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Making the payment
Please find the attached document which has our details for the insurance. Please send me your account details. Will transfer the amount today.
by Narendran
Thank you for us for your overseas travel insurance requirements.
As agreed in the conversation please transfer the funds for all the 3 policies amount of Rs.2,645/- (Rs.857/- Rs.931/- + Rs.857/-), As per the below details . So we can issue the policies at the earliest.
The details have been emailed to you.

Travel insurance coverage for natural death
I have one quick question before I buy the policy. Is natural death covered under this policy?
by Sanjay
Thank you for contacting NRIOL for your travel insurance requirements. Repatriation of remains to India in the event of death is covered under this travel medical insurance policy.
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Explanation of Deductible
I am not able to understand 'What is a deductible' which you are showing in the benefits section?
by Thakur
The Deductible is the minimum cost which the policy holder has to bear from his pocket before the insurance company pays the insured for any benefit. Some companies have $100 deductible while some other have $50 deductible for medical expenses after which your bills are settled.
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Time to buy travel insurance online
How much time does it take to buy travel insurance online?
Thank you for your email. Buying the travel insurance on NRIOL is very simple. Below is the procedure where you can have a look at:
Procedure to Insurance Online
Once you complete the online application and make the payment, the policy will be issued and emailed to your mailing address. We also courier a hard copy of your policy document to your Indian mailing address if you request it.
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Receiving the insurance documents after the payment
This is with reference to the travel policy.
Kindly send me the invoice of purchase of policy. I could not find it in the documents sent to me. I need it for accounts purpose.
by Vishal
Thank you for choosing NRIOL for your travel medical insurance. The travel policy document itself is the purchase receipt for the policy.

Making a payment
Thank you for issuing the Bajaj Allianz student insurance for my sister. As I do not have Indian bank account I am unable to transfer the funds to your NRIOL bank account. My bank where I have an account does not have the NEFT payment option. Please let me know how I can do the funds transfer.
by Jimmy
As you are not able to funds transfer to our account directly. You can do the fund transfer through network bank in US for the account details emailed to you.

When to buy travel insurance?
Is it mandatory to buy insurance coverage for all the days during which i am travelling abroad. Or can i purchase a travel insurance for the number of days i prefer to buy an insurance for. Actually, we are travelling to the USA on 12th May 2015 and will leave on 12th June 2015. Can we buy a policy for lesser days, lets say from 18th May 2015 to 12th June 2015.
by Anant P
Thank you for your email. as per the insurance guidelines, overseas travel medical insurance should be purchased before the traveler leaves republic of India. As you are traveling to USA on 12-May-2015 and leaving USA on 12-Jun-2015, your insurance policy start date should be 12-May-2015 and policy end date should be 13-jun-2015 or 14-jun-2015 depending on the date you reach India (i.e. till you return to India).
The policy will not be valid if you buy the policy with 18-May-2015 as start date and travel overseas on 12-May-2015. However if you are not sure of your return date or have plans of early return, then buy the insurance for lesser number of days starting from 12-May-2015 and later before expiry of the existing policy you can renew the policy online being overseas.

Buying Insurance using International Credit Card
Can I make payment through international credit card?
by Sreekala
Yes you can pay through your international credit card.

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