Names of Goddess Lakshmi with meanings

The word 'Lakshmi' is derived from the Sanskrit word Laksya, meaning 'aim' or 'goal'. Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, generosity and courage and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm. Her four hands represent four spiritual virtues. She sits on a fully blossomed lotus, a seat of divine truth. Lakshmi is said to bring good luck and protects her devotees from different kinds of misery and financial problems. She is also known as Shri because she is endowed with six auspicious and divine qualities or Gunas and also because she is the source of strength even to Lord Narayana. She is the wife of Lord Vishnu.

The list of different names for Lakshmi along with their meanings are provided below:

Aditi Radiant Like The Sun
Ahladajanani Source of Happiness
Amrutha Nectar
Anagha Sinless
Ashoka Dispeller of Sorrows

NityaPushta Gaining strength Day By Day
Navadurga All Nine Forms of Durga

Ramaa Pleaser of the Lord

Samudratanaya Beloved Daughter of the Ocean of Milk
Sarvabhootahitaprada Granter of Universal Niceties
Sarvapadravanivarini Dispeller of all Distresses
Satya All Truth
Shiva Auspicious
Shivakari Source of Auspicious Things
Shraddha Devoted
Shuchi Embodiment of Purity
Shubha Auspicious
Shubhaprada Granter of Auspicious Things
Siddhi Ever Ready to Protect
Straina Soumya Showering Goodness on Women
Sudha Nectar
Swaha Shape of Swahadevi(Auspicious)

Udaranga Endowed with a Beautiful Body

Vachi Nectar-Like Speech
Varalakshmi Granter of Bounty
Vararoha Ready to Offer Boons
Vasudha Earth
Vasudharini Bearing the the Burden of Earth
Vasuprada Bestower of Wealth
Vasundhara Daughter of the Earth
Vikruti Multi-Faceted Nature
Vibha Radiant
Vibhuti Wealth
Vidya Wisdom
Vimala Pure
Vishnupatni Consort of Vishnu
Vishnuvakshah Residing in Vishnu's Chect
Vishwajanani Mother of the Universe

Yashaswini Reputed

Bhuvaneshwarya Supreme Deity
Bhaskari Radiant like the Sun
Bilvanilaya Resider Under Bilva Tree
Buddhi Wisdom

Chanda Cool Like the moon
Chandrarupa Moon-Faced
Chandrasahodari Sister of the Moon
Chandravadana Moon-Faced
Chaturbhuja With four arms

Daridriya Dhwamsini Destroyer of Poverty
Daridriyanashini Remover of Poverty
Dhanadhanyaki Bestower of Wealth and Foodgrains
Devi The Diety
Devi Goddesse
Devi Goddess
Deepa Radiant
Deetya Answer Of Prayers
Deepta Flame-Like
Dhanya Personification of Gratitude

Harini Deer-Like
Harivallabhi Consort of Lord Hari
Hemamalini Having Golden Garlands
Hiranmayi Golden Appearance
Hiranyaprakai Amidst Gold

Indira Radiant like the Sun
Indusheetala Cool like the Moon

Jaya Goddess of Victory

Kamala Lotus
Kamakshi One with Attractive Eyes
Kamalasambhava Emanating from the Lotus
Kantha Consort of Vishnu
Karuna Compassionate

Lakashokavinashini Remover of Universal Agonies
Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth
Lokamatri Mother of the Universe

Padmahasta Having Lotus-Like Hands
Padmakshya Lotus-eyed
Padmamaladhara Wearer of Lotus Garland
Padmamukhi Lotus-Faced
Padmanabhapriya Beloved of Padmanabha
Padmapriya Lover of Lotus
Padmasundari Beautiful Like the Lotus
Padmini Lotus
Paramatmika Omnipresence
Padmodbhava One Who Emerged Out of the Lotus
Prabha Radiant Like the Sun
Prakruti Nature
Prasadabhimukhi Emerging to Grant Boons
Prasannakshi Lively-Eyed
Pushti Possessor of All Wealth
Pushti Healthy


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