Names of Lord Vishnu

Vishnu is one of the principal Hindu deities, worshipped as the protector and preserver of the world and restorer of dharma. Vishnu is a form of God, in Hinduism. He is known chiefly through his avatars, particularly Rama, Krishna and Buddha.

Lord Vishnu's ten avatars are Matsyavatara (fish), Koorma (tortoise), Varaaha (boar), Narasimha (the man lion), Vaamana (the dwarf), Parasurama (the angry man), Lord Rama (the perfect human of the Ramayana), Lord Krishna (the divine diplomat and statesman), and the yet to appear 10th incarnation called the Kalki avatar.

Adidev The Lord Of The Lords
Aparajeet The Lord Who Cannot Be Defeated
Anandsagar Compassionate Lord

Kamalnath The Lord Of Goddess Lakshmi
Kamalnayan The Lord With Lotus Shaped Eyes
Keshava One Who Has Long, Black Matted Locks
Krishna Dark-Complexioned Lord

Lokadhyaksha Lord Of All The Three Lokas

Padmahasta One Who Has Hands Like Lotus
Padmanabha The Lord Who Has A Lotus Shaped Navel
Paramatma Lord Of All Beings
Parthasarthi Charioteer Of Partha - Arjuna
Purshottam The Supreme Soul

Shyam Dark-Complexioned Lord
Shyamsundara Lord Of The Beautiful Evenings
Sudarshana Handsome Lord

Upendra Brother Of Indra

Vaikunthanatha Lord Of Vaikuntha
Vasudev All Prevailing Lord
Vishnu All Prevailing Lord
Vishwatma Soul Of The Universe

Yadavendra King Of The Yadav Clan
Yogi The Supreme Master
Yoginampati Lord Of The Yogis
Balgopal The Child Krishna, The All Attractive
Bali The Lord Of Strength

Chaturbhuj Four-Armed Lord

Danavendra Granter of Boons
Dayalu Repositiory of compassion
Dayanidhi The Compassionate Lord
Dharmadhyaksha The Lord Of Dharma

Gopal One Who Plays With The Cowherds, The Gopas
Govinda One Who Pleases The Cows, The Land And The Entire Nature

Hari The Lord Of Nature
Hrishikesh The Lord Of All Senses

Jagannath Lord Of The Universe
Janardhana One Who Bestows Boons On One And All
Jyotiraaditya The Resplendence Of The Sun

Madhava Knowledge Filled God
Madhusudan Slayer Of Demon Madhu
Manmohan All Pleasing Lord
Manohar Beautiful Lord
Mayur The Lord Who Has A Peacock Feathered-Crest
Murali The Flute Playing Lord
Murlidhar One Who Holds The Flute

Nandgopala The Son Of Nand
Narayana The Refuge Of Everyone
Niranjana The Unblemished Lord


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