Lotus Temple

Lotus temple
Lotus temple is situated in Kalkaji, which is made up of marble, cement and sand. It is open to all the religions the best place for relaxation and meditation. In 1986 temple was completed and it is known as Mother Temple.

Bahai Faith principles were based on the Bahai laws and it is open to any religions and can be read by any language and the important it that prayers is to be done without any musical instruments. It is the major visitor's attraction in Delhi. The message from the Bahai is that there is a single religion there should not be any discrimination and to break the major traditional obstacles like caste, color, religion and state.

Structure of Lotus Temple

This temple was built by Fariborz Sahba, a Canadian architect it took around 10 years to design the temple project with the team work of about 800 engineers, technicians, artisans and workers.

This temple has the unique architecture, designed like a lotus flower with 27 marble petals and formed with a closest arrangement with many petals. It has nine doors to the hall which is 41 meters long. The first two petals are facing inside and third petal is facing outside. It is made of the white marbles and has the marvelous architectural design. This temple architecture has no straight lines it has the nine arches with the inward and outward arches facing the central hall, there are some colorful plates around the temples which resembles the green leaves of the lotus flower.

It was very difficult to build the temple because of its unique design, the workspace and their closest intersection. Within 48 hours the petals were constructed according to the designing part. In 1986 it got completed by many local labourers.

Location Kalkaji in New Delhi.
Place for Meditation, peace and wisdom.
Languages Hindi, English
Completed in 1986

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