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Religare USA student insurance benefits

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  • Benefit Table
  • FAQ
  • Claims process
  • Exclusions

Religare Student insurance eligibility

  • Students between 12 years to 40 years are eligible for coverage
  • Renewal is available up to 40 years

Religare USA student insurance benefits

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Medical Expenses
- US $50,000 / US $100,000 US $50,000 / US $100,000 / US $300,000 / US $500,000 US $50,000 / US $100,000 / US $300,000 / US $500,000 / US $1,000,000
In-patient & Out-patient Care
- Up to SI of Medical Expenses Up to SI of Medical Expenses Up to SI of Medical Expenses
Pre-Existing Disease Cover  Deductible: US $100
- Up to 10% of SI of Medical Expenses Up to 10% of SI of Medical Expenses Up to 10% of SI of Medical Expenses
Extended Cover in the Country of Residence  Deductible: US $100
- Up to SI of Medical Expenses Up to SI of Medical Expenses Up to SI of Medical Expenses
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
- US $ 7,500 Up to SI of Medical Expenses Up to SI of Medical Expenses
Medical Evacuation
- US $ 7,500 Up to SI of Medical Expenses Up to SI of Medical Expenses
Dental Expenses  Deductible: US $50
- US $250 US $500 US $750
Accidental Death
US $30,000 US $15,000 US $30,000 US $30,000
Compassionate Visit
US $5,000 - US $5,000 US $7,500
Loss of Checked-in Baggage
US $1000 US $500 US $1000 US $2000
Delay of Checked-in Baggage   Time Delay: 12 hours
US $150 - US $150 US $150
Loss of Passport   Deductible: US $50
US $150 US $150 US $150 US $200
Loss of International driving license  Deductible: US $50
US $100 - US $100 US $150
Personal Liability  Deductible: US $200
US $100,000 US $100,000 US $100,000 US $100,000
Study interruption 
US $10,000 US $7,500 US $10,000 US $15,000
Sponsor Protection 
US $15,000 US $10,000 US $15,000 US $15,000
Bail Bond 
US $5,000 US $500 US $5,000 US $5,000
University Insolvency 
- - - US $7,500
Trip Delay  Time Delay: 12 hours
- - - US $200
Loss of Laptop / Tablet
- - - US $250
Coverage at home country  Deductible: US $100
- Up to 5% of SI of Medical Expenses Up to 5% of SI of Medical Expenses Up to 5% of SI of Medical Expenses
Treatment for Mental and Nervous disorders
- - US $1,500 US $3,000
Cancer screening and Mammographic Examination
- - US $2,000 US $4,000
Treatment for Alcoholism and Drug Dependency
- - US $1,500 US $3,000

Religare USA student Travel Insurance Plans - FAQ's

I am going to study in the USA. What are the insurance requirements of my college? Please can you find out for me.

The college where the student is registered either for his/her undergraduate or graduate course overseas have specific student health insurance requirements. The common requirement the student health plan should have is coverage up to a certain coverage amount for medical expenses, a deductible within a certain amount, medical evacuation, repatriation of remains coverage … . While some colleges do not have specific requirements, they do insist on student health insurance while some other colleges have very specific health insurance requirements. These requirements are usually available on the university website. Students who buy Indian insurance policies can get the University insurance requirements waived on showing the Indian insurance coverage, however this waiver policy varies from university to university.

I will buy the insurance from your company. You should make sure that the university accepts the insurance?

Student health insurance plans are designed keeping in mind the overseas university requirements. The student can buy the health insurance from Indian insurance companies which are much cheaper than the university insurance. It is the student’s responsibility to follow up with their university to see that they get a waiver from the university insurance.

You please follow up with the university and see that I get a waiver from the university insurance? If you can’t get wavier then why should I buy your insurance?

It is up to student to find out if the university accepts health insurance bought outside the university. We can help the student who has purchased through us in getting the university waiver form filled and signed from the respective health insurance company.

When will I get my documents?

The policy will be issued after you make the credit card purchase (Indian/international credit cards are accepted) and all relevant documents will be emailed as a PDF document. The emailed PDF document is a valid legal document and a print out of the same is proof of insurance coverage.

Religare USA Student travel insurance claims procedure

In case of Claim, notify Religare health insurance immediately on any of the below touch-points for hassle free processing and speedy settlements.

Falck Global Assistance (24 hours assistance centre)
    • USA & Canada: +1 844 301 3135 / +1 844 301 3146 ( Toll Free)
    • Rest of the world: +91-124-4498760 (Call Back Facility)
  • Email: travelassistance@religare.com
  • Fax: +91- 124- 4006674
In case of reimbursement of treatment expenses, reach Religare health insurance at the below touch points

Religare Health Insurance Company Limited GYS Global, Plot No. A3, A4, A5, Sector - 125, Noida, U.P. - 201301
  • India: 1800 200 4488 (Toll Free & Accessible in India only)
  • Email: travelclaims@religare.com
  • Fax: 1800 200 6677
Be it Cashless settlement or reimbursement of medical expenses, Religare Health Insurance Company delivers its promise of worry free experience!
NRI Online Pvt Ltd markets Religare Health Insurance company's various insurance products. However NRI Online Pvt Ltd is not responsible for any claims. Claims are settled directly by Religare Health Insurance Company Limited.

Religare USA student travel insurance plan exclusions

  • Expenses arising out of or attributable to alcohol or drug use/misuse/abuse.
  • War and Nuclear perils or consequences thereof.
  • Ionising Radiation or contamination arising out of the same.
  • Any intentional self-injury, suicide or attempted suicide.
  • Any claim relating to hazardous activities.
  • The insured being involved in Breach of taw.

Religare student travel insurance reviews - Useful links

How to buy Religare student travel insurance?
How to buy Religare student travel insurance?

You can buy insurance online by using a credit/debit card, direct funds transfer using NEFT or RTGS or by using a cheque

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Student outside India
Student outside India

Travelers who have already traveled from India and do not have insurance can buy Religare student travel medical insurance.

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Religare student travel insurance brochure
Religare student travel insurance brochure

Download Religare student travel health insurance brochure online!

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Religare insurance claims
Religare student travel insurance claim process

In case of Claim or reimbursement of treatment expenses, notify Religare health insurance

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Religare insurance faq
Religare student medical insurance FAQ

Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding religare travel health insurance

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Online Renewal
Religare student insurance renewal

Insurance customers can renew their existing policy online before the exipry date at any time.

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