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Travel insurance for visiting Belgium and Italy

Dear Sir,

I am travelling from 3-6 to Belgium and then will go to Italy, Rome from 22 to 26 September. Do I need separate travel insurances or a single one.

by Raja

Thank you for your email. As you are returning to India in between the two trips, you will need to buy two separate policies for your journey.

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German visa insurance

Dear Sir,

I am traveling to India to Italy on 6th of September and coming back on 15th and again in October I will be traveling to Germany for a week. Should I buy one policy for entire duration or two separate policies for each duration?

by Dr. Sukla

Thank you for contacting NRIOL for your travel insurance requirements. As you are returning back to India during 1st trip, you should buy separate policy for each trip. You can buy minimum $50,000 US dollar coverage or 30,000 euro coverage to apply for you Schengen visa.

You can get free quotes and buy the Schengen policy online at German Visa Medical Insurance Plans

30 days minimum duration for French (Schengen) visa insurance

Dear Sir,

I purchased the National Insurance plan through NRIOL's online facility on 17th June, 2015 for my family from 18/07/2015 to 24/07/2015.

As per the requirement of the visa for France it is requested to extend the policy up to minimum of 30 days from the date of travel i.e. 18/07/2015. Kindly tell the amount I need to pay extra so that I can pay it ASAP. As per the requirement of the visa for France you are also requested to provide the certified copy of the insurance policies with seal and signature on urgent basis. I would appreciate if you could mail the scanned copy of the certified insurance policies.

by S K R

As per your email request we have extended your policy. We have emailed the endorsed soft copy of the new certified insurance policies to your email address.