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Covid19 US Immigrant Insurance Plans

img logo TokioMarine HCCMIS Coronavirus immigrant health insurance namely Atlas America insurance offers Covid19 US immigrant health insurance coverage for unexpected medical expenses
Non-US Citizens traveling outside their home country Buy online
INF INF Covid19 immigrant health insurance namely Premier, Elite, Standard, Traveler USA offers coronavirus immigrant or green card health insurance coverage for medical expenses
This plan is available for Non-US Citizens and US Citizen Expatriates visiting the United States. Buy online
This plan is available for Non-US Citizens and US Citizen Expatriates visiting the United States Buy online
This plan is available for Non-US Citizens & US Citizen Expatriates visiting the United States. Buy online
This plan is available for Non-US Citizens & US Citizen Expatriates visiting the United States. Buy online
IMG International Medical Group Covid19 travel Insurance Patriot America Plus and Patriot Platinum offers coverage for medical expenses arising from Coronavirus.
Non US citizens traveling individually or in groups to the USA Buy online
Coverage for Non US citizens travelling outside their home country Buy online

US immigrant insurance required for US visa

The Trump administration has issued a proclamation that from November 2019, the US government will insist on proof of adequate US immigrant health insurance without which immigrant visas to enter the US will be denied. The US government believes that new immigrants who enter the US without proper US immigrant insurance add to the burden of US taxpayers for the cost of their healthcare.

Once this policy comes into effect, prospective new US immigrants would be asked for proof of immigrant health insurance coverage. The Visas can be denied if the consular office is not satisfied by the provided proof of health insurance in the US.

Our US affiliate offers immigrant insurance plans which work well for these prospective new US immigrants. On buying this immigrant insurance plan, customers will immediately receive the insurance policy document by email. Customers can use this immigrant insurance document as proof of US health insurance while applying for the Immigrant visa. Given this rule as well as the very high cost of healthcare in the US, it is strongly recommended to buy new US immigrant insurance for travel to the United States.
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  • New immigrants to the USA include Green Card holders (US Resident Aliens) who are sponsored by family members who are USA citizens, as well as possible new immigrants such as H1B, H4, L1, L2, H2 visa holders.
  • US Immigrant Health Insurance plans are long term plans specially designed to meet the health care requirements of new immigrants mentioned above. New immigrants are not immediately eligible for US domestic plans, or for Medicare. These immigrant plans are effective as a bridge option.
  • The plans cover the insured for medical expenses incurred from sudden sickness or injuries during the period of coverage, preventive care and pre existing conditions.
  • This coverage is required as new immigrants in the USA are not eligible for Medicare for the first five years till they are eligible for US citizenship.
  • The coverage is available for periods starting from a few days up to 5 years and they are renewable.
  • Along with providing insurance plans we also provide you with answers to any immigrant health insurance questions that you may have on our frequent questions section, as well as through our insurance glossary.
  • Most importantly, we provide a comparison tool using which you can compare different insurance plans based on the price and benefits to satisfy specific requirements.
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Insurance for H1B visa holders in USA

H1B Visa Holder Medical Health Insurance plans are short term plans designed to the special health needs of new immigrants to the US and potential immigrants.
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Compare US Immigrant insurance plans

Compare the benefit options and coverage limits of US Immigrant insurance plans.
Green card parents from India in the US are considered immigrants and are not immediately eligible for domestic health insurance plans. US insurance plans are designed which cover Green Card holders in the US till they are eligible for Medicare. Parents can get this coverage even while abroad after the start of their journey. These plans provide coverage for hospitalization expenses, Emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains, reunion etc. The coverage for various risks under the coverage depends on the insurance company chosen.

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