Indian Grocery Translations - English to Spanish

Spanish language Common Indian grocery items in English along with their Spanish translations. Following is the list of cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, flours, spices and dry fruit names translated to Spanish. Please contact us to add missing groceries in this list. Thank you! For listing of translations in different languages, both Indian and International, please click here to know more.
  • Cereals & Pulses
  • Flours
  • Vegetables & Fruits
  • Spices & Dry Fruits
  • Greens
  • Meat and Sea Food
  • Miscellaneous
English Spanish Transliteration
Bengal Gram  Bengal GramGramo de Bengala
Green Gram  Green GramGramo verde
Red Gram  Red GramGramo rojo
Black Gram  Black GramGramo negro
Poppy seeds  Poppy seedsSemillas de amapola
Coriander seeds  Coriander seedsSemillas de cilantro
Mustard seeds  Mustard seedsSemillas de mostaza
Cumin seeds  Cumin seedsSemillas de comino
Ground Nuts  Ground NutsTuercas de tierra
Turmeric  TurmericCúrcuma
Fenugreek Seeds  Fenugreek SeedsSemillas de fenogreco
Sago  SagoSagú
Millet  MilletMijo
Maize  MaizeMaíz
Salt  SaltSal
Pearl Millet  Pearl MilletMijo perla
Black eyed beans  Black eyed beansFrijol negro de ojos
Kidney beans  Kidney beansFrijoles
English Spanish Transliteration
Gram Flour  Gram FlourHarina de garbanzos
Wheat Flour  Wheat FlourHarina de trigo
Rice Flour  Rice FlourHarina de arroz
Corn Flour  Corn FlourHarina de maiz
Coconut flour  Coconut flourHarina de coco
English Spanish Transliteration
Brinjal  BrinjalBerenjena
Ridge Gourd  Ridge GourdCalabaza de camellon
Snake Gourd  Snake GourdCalabaza de la serpiente
Capsicum  CapsicumPimiento
Cabbage  CabbageRepollo
Cauliflower  CauliflowerColiflor
Carrot  CarrotZanahoria
Green Peas  Green PeasGuisantes
Lemon  LemonLimon
Onion  OnionCebolla
Garlic  GarlicAjo
Potato  PotatoPatata
Tomato  TomatoTomate
Beans  BeansFrijoles
Cucumber  Cucumber Pepino
Drum Stick  Drum Stick Tambor Stick
Ladies Finger  Ladies Finger Dedo de las señoras
Radish  Radish Rabano
Green Chilli  Green Chilli Chile verde
Bitter Gourd  Bitter GourdCalabaza amarga
Ash Gourd  Ash GourdCalabaza de la ceniza
Bottle Gourd  Bottle GourdCalabaza de botella
Pumpkin  Pumpkin Calabaza
Pineapple  PineapplePina
Pomegranate  PomegranateGranada
Banana  BananaPlatano
Mango  MangoMango
Grapes  GrapesUva
Jackfruit  JackfruitJaca
Guava  GuavaGuayaba
Water Melon  Water MelonSandia
Musk Melon  Musk MelonMelon
Apple  Apple Manzana
Chickoo  Chickoo Chikoo
Custard apple   Custard apple Chirimoya
Dates  Dates Fechas
Fig  Fig Higos
Orange  Orange Naranja
Papaya  Papaya Papaya
Red chilli  Red chilli Chile rojo
Corn  Corn Maíz
Broad beans  Broad beans Habas
Goose Berry  Goose Berry Grosella
Sweet potato  Sweet potato Batata
Cherries  Cherries Cereza
Black Currant  Black Currant Grosella negra
Cashew Nut  Cashew Nut Anacardo
Peach  Peach Melocotón
Raspberries  Raspberries Frambuesas
Strawberry  Strawberry Fresa
English Spanish Transliteration
Asafoetida  AsafoetidaAsafetida
Bay Leaf  Bay LeafLaurel
Black Pepper  Black PepperPimienta negra
Cardamom  CardamomCardamon
Cinnamon  CinnamonCanela
Cloves  ClovesClavo
Fennel  FennelHinojo
Ginger  GingerJengibre
Red Chillies  Red ChilliesPimientos picantes
Tamarind  TamarindTamarindo
Turmeric powder  Turmeric powderCurcuma
Cashewnuts  CashewnutsAnacardos
Raisins  RaisinsUva pasas
Almond  AlmondAlmendra
Apricot  ApricotAlbaricoque
Dried dates  Dried datesFechas secas
Walnut  WalnutNuez
Poppy seed  Poppy seedSemilla de amapola
Peanut  PeanutManí
Flaxseed  FlaxseedsLinaza
Sesame seeds  Sesame seedsSemillas de sésamo
English Spanish Transliteration
Fenugreek leaves  Fenugreek leavesHojas de la alholva
Curry leaves  Curry leavesHojas de curry
Coriander  CorianderHojas de cilantro
Spinach  SpinachEspinacas
Mint leaves  Mint leavesHojas de menta
English Spanish Transliteration
Egg  EggHuevo
Chicken  ChickenPollo
Fish  FishPescado
Prawn  PrawnGamba
Pork  PorkCerdo
Beef  BeefCarne de vaca
English Spanish Transliteration
Yogurt  YogurtYogurt
Rice  Rice (Raw)Arroz
Rice  Rice (Boiled)Arroz cocido
Semolina  SemolinaSemola
Vermicelli  VermicelliPasta de arroz
Jaggery  JaggeryAzucar de palmera
Honey  HoneyMiel
Coconut  CoconutCoco

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