pheasants, Giant Hornbill, Forest eagle and owl. The majestic gaur or mithun, elephant, Himalayan black bear, takin, the wild goat peculiar to the Patkoi range, musk deer, slow loris, binturong.
Mouling National Park Mouling National Park is situated in Upper Siang District of Arunchal Pradesh. It covers an area of 483 sq. km. Many types of plant species, wild animals and birds are found in large numbers. Clouded Bear and deer are also famous in this place.
Sessa Orchid Sanctuary This Sanctuary is located in the West Kameng District, area of about 100 sq. km far and the unique species like many Orchids, Red Panda, Pheasant, Scrow, Goral etc.

Parks in Orissa

Here you can find gigantic crocodiles rushing towards you for food, Olive Ridley Turtles on the grass and Siberian migrant birds(winter).

Parks Description
Simlipal National Park It is to the center of Mayurbhanj district of Orissa. It is a home for Leopard, Gaur, Elephant, Langur, Barking and Spotted Deer, Sloth Bear Mongoose, Flying Squirrel, Porcupine, Turtle, Monitor Lizard, Python, Sambar, and the Grey Hornbill, Indian Pied Hornbill, Red Jungle Fowl, Hill Mynah, Peafowl, and Alexandrine Parakeet.
Bhitarkanika National Park This is located in the Kendrapara district of Orissa. Most interesting part here is you can find the marine life, Wild Pigs, Rhesus Monkeys, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Wild Boar, Fishing Cat, Jungle Cat, Otter, Chital, King Cobra, Indian Python, Water Monitor Lizard and a migratory birds.
Chilika Wildlife Sanctuary Located to the south west of Puri, covering an area of 1100 sq. kms, and is one of the most visited wildlife sanctuaries in Orissa. This wildlife sanctuary is home of Flamingo, White Bellied Sea Eagle, Brahminy Kite, Spotbilled Pelican, Barheaded Goose, Open billed Stork, Spoonbill, Brahimny Duck, Wigeon, Pintail, Shoveller, Ibis, Stilt, Heron, Egret, Avocet, Gull, Tern and King Fisher etc.

Parks in Bihar

Bihar is truly a marvelous home for wildlife. There are a total of 21 wildlife sanctuaries and 2 national parks in Bihar and you can find the wonders of the nature.

Parks Description
Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary It has a numerous species in it like Leopards, Nilgai, Barking deer, and Hyena.
Bhimbandh Sanctuary Situated close to Bhagalpur, the Bhimbandh Sanctuary covers an area of 682 sq. km. It is more famous for the bird life and land animals are found in many. There are approximately 106 varieties of birds. Tigers, panthers, wild boars, sambar, chitals and nilgai are the most commonly seen land animals.
Palamau Tiger Reserve Palamau Tiger reserve is among the most interesting and adventuring sanctuaries in Bihar. Palamau reserve is cut across by Koel River and many of its tributaries, and here you can also find the manmade reservoirs. Tigers, leopards, elephants, the Indian wolf, gaur and many more are regular visitors to the shores of these manmade lakes.

Parks in Tripura

This Park houses a variety of flora and fauna as well as a number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

Parks Description
Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary This is located around 35kms from Agartala, the capital city of Tripura. Here the rare species are crab eating Mongoose, which was last seen around 72years ago. The sanctuary is a home spectacled langur, Rhesus macaque, Capped langur, Pigtailed macaque, leopard, jungle fowl, barking deer, clouded leopard, wild pig, and civets.
Botanical Garden This Garden is famous for medicinal plants and various species of plants and trees.
Sepahijala zoological park The Park was found in the year 1972 so as to protect the place form some diverse factors. This has been divided into some section namely: Primate Section, Carnivores section, Ungulate section, Aviary section and Reptile section. You can find numerous species in these different sections.

Parks in Sikkim

This place has a variety of species as well as a number of sanctuaries and national parks.

Parks Description
Khangchendzonga National Park Situated in North and South districts, the Park is located in the remote place so many of the tourists couldn't visit this place to a large extent. Snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, Tibetan antelope, wild ass, barking deer, musk deer, flying squirrel and the red panda.
Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary Here you can find many birds and butterflies along with a leopards, red pandas, civet cats ,wild orchids, rhododendrons, the Himalayan black bear.
Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary This park covers an area 35 sq. km above the Ravangla in Sikkim. It is also called as Treasure house of Medicines, where you can see variety of medicinal plants. Red panda, leopard, black eagle and civet cat amongst other animals and birds found in the region.

Parks in Jharkhand

Most of the Jharkhand forest, are privately owned by some of the owners under the Zamindari system which was later abolished.

Parks Description
Hazaribagh wildlife sanctuary Comes under the low hilly terrain, at an altitude of 1800 ft. Wild Boar, Sambar, Nilgai, Chital, Sloth Bear, tiger and Panthar. In 1970 there were 14 tigers, 25 Panthers and 400 Sambars are found. The meaning of this park is "Thousand tigers".
Palamau National park This is in the western part of the Chotanagpur plateau. The park is spread over a core area of 250 square kilometers. The Palamau National Park was brought under Project Tiger in the year 1973. It is among the first nine Tiger Reserves of the country.
Betla National Park Betla have 2 tigers, 50 elephants, 800 sambhars, hundreds of wild boar and pythons as big as 15 to 20 feet. Most popular are the spotted deer, bison. The other mammalian fauna to be seen at Betla include langur, rhesus, cheetal (spotted deer), blue bulls and wild boars.

Parks in West Bengal

This is a place where you find the different species and it is famous for the wildlife sanctuary and the varieties of immigrating birds, and the most interesting place to visit in West Bengal is Sunderbans National Park which is the famous tourist attraction Park.

Parks Description
Sunderbans National Park The Sunderbans are a part of the world's largest tiger project formed by the many rivers. It is also the world’s largest estuarine forest. The Sunderbans is linked by hundreds of creeks and tributaries. It is one of the most attractive and thrilling places remaining on earth, and an amazing paradise.
Gorumara National Park It is to the north of West Bengal. It is primarily known for Indian Rhinoceros. The park has been declared as the best among the protected areas in India by the Ministry of Environment and Forests for the year 2009.

Parks in Manipur

There are some places on earth that have a charm. Manipur tourism is a great option if you want to hang out of your busy schedule.

Parks Description
Keibal Lanjao National park Oldest Park of Manipur. It is located in the districts of Imphal and Bishnupur. The park has brow antlered deer, hog deer, wild goat, leopard cat, fishing cat and water birds.
Sirohi National park Sirohi National park was established in 1982. Julilal is the nearest airport 50km from the park. The tiger, leopard, tragopans and pheasants are found here.

Parks in Nagaland

This Park is famous for Wildlife, and you can also find Jungles in Nagaland and the most unique among all the Parks are here you can find the more Elephant Safaris.

Parks Description
Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary Nagaland has many diversities. Nature beauty is the plus point for Nagaland. The sanctuary lies in the Pungro circle headquarter in Nagaland. The Fakim Sanctuary receives high rainfall and is home to numerous flora & fauna.
Itanki Wildlife Sanctuary The Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary in Nagaland is under the preservation of the Forest Wildlife Department. Home to various animals including some rare species of birds. The sanctuary is a large collection of birds.

Parks in Mizoram

Mizoram has the dense forest with wide range of animals and birds. The bamboo and the Himalayan maple are the most important trees. It also has the several orchid’s species, butterflies and moths.

Parks Description
Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary Located in the Lawngtlai District of Mizoram. This sanctuary is located above the sea level. The animals found here are Tiger, Elephant, Clouded Leopard, Barking deer, Gaur, Wild Boar, Sambar, andcommon Langur.
Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary is located at about 240 kilometers from Aizawl. This sanctuary also acts as way for the entrance to many migrating animals coming here from other places. The animals found in this region are Leopard, Tiger, Leaf Monkey, Hoolock Gibbon, Barking Dear, Sambar and birds.
Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at the tri junction of Bangladesh, Mizoram and Tripura. Dampa Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the oldest wildlife sanctuaries. Tiger, giant squirrel, wild dog, slow loris, porcupine, wild pig, jungle cat, langur, leaf monkey, varied flowers and birds are found here.

Parks in Meghalaya

The north eastern state Meghalaya is rich in its wildlife collections.

Parks Description
Balakram National Park This park covers an area of 220sq km. The railhead Guwahati is about 160km from the park. The important species is moist hill sal. Mammals found in the park are binturong, clouded leopard, leopard cat, wolf, sloth bear, elephant, loris, serow, Reptile found is python. The birds are hornbill, hoolock.
Nokrek National Park The sanctuary supports a large variety of birds and butterflies along with a population of leopards, red pandas, civet cats and the Himalayan black bear. The sanctuary is also home to a large number of wild orchids and rhododendrons.

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