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Claims to be paid by customer or the insurance plan
I am in Hungary and I have Trawelltag Cover-More insurance policy my question is this that I am sick now and I want to go to doctor so I have to pay doctor or my policy pay for it.
by Kaur
Thank you for contacting NRIOL for your travel insurance requirements. If it just visiting a doctor and getting medical prescription, then it is an outpatient case. In such case the insured has to bear the expenses and claim for reimbursement later. However if the insured needs to be admitted in the hospital for more than 24 hours, then you need to get in touch with the assistance provider for cashless claim settlement. In both the cases there is a deductible as per policy terms and conditions.

Travel Insurance Claims for income tax benefit is not possible
Can I claim this travel medical insurance under income tax benefit while filing tax?
by Ravi
No you will not get any income tax benefit if you buy overseas travel medical insurance.

Travel Insurance Claims for Delayed and Damaged Baggage
How to claim travel insurance for delayed and damaged baggage?
by Ramarathnam
Thank you for your email query. Here is the information that you need.

Documents required:
  1. Claim form (Overseas Travel claim form, as attached)
  2. Property Irregularity Report (obtained from Airline)
  3. Original bills/receipts/invoices pertaining to expenses incurred/purchases made towards necessary personal effects, during the delay period
  4. Copy of the passport/Visa with Entry & exit stamp
  1. Obtain confirmation of the delay from the airline
  2. Claim Form can be obtained from our Service Center.
  3. Fill in the Claim Form and send all documents to our Corporate Office at the address given above.
  4. NOTE: Baggage delay in the Republic of India is not covered

Documents for Reimbursement
I am currently in Lyon, France for my internship and had some stomach problems last week, for which I have to consult a physician, who charged me 23 euros as the consultation fees. What document is required from his side to get the reimbursement?
by Shikhar Makkar
Below is the list of documents you need to collect before you file a claim.
  1. Consultation notes/ Treating doctor notes detailing the complaint and treatment and past medical history.
  2. Investigation reports or Lab reports(If Applicable)
  3. Bills and Receipts of expenses incurred towards the treatment.
  4. Referral notes from doctors for any investigation of treatment.

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