Reliance Corona Rakshak health insurance

Adult Age 18 yrs. to 65 years. Age means age of the Insured person on last birthday as on date of commencement of the Policy

Reliance Corona Rakshak health insurance Review

Sum Insured
3 lacs − 130 lacs options available
Tenure Options
1 and 3 years
Claims Incurred Ratio *
Claims Settlement Ratio **
List of Network Hospitals
7,300+ hospitals
Number of Policies issued *
Number of Lives Covered *
Maximum Family Floater Coverage
Self, Spouse + 6 dependent children
* As per IRDAI report for 2018-19   |   ** As per NL25 data published on the Insurance Company website

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Reliance Corona Rakshak health insurance plans details

  • Eligibility
  • Benefits
  • Exclusions

Eligibility for Reliance Corona Rakshak health insurance

  • Individuals between the age group of 18 years and 65 years can buy this policy.

Benefits for Reliance Corona Rakshak health insurance

Sl.No Particulars Details of the Plan
1. Plan Variants COVID 19 Standard Benefit based health policy, Corona Rakshak will have No plan variants.
2. Individual Basis Corona Rakshak shall be offered on Individual basis only.
3. Category of Cover The cover shall be made available on Benefit basis with Coverage to be equal to Lump sum benefit of 100% of the Sum Insured shall be payable on positive diagnosis of COVID, requiring hospitalization for a minimum continuous period of 72 hours.
4. Minimum and Maximum Sum Insured Minimum Sum Insured : ₹50,000/- (Fifty Thousand only)
Maximum Sum Insured : ₹2,50,000(Two lacs and Fifty Thousand only)
(in the multiples of fifty thousand)
5. Policy Period Corona Rakshak policy shall be offered with a policy term of
  • Three and half months (3 ½ months) – 105 days
  • Six and half months (6 ½ months) - 195 days
Nine and half months (9 ½ months) - 285 days
6. Modes of premium payment Single premium payment mode shall only be allowed.
7. Entry age Minimum entry age shall be 18 years and maximum age at entry shall not be less than 65 years
8. Benefit Structure / Termination On payment of 100% of sum insured the policy shall be terminated.
9. Waiting Period 15 days
10. Renewal, migration and portability Lifelong renewability, migration and portability stipulated under Regulation 13 and 17 of IRDAI (Health Insurance) Regulations, 2016 respectively are not applicable to this product.
11. Pricing The premium under this product shall be pan India basis and no geographic location / zone based pricing is allowed.
12. Tax Benefits As per Section 80D, Income Tax Act 1961

Exclusions under the Reliance Corona Rakshak health insurance

There are certain exclusions that apply to claims filed under Corona Rakshak Policy. The insurer is not liable to pay under the following circumstances:
  • If there are any diagnostic expenses made which are not related to COVID, then those expenses will not be covered in this policy.
  • If a person is tested COVID +ve before the start of the policy, then this person cannot file a claim to the company.
  • If a person is getting testing done related to COVID in diagnostic centers that are not authorized by the government then the expenses incurred will not be covered under this policy.
  • If the insured person travels to any country placed under travel restriction by the government of India the insured person will not get the benefit under this policy if the insured person tests +ve for COVID-19.
  • Treatment or Diagnostic Tests received overseas related to Covid 19.
  • Dietary supplements and substances that can be purchased without prescription, including but not limited toVitamins, minerals and organic substances u n less prescribed by a medical practitioner as part of hospitalizationclaim or Home care treatment.
  • Unproven Treatments - Expenses related to any unproven treatment, services and supplies for or in connection with any treatment.Unproven treatments are treatments, procedures or supplies that lack significant medical documentation tosupport their effectiveness. However, treatment authorized by the government for the treatment of COVID shallbe covered.
  • Diagnosis /Treatment outside the geographical limits of India
  • Testing done at a Diagnostic centre which is not authorized by the Government shall not be recognized underthis Policy
  • All covers under this Policy shall cease if the Insured Person travels to any country placed under travel restrictionby the Government of India

FAQs for Reliance Corona Rakshak Health Insurance for Covid19

Lump sum benefit equal to 100% of the Sum Insured shall be payable on positive diagnosis of COVID, requiring hospitalization for a minimum continuous period of 72 hours. The positive diagnosis of COVID shall be from a government authorized diagnostic centre.

What is the policy period for the Reliance Corona Rakshak Health Insurance Policy?

Three and half months (3 ½ months), six and half months (6 ½ months) and nine and half months (9 ½ months) i.e, 105 days, 195 days and 285 days respectively

The Company shall not be liable for any claim arising for COVID within 15 days from the first policy commencement date.

Policy can be availed by persons between the age of 18 years up to 65 years.

This plan will cover the medical expenses incurred for hospitalisation of the insured person during the Policy period for the treatment of Covid-19 on positive diagnosis of the condition in a government authorized diagnostic centre including the expenses incurred on treatment of any co-morbidity along with the treatment for Covid-19 up to the Sum Insured specified in the policy schedule, for

  • Room Rent, Boarding, Nursing Expenses as provided by the Hospital/ Nursing Home.
  • Intensive Care Unit (ICU) / Intensive Cardiac Care Unit (ICCU) expenses.
  • Surgeon, Anaesthetist , Medical Practitioner , Consultants, Specialist Fees whether paid directly to the treating doctor / surgeon or to the hospital.
  • Anaesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theatre charges, surgical appliances, ventilator charges, medicines and drugs, costs towards diagnostics, diagnostic imaging modalities, PPE Kit, gloves, mask and such similar other expenses.

The Company may cancel the Policy at any time on grounds of mis-represenation, nondisclosure of material facts, fraud by the Insured Person, by giving 7 days’ written notice. There would be no refund of premium on cancellation on grounds of mis-represenation, non-disclosure of material facts or fraud.

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