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Care health insurance started in July 2012 is a leading health insurance provider. Care health insurance also offers dedicated travel insurance products to business travellers, individual clients and families. As Care offers good quality travel insurance, consumers have acknowledged their excellent service and within a short time Care travel insurance is one of the popular travel insurance products in the Indian market.

Care offers fast and easy to access facilities including world class medical treatment services. Care travel insurance claim process are handled by Care without any 3rd party assistance. Care has more than 5420 hospitals in their network so that the clients can have a smooth claims process. They ensure that their customers have a worry-free journey overseas by handling claims in an effective way.

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Care travel insurance
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Care Travel Insurance Review

Sum Insured
USD 25,000 / 50,000 / 100,000 / 250,000 / 500,000
Tenure Options
180 days( can be extended for further)
Age of Entry
1 day to 90 years

Covid19 Care travel insurance for Coronavirus

  • The Care travel insurance now offers coverage for medical expenses related to COVID-19.
  • The Care Covid travel insurance coverage for all travellers is available up to the limits mentioned in the policy schedule when the insured is outside the Republic of India.
  • Medical expenses due to Covid -19 are covered if contracted during policy period as per Policy Terms & Conditions as per detailed benefits and limits mentioned in the policy certificate.
Care covid insurance for international travel

Does Care overseas travel insurance cover covid19 illness for Indians?

Care coronavirus overseas travel insurance offers covid19 coverage. International Coronavirus Medical expenses due to Covid -19 sickness will be covered up to chosen policy maximum if the disease is contracted during policy period as per policy conditions.

Types of Care Insurance

  • Travel
  • Student
  • Health

Care overseas travel insurance

Travel insurance offered by Care offers worldwide coverage to Indian tourists. The plans are ideal for parents and senior citizens on vacations or visiting their children. The plans offer coverage for pre-existing conditions even for older travelers. Do review the Care travel insurance policy wordings for more details. Indians applying for Schengen visa can buy the Explore Europe plan as it satisfies the visa insurance requirements mandated by the consulate. Care’s Schengen visa travel insurance plan is specially designed to offer coverage in Euros.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Care Explore travel insurance is a single trip travel insurance which covers you and family for any unexpected emergency medical situations in overseas. These are also called round trip plans which covers the policy holder for the duration of contract inclusive of start date and end date of the policy. It covers your trip and medical and non-medical needs during your stay in foreign countries. Care travel insurance has to be purchased before you leave India. You can purchase Care international travel health insurance online for a maximum of 6 months and later you can renew this insurance for another 6 months based on your requirements. Care has designed region specific travel insurance which works out to be cheaper instead of buying the common destination plans.

Multi Trip Travel Insurance

The other type of travel insurance is the Care annual multi trip travel insurance which is suitable for business people, travelers who travel overseas frequently for a shorter duration for business, seminars and other reasons. Care annual multi trip is a health insurance which is valid for one year and covers the insured for emergency and non-emergency medical situations for their of stay in overseas. However once the policy holder travels overseas he / she should return back to India with 45 or 60 days depending on the trip period he /she has chosen during the policy purchase.

Single Trip Travel Insurance - destinations

Explore Asia Explore Asia

Care Explore Asia travel insurance is an overseas travel insurance plan for Indians which provides complete travel and health cover to Indian travellers visiting Asian countries.

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Travel to Africa Explore Africa

Indians travelling to Africa can buy the customized Care Explore Africa travel medical insurance as it offers exclusive coverage in the African countries.

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Travel to Europe Explore Europe

With Care Explore Europe Insurance, that is approved by VFS global most of these expenses are covered and the Indian travelers can enjoy the European visit without worrying about any such risks.

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Travel to Canada Explore Canada

Care Explore Canada travel insurance is an overseas travel insurance plan which provides travel health coverage to Indian travellers visiting Canada.

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Care travel medical insurance special coverages

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Care Explore travel insurance offers health insurance cover for senior citizens who travel overseas. One can buy Care travel insurance for senior citizens online without any paper work and not submitting medical reports. Care travel insurance for senior citizens covers pre-existing medical conditions up to 10% of sum insured. These plans cover declared pre-existing medical diseases like diabetes, Blood Pressure, heart, liver, kidney related diseases and more. You can get cover up to $100,000 sum insured. Senior citizens up to 90 years can buy Care travel insurance which covers for medical expenses and non-medical expenses. Senior citizens can buy this Care international travel health insurance for senior citizens initially for 6 months and later on renew for another 6 more months. Wide variety of plans to choose from for seniors traveling to different destinations like Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe read more »


Care travel insurance covering pre-existing conditions

  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions in case of life threatening up to 10% of Sum Insured
  • Only declared pre-existing conditions are covered as per terms and conditions of insurance.
  • Covers for critical illness like Liver disease, Cancer / Tumor, Coronary Artery Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Paralysis / Stroke and other non-critical illness read more »

Care overseas travel insurance India - Useful links

buy Care travel insurance How to buy Care travel insurance?

You can buy insurance online by using a credit/debit card, direct funds transfer using NEFT or RTGS or by using a cheque.

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Care traveler outside India Traveler outside India

Travelers who have already traveled from India and do not have insurance can buy Care travel medical insurance.

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Care travel insurance Brochure Care overseas insurance brochure

Care travel health insurance explore the world without worry!

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Care travel insurance claims Care travel insurance claim process

In case of Claim or reimbursement of treatment expenses, notify Care health insurance

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Care travel insurance FAQ Care visitor travel insurance FAQ

Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Care travel health insurance

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Care travel plan renewal Care travel insurance renewal

Insurance customers can renew their existing policy online before the exipry date at any time.

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Care  Student Medical Insurance

Care Student Medical Insurance

Care Explore student insurance is an unique plan which covers Indian students going to the international universities abroad for studies. Care student insurance covers for unforeseen emergency medical and non-medical expenses. Care student insurance approximately costs you 1/3rd of the cost of the university insurance. Care student insurance plans are designed keeping the international universities requirements in mind. They have optional additional benefits which you can choose as per your university requirements. These plans provide insurance cover up to $1000,000 cover which cover for medical expenses, medical evacuation, repatriation and non-medical expenses. Care also has a special plan "Explore start" which the students can buy additionally which offer cover for non-medical expenses Know more »

Explore Start

Care explore start which is best suitable for students who already have university insurance. Students who are looking for coverage for non-medical expenses can buy this plan. Know more »

Explore Plus

Care explore plus offers coverage for medical expenses US $50,000 or US $100,000


Explore Super

Care explore super offers coverage for medical expenses US $50,000 or US $100,000 or US $300,000 or US $500,000


Explore Ultra

Care explore ultra offers coverage for medical expenses US $50,000 or US $100,000 or US $300,000 or US $500,000 or US $1,000,000


Care Health Insurance - Compare Plans & Reviews Online

Care Health Insurance - Care
  • Discount: Buy for 2 years and save 7.5% and save 10% for 3years tenure
  • Choose wider sum-insured 3-60 lacs
  • Get automatic recharge if claim amount exhausts your coverage, at no extra cost
  • Free annual health check-up for insured members
  • Optional increase of 'no claim bonus' upto 60% per annum Know more »
  • Buy Care health insurance online.
Care Top-Up Health Insurance Plan- Enhance
  • Top-up sum insured is up to 5 lakhs.
  • Cashless treatment at 4000+ hospitals.
  • Free annual health check-up for insured members.
  • No 'Claim based' loading ever & Get Lifetime renewability.
  • 'No Co-Payment' Plans available & many more benefits Know more »
  • Compare Care health insurance plans, reviews..
Care Critical Illness Benefit Plan - Assure
  • 20 major critical illness covered.
  • Accidental Death & Permanent Total Disability also covered.
  • Free annual health check-up for insured members.
  • Hassle free claim settlement directly by us.
  • Includes Accidental Death Cover Know more »
Care Personal Accident Insurance Plan - Secure
  • Reconstructive surgery covered.
  • RAccidental Death, Permanent Total / Partial Disability also covered.
  • RChild education also covered.
  • RCompensates for accidental death.
  • RNursing Care Know more »
Care Maternity Health Insurance Plan
  • New born baby cover.
  • 100% increase of sum insured with no claim bonanza.
  • Maternity expenses covered after a waiting period of nine months.
  • Premium is for three years tenure.
  • Policy can be bought for single women also Know more »
Care Group Health Insurance

Care Health Insurance also offers customized group health insurance coverages that are tailor-made to suit the individual needs of any organization/group. In addition to health insurance, the group cover comes with a bouquet of health & wellness top-up features like health assessment clinics, health maintenance programs, and preferential access to wellness providers for insured employees and their families – all ideal platforms for intensive employer-employee engagement Know more »

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Care travel insurance reviews

Travel Reviews

Care Travel Insurance Reviews - Customer experiences and testimonials.

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Care Proposal form

Proposal Form

Care travel insurance proposal form for Indians travelling overseas.

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Premium calculator

Premium Chart

Calculate the international travel insurance premium for Indian travelers travelling overseas.

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Customer Care

Customer Care

Care travel insurance customer care information for Indians travelling overseas.

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Overseas travel medical insurance

Care Travel insurance for Indians traveling overseas.

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Annual Multitrip
Annual multitrip insurance

Business travelers making multiple trips overseas annually can buy the annual multi trip travel insurancer.

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Travel Asia insurance

Care Travel Care insurance for Indians going to other Asian countries.

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Senior Citizen
Senior citizen travel insurance

Senior travelers up to the age of 90 years can opt for Care Travel insurance coverage.

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Schengen visa
Schengen visa insurance

Applying for Schengen visa? Then this Care Schengen insurance is a good option to go for!

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care family travel insurance
Family travel insurance

Buy Care family travel medical insurance online.

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