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What is Group travel insurance?

Group travel insurance is an insurance that will cover a group of people, who are not necessarily belong to the same family and who are travelling abroad / within India on a trip.

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It is always enjoyable to be traveling with a group of people, be it within India or outside India. Traveling as a group can be with friends or colleagues, it could be for holidays or for work related seminars, it could be sports related or an academic event, all the same, it usually is a memorable experience. A group might be as small as 15 people to much larger groups. When you are traveling as part of a group, it is sensible to buy Group travel insurance.

Group travel insurance is more economical when compared to individual travel insurance. The basic requirement for group travel insurance is that the travel start date and the travel end date as well as the destination should be same for all travelers. If you match these criteria, we can provide very competitive group travel insurance quotes.

Some of the common features included in group travel insurance are coverage for accident and sickness medical expenses, medical evacuation, repatriation of remains in the case of death of travelers overseas, loss of baggage, loss of passport and more. This benefits may vary from one group to other and can be a customized policy to suit specific group requirements.
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Is it better to buy group or individual travel insurance?

If you are traveling as a group then you can buy a group travel insurance where benefits and premium vary with the individual travel insurance. A group travel insurance that will the group for their entire duration of the travel. In group, the travelers may not belong to the same family. If works out to be cheaper with group travel insurance. It all depends on the company who provides insurance for the groups. The group size might be as small as 15 members to a larger group.

What are the benefits under Group travel insurance?

Group travel insurance is a customizable policy as per the insurance requirements of the group. Please read carefully the benefits, coverage, terms and conditions of the policy before entering into a contract because the benefits offered under group policy are different and works differently when compare with the individual policies.

Some of the common benefits which are included in the group travel insurance are:
medical expenses
Sickness and accident medical expenses Members of the group are covered for emergency sickness and accident medical expenses
terms and conditions
Medical evacuation & Repatriation Covers for emergency medical evacuation / repatriation of remains as per the policy terms and conditions.
Baggage loss
Baggage Loss and Baggage delay - Benefit for loss of checked in baggage loss and baggage delay.
Loss of passport
Loss of Passport Loss of benefit for the passport.

General exclusions of group travel insurance

Few Exclusions of the group travel insurance are as below.
Travelers are not covered if expenses incurred involve

Types of travel insurance India

Single trip

Single Trip Travel Insurance

A single trip travel insurance insures the traveller for any unforeseen emergency medical expenses during ones travel outside India for the travel duration as stated in the policy.

Multi trip

Multi Trip Travel Insurance

People traveling within India or overseas for business for a shorter duration with a year or frequent fliers can buy a multi trip travel medical insurance.
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Types of traveller

Individual travel insurance Individual Travel Insurance
Individual travel insurance plans are designed for individual travelers both traveling overseas from India or for domestic travel within India.
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Senior Citizen travel insurance Senior Travel Insurance
Travelers who are above 70+ can get quotes and compare senior citizens overseas travel insurance plans. Most of the time the children living outside India are generally buying travel insurance for parents who wish to visit them.
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Family travel insurance Family Travel Insurance
A Family refers to an Individual, individuals spouse and children. Family travel insurance is a family floater common coverage plan covering the whole family under one policy.
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Travel to Europe Europe

Travelers who are traveling to Europe to any of the Schengen countries can buy the Schengen travel insurance.

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Indians traveling to other Asian countries have the option of buying very specific Asia travel insurance.

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Travelers travelling within India can get the complete travel insurance quotes & can buy travel medical insurance.

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Frequently asked questions?
Once you complete the transaction, the policy will be sent to you immediately to the email-ids provided in the online application. The email copy of the policy is a valid legal document and a printout of the same is proof of your insurance coverage.
Before the policy start date - We need an email from the policy holder for the cancellation of the policy and the reason for cancellation. The policy will be cancelled and refund will be sent to the customer after deducting the cancellation charges.

After the policy start date - We need an email from the policy holder for the cancellation of the policy and the reason for cancellation. We need scan copies of all pages of the passport as proof that you have not traveled overseas. The policy will be cancelled and refund will be sent to the customer after deducting the cancellation charges.
Given the high costs of healthcare around the world, Travel medical insurance is not a luxury but very much a necessity while traveling outside India. Overseas travel insurance coverage is in fact required as a mandate to get a visa while traveling to certain countries.
The outlay of money for travelling can be quite substantial. You may find yourself facing the loss of more money than you want to lose should unforeseen circumstances arise that make it necessary to cancel or interrupt your trip. Trip insurance can provide protection against such losses in many cases. Other unforeseen losses such as trip delays or baggage delays can also be covered. Depending upon the features of the plan that you purchase, travel insurance can provide the additional assurance that expenses will be covered for medical care including hospital admission, emergency dental care, and emergency medical evacuation. Emergency cash advances, and help with retrieval of luggage or other services may also be available.
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