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Hotel room or a temporary apartment or with a family residing in America. Once you decide a location you can choose to either rent or buy a house. Finding a good accommodation with reasonable price is not an easy task. Moreover you should be comfortable with your new home otherwise you will not be satisfied.

While searching for your "Dream Home" you might think about various factors like the surrounding environment, the different kinds of people, whether they will be friendly or rude? If the area is calm or busy, or if there are any 24 hr emergency services around, retailer markets, shopping malls...

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Many people who are looking for apartments or house either to buy or on lease require assistance from Real Estate Companies. These companies comprise of brokers who help in finding a house. You can find these agents through recommendations from friends, family and local community members. The agents provide all kinds of information regarding the kinds and prices of the houses. The information about the house is also provided. All you need to do is tell them your budget and requirements.

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The important thing that you should keep in mind while renting a house is your assurance or security. Selecting a right rental option is very important. You will always have a certain budget to rent a house. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides necessary assistance to the owners so that they can offer low rents to their tenants who have less income.

01. What is "renting?"

Renting is the monthly payment done to the landlord to stay in a house which he owns. Sometimes a part of a huge house is rented. Following are the types of houses that can be rented.

02. Types of Rental Houses in USA

Following are the different types and sizes of rental houses which are available from which you can decide which rental house you can choose. There are many advantages and disadvantages associated with each of them and satisfying your different requirements.

  1. Budget - Sometimes you do not care as much about the type of house than you do for your budget (and rightly so). The general rule of thumb in US is that one should be able to afford upto 25% of his take home salary. But you can always rent a home for much less than that in most cases. For eg, depending upon the area, a ‘1Bed 1Bath’ apartment/condo can cost from $700 per month in a suburb to $1800 per month in a downtown (or even more in somecases). This is just a rough estimate. Do your research for your area and you should be able to figure a rough estimate easily.
  2. Single Family Houses - This is again a type of residential unit that has open space on all four sides and is not attached to any other structure. Think of them being similar to a single bunglow with open space all round in India.
  3. Duplex/Townhouse - You can expect similar conveniences as with a single-family home when renting a duplex or townhouse. These rental units offer greater privacy and independence.
  4. Small Apartment Buildings - offer more amenities than single family homes or townhouses, while simultaneously providing a living situation that you share with a small number of other tenants.
  5. Medium Apartment Buildings - will often provide many of the amenities expected from large apartment buildings, but shared with fewer people.
  6. Big Apartment Buildings - are comprised of numerous rental units and house the largest number of tenants under one roof.

03. Furnishing your apartment while living in USA

Most of the rented houses include general appliances for the house like gas or electric stoves, geysers, refrigerators, air conditioners, laundry and other specialties. Some come with only furniture. Depending on the facilities provided the rent will be either high or low. You could go shopping and purchase your requirements from many departmental stores. You can use some help from the people of your community clarifying about the best buys in town.

04. Legally renting a house in America

For renting a house you need to sign a contract and deposit some cash which is mostly first month rent and some extra money. The rental payment per month is usually less than the amount of money you deposit. The owner will be responsible for the all the maintenance and repair work of the house before renting the house to you. Quite often the electricity, cable and water will be included in the monthly rent payment. If your needs are too much then the owner might charge you extra rental money.

05. Credit history

Some landlords may want to have a look at your credit history before renting the house, so be prepared with a credit history. You might need letter of recommendation or good references if you are new to U.S (if you do not possess a credit history). Sometimes a huge amount of deposit might also be necessary.

06. Subletting in USA

There are cases when a person goes on a long trip or move somewhere else but would want to keep their lease. During this time the house can be rented to another person while it not in use. This is often a good way of renting a house as the term of lease will be shorter. Make sure you clarify all of the guidelines before moving into a rented house and that the renting is legal.

You might consider buying a house in America after staying here for quite some time. You will have your own house where you can get some privacy, renovate your house as you wish, add anything you like as this is not possible when you have rented the house.

01. Benefits of buying a home in USA

The main benefit of buying a house is profit which you can gain from the amount you invested while buying the house. In future if you sell the house you will gain much more than what you had invested. Your equity will increase if you are paying mortgage every month. This advantage of building your equity cannot be enjoyed when you are paying rent. As the property value never falls buying a house is always a good investment.

02. Funds to buy a house in America

You need sufficient money to purchase a house. You can use some help of some government agencies such as:

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Helps families with less income get house loans or mortgage with low interest and make a prudent choice while buying a house which is suitable for them. With the help of assistance provided by HUD you can reduce the amount of interest by 3%. Usually many people pay 20% interest for the loan they take while buying a house. You also require a good credit past and excellent income if you applying for a house loan.

03. Inspecting the house before buying it in USA

While purchasing a house you should make sure that you buy it in a good condition. You need to get the house checked by an inspection expert. This is one of the most important steps while buying the house An expert will inspect all the physical structures of the house, identify all the parts that has to be replaced and repaired. Identify the defects in the house.

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