Golden Temple

Golden temple
Golden Temple is the holy place situated in Amritsar the main center for the Sikhs. In 1588 saint called Hazrat Mian Mir Ji of Lahore gave the stone foundation to the temple. The marvelous architecture of this temple was completed in the year 1601.

Golden Temple is also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib and it is the common place for Sikhs devotees for worshipping. This temple heartily welcomes the devotees from all the 4 directions. The architecture is designed in the way that the temple is surrounded by the lake which gives the charming effect to the temple.

Architecture of the temple: The outer side of the temple is covered hence the name Golden Temple. The first floor has the marbles and remaining storey has gold coverings. The carvings done on wood are decorated on the walls. The main highlights of the temple are the gold and silver coverings.

Structure of Golden Temple

Temples has four starting point namely north, south, east and west, it is constructed on 67ft and here entrance has an arch which is designed in the different style of about 10ft in height and 8ft in breath.

Golden Temple architecture is about 202ft height and 21 feet in width. For the convenience of the visitors and devotees there are many holy books in the first floor called as 'The Guru Granth Sahib. This is the only temple where you find the dual religion architecture of Hindu’s and Muslims with the arches and unique carvings around the temple. There are some sacred places for the Sikhs namely: Akal Takhat, Baba Atal and Guru Ka Langar.

Location Amritsar, Punjab in North India.
Famous for Pilgrimage center of Sikhs.
Languages Hindi, English, Punjabi.
Completed in 1601 A.D.

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