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Travelers coming to the USA or Canada need to have good health insurance coverage to pay for any medical bills in the event of emergencies. The health care in US and Canada (for visitors) is very expensive and buying travel medical insurance is prudent. The plans are designed by insurance companies in the USA to help parents and family members of Indians living there as well as other tourists visiting the USA or Canada for a short period to get proper coverage.

Advanced Options
  • When you are traveling to a foreign country insurance coverage is essential since your domestic health insurance will not provide coverage outside your home country.
  • The health care costs in the US and Canada is very expensive and can leave you with huge medical bills even for minor ailments and major ailment for an uninsured can be catastrophic.
  • Tourist medical insurance is ideal for parents and family visiting America (Inbound to USA).
  • These plans are popular among tourists to the USA from countries like India, China, Vietnam, UK, Australia, Russia, Europe, Mexico, Colombia and South America.
Compare visitor insurance plans
Compare the benefit options and coverage limits of visitor insurance plans.

Service features

Free quotes comparison and online purchase utility
Travelers planning their overseas visit can compare quotes of by completing an online application with travel dates, traveler age, destination and other necessary information. Based on your request, the compare tool will display a comprehensive list of plans that can suit your requirements. To learn more about the selected plan in the compare tool you can call our customer support team at 1-877-340-7910 or review the plan brochures. After choosing the plan you can purchase insurance online and the coverage can start as early as the following day after the purchase.

Quote Request Form: Complete the requested information in the quote form, and get US travel insurance plans.

Why Buy Insurance?
  • Travelers who are planning their visit to countries like the USA, the UK and Canada can purchase insurance and stay secure.
  • The plans designed for visitors cover the insured for medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains while overseas.
  • The plans are designed by Private insurance providers with competitive premium costs and effective medical coverage.
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Travel Insurance for Parents
  • While you have your parents visiting the USA it is better to purchase a proper medical insurance before making the trip.
  • This plan will be useful for the parents to cope with the expensive health care system overseas.
  • Policy can be quickly compared online and purchased according to your individual requirements. The plans can be purchased online from anywhere across the globe.
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