Names of Lord Ganesha

Ganesh, or Ganesha, is one of Hinduisms most popular deities. He is the god that protects his devotees from any obstacles (vighnam). Hence the name Vighneswara. He is also described as the Supreme Leader ( Vinayaka). He is the first born son of Shiva and Parvati, and the 'consort' of Buddhi (also called Riddhi) and Siddhi. Lord Ganesh is worshipped in different forms in India and abroad.

Akhurath One who has Mouse as His Charioteer
Alampata Ever Eternal Lord
Amit Incomparable Lord
Anantachidrupamayam Infinite and Consciousness Personified
Avaneesh Lord of the whole World
Avighna Remover of Obstacles

Krti Lord of Music
Kshamakaram The Place of Forgiveness

Lambakarna Large-Eared Lord
Lambodara The Huge Bellied Lord

Pitambara One who has Yellow-Coloured Body
Prathameshwara First Among All
Purush The Omnipotent Personality
Parthasarthi Charioteer Of Partha - Arjuna
Purshottam The Supreme Soul

Siddhidhata Bestower of Success and Accomplishments
Siddhivinayaka Bestower of Success
Sureshwaram Lord of All Lords

Umaputra The Son of Goddess Uma (Parvati)

Varadavinayaka Bestower of Success
Veeraganapati Heroic Lord
Vidyavaridhi God of Wisdom
Vighnaraja Lord of All Hindrances
Vigneshwara Lord of All Obstacles
Vinayaka Lord of All

Balaganapati Beloved and Lovable Child
Bhalchandra Moon-Crested Lord
Bheema Huge and Gigantic
Bhupati Lord of the Gods

Chaturbhuj One who has Four Arms

Devadeva Lord! of All Lords
Devavrata One who accepts all Penances
Devendrashika Protector of All Gods
Dharmik One who gives Charity
Dhoomravarna Smoke-Hued Lord
Durja Invincible Lord

Ekroop One Appearence
Ekta Unity

Gajakarna One who has Eyes like an Elephant
Gajanana Elephant-Faced Lord
Ganapati Lord of All Ganas (gods)
Gunina One who is The Master of All Virtues

Mahabala Enormously Strong Lord
Mahaganapati Omnipotent and Supreme Lord
Maheshwaram Lord of The Universe
Musikvahana One who has Mouse as His Charioteer

Namasthetu Vanquisher of All Evils and Vices and Sins
Nideeshwarama Giver of Wealth and Treasures
Nadapratithishta One who Appreciates and Loves Music


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