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America Visitors

This section of the website offers resourceful information for the people who come to America for the first time. We hope this information will help you while living in America. This section also provides services such as purchase of insurance...


Canada Visitors

This channel has resourceful information for people who are new to Canada. The page has list of links to other sites providing specific information as well as provides guidelines about the facilities available and current services information.


UK Visitors

This channel has resourceful information for people who are new to UK. We also offer information about cost of living, housing, jobs, culture and so on..


Overseas Indian Students Network

OIS-NET is our student cyber resource to help you by interact with other students, both newcomers and experienced hands.



Our immigration channel helps you if you, a family member, or an employee wishes to become a permanent resident (immigrant) of the United States.


Indian Parenting

Our parenting channel provides resources to help you instill Indian values in your child.



This channel has list of interesting quizzes


Indian Elections

Information about Indian elections


Return To India

This channel has resourceful information for people who are planing to return to India.


Indian Languages

This section has the scripts, pronunciations & lots more on each language...


Indian Diaspora

Check out the new section on Indian diaspora which has information about the Indian community all over the world...


Traditional Indian Art

Check out the new section on Traditional Indian art. It is a portrayal of tradition and depiction of ancient texts and theories in color and anecdotal accounts.



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