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With the advancement of technology and changing life style of the people, life is becoming more and more stressful with more focus given to completion of projects with the time schedule while health has taken a back seat. We are running behind wealth and achievements while ignoring our health. We may not be as healthy during the old age as we are in the young age. Hence we should make some free time and plan how we can handle our health issues in future. The best way is to go for mediclaim health insurance.

With the rising cost of living and health care costs growing at an exponential rate, you need to choose the best health insurance for yourself and your family. A family health insurance plan provides coverage for the entire family. It works out be cheaper than compared to individual policies.
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Which is best health insurance policy for family?

A family health insurance plan provides a perfect solution for providing apt coverage for the entire family. It is just like your normal individual plan but instead of only covering an individual it covers the whole family under one mediclaim policy. The advantage of family floater is the policy maximum can be utilized by all the insured members or any one insured in case of any claim. Following are some of the best health insurance policies in India that you can consider for buying health insurance policy for family. TATA AIG's MediCare health insurance for family. TATA AIG Medi Prime family floater health insurance, Star Comprehensive health insurance from Star Health, Star Health Family Health Optima, Religare's Care mediclaim health insurance, Health Gain from Reliance, Max Bupa's Heart Beat and Health Companion. Bajaj Allianz's Health Guard.

Factors to consider while choosing health insurance for family

There are many popular health insurance for family. You need to choose the best health insurance for family in India among the pool of options. Choosing the best right mediclaim health policy is a very big task Here is a small list of factors which helps you narrow down your search. You may add more as per your requirements
  • Covering maximum members in your family with competitive premium.
  • Choose the company which has good claim settlement record.
  • More network of hospitals.
  • Cashless Hospitalization.
  • No medical sublimits and hidden clauses.
  • No Copays.
  • Less waiting period for pre-existing diseases.
  • Renewal for Life.
  • Cover for Outpatient medical expenses.
  • How many day care procedures covered.
  • Does the policy cover domiciliary expenses.
  • Maternity cover.
  • Cover for critical illness.
  • Reviews of product which you are going to buy.
  • No claim bonus on renewal.
  • Policy exclusions

What are the factors to consider before buying a top up health insurance plan?

Top up health insurance plans have a similar role of primary health insurance. They act like a backup or a ‘stepney’ to your regular health insurance and come into picture only when you exhaust the sum insured limit of primary health insurance.

Below are several factors to be kept in mind before buying a top up health plan.

  1. Benefits: Go through the fine print in details to know what all does it covers and how much.
  2. Exclusions: Check for the exclusions.
  3. Restrictions: Before buying an add on health insurance plan. Please check for the restrictions like copay, deductibles, sub limits waiting periods, any threshold limit / Capping and more.
  4. Policy Maximum: Check for the policy maximum the plan is offering you.
  5. Premium: Price should be affordable and competitive.
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