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Care travel insurance India

Indian tourists travelling overseas can get Care(Formerly Religare) travel insurance quotes online using the Care(Formerly Religare) travel insurance premium calculator. After selecting a plan of their choice Indian tourists can also complete the Care(Formerly Religare) travel insurance proposal form online. Indian international tourists can buy Care(Formerly Religare) travel health insurance online either using the Credit Card purchase, Net banking, Mobile wallet or Cheque payment facilities. Please read through Care(Formerly Religare) travel insurance brochure for complete set of benefits covered by the plan and its policy wordings which includes the terms and conditions.
Care (Formerly Religare) travel insurance
Call: 080-4110 1026

Care (Formerly Religare) Travel Insurance Review

Sum Insured
USD 25,000 / 50,000 / 100,000 / 250,000 / 500,000
Tenure Options
180 days( can be extended for further)
Age of Entry
180 days to 99 years

Covid 19 Care travel insurance for Coronavirus (Formerly Religare travel insurance for Covid)

  • The Care travel insurance now offers coverage for medical expenses related to COVID-19.
  • The Care Covid travel insurance coverage for all travellers is available up to the limits mentioned in the policy schedule when the insured is outside the Republic of India.
  • Medical expenses due to Covid -19 are covered if contracted during policy period as per Policy Terms & Conditions as per detailed benefits and limits mentioned in the policy certificate.
Care covid insurance for international travel

Does Care overseas travel insurance cover covid 19 illness for Indians?

Care coronavirus overseas travel insurance offers covid 19 coverage. International Coronavirus Medical expenses due to Covid -19 sickness will be covered up to chosen policy maximum if the disease is contracted during policy period as per policy conditions.
Travel Insurance

Care (Formerly Religare) overseas travel insurance India - Useful links

How to buy Care (Formerly Religare) overseas travel insurance?

You can buy insurance online by using a credit/debit card, direct funds transfer using NEFT or RTGS or by using a cheque.

Traveler outside India

Travelers who have already traveled from India and do not have insurance can buy Care (Formerly Religare) travel medical insurance.

Care (Formerly Religare) overseas mediclaim insurance brochure

Care (Formerly Religare) travel health insurance explore the world without worry!

Care (Formerly Religare) travel insurance claim process

In case of Claim or reimbursement of treatment expenses, notify Care (Formerly Religare) health insurance

Care (Formerly Religare) visitor travel insurance FAQ

Get all the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Care (Formerly Religare) travel health insurance

Care (Formerly Religare) travel insurance renewal

Insurance customers can renew their existing policy online before the exipry date at any time.

Care (Formerly Religare) visitor medical insurance policy wordings

KNOW MORE about Care (Formerly Religare) travel health insurance products

Care (Formerly Religare) travel medical insurance without sublimits

Care (Formerly Religare) visitor medical insurance plan without sub-limits


Care travel health insurance for Indians overseas, Foreign travel insurance – Overview

Indian domestic health insurance will not offer overseas coverage for medical expenses in case of sudden sickness or accidents while outside India. Healthcare abroad while being sophisticated is also very expensive and can be traumatic for Indian tourists. Indian tourists would also be unaware of medical facilities in foreign countries, and it helps to have overseas health insurance where the insurance provider can offer medical assistance services. Care(Formerly Religare) offers medical and non-medical overseas insurance benefits to Indians travellers while overseas. It has designed an international travel insurance product namely “Explore”. This product is region specific making it easier for customers to review and select a product of their choice. Care(Formerly Religare) overseas travel insurance is ideal for Individual travellers, parents and seniors visiting their families and children, business or corporate travelers taking multiple trips in a year.

Care Explore overseas travel insurance products (formerly Religare travel insurance)

Explore Asia
Explore Asia

Care Explore Asia travel insurance is an overseas travel insurance plan for Indians which provides complete travel and health cover to Indian travellers visiting Asian countries.

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Travel to Africa
Explore Africa

Indians travelling to Africa can buy the customized Care Explore Africa travel medical insurance as it offers exclusive coverage in the African countries.

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Travel to Europe
Explore Europe

With Care Explore Europe Insurance, that is approved by VFS global most of these expenses are covered and the Indian travelers can enjoy the European visit without worrying about any such risks.

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Travel to Canada
Explore Canada

Indians travelling to Canada can get free quotes for Care Explore travel insurance online.

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Care travel insurance, International travel insurance - FAQ's

Below are the customized plans offered by Care(Formerly Religare) health insurance

  • Care(Formerly Religare) Explore Canada - Unique plan for people traveling to Canada and not to USA. This plan also covers people traveling to other countries other than USA.
  • Care(Formerly Religare) Explore Europe - Travel medical insurance plan which covers travelers who are traveling to Schengen countries and Europe.
  • Care(Formerly Religare) Explore Asia - Travel medical insurance plan which covers travelers who are traveling to Asian countries.
  • Care(Formerly Religare) Explore Worldwide - Travel medical insurance plan which covers travelers who are traveling to multiple countries including USA & Canada.
  • Care(Formerly Religare) Explore Worldwide excluding USA and Canada - Travel medical insurance plan which covers travelers who are traveling to multiple countries excluding USA and Canada.
  • Care(Formerly Religare) Explore Africa - Travel medical insurance plan which covers travelers who are traveling to African countries.

For declared pre-existing medical conditions Care(Formerly Religare) travel insurance offers up to 10% of sum insured in case of life threatening situations and as per terms and conditions of the policy.

After specified deductible, Care(Formerly Religare) overseas health insurance is cashless for medical expenses more than 24 hour stay in the hospital. Any medical claim which are less than 24 hours are reimbursement basis.

Care(Formerly Religare) overseas travel insurance is quite popular among Indian tourists going abroad. Care(Formerly Religare) travel insurance is one of the top rated insurance providers in India, and it offers Custom designed plans for different destinations therefore it is one of the best Indian travel insurance products available. Care(Formerly Religare) travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage for hospitalization medical expenses and outpatient care. It also offers coverage for declared pre-existing conditions.

Yes, Care(Formerly Religare) international travel insurance is definitely worth the cost as it covers both emergency medical and non-medical expenses to ensure a financially safe and hassle free international coverage for Indian travelers abroad. Since falling sick is uncertain while outside India, the cost of healthcare treatment in countries like the United States is drastically high. Paying for hospital expenses can be a huge financial burden and Care(Formerly Religare) international travel health insurance can save you from this financial burden. It is very cheap to buy international travel insurance from Care(Formerly Religare) in Indian rupees while getting insurance coverage in US dollars. Care(Formerly Religare) travel insurance covers Indian tourists for declared pre-existing conditions, hospitalization medical expenses, doctor visits, pharmacy bills and other medical emergencies. The Explore platinum plan offers comprehensive coverage without any sub-limits.

Care travel insurance online plan details, Care overseas insurance policy benefits

  • Benefit Table
  • Unique Features
  • Policy Coverage
  • Claims process
  • FAQ's
  • Exclusions

Care Foreign travel health insurance reviews

Explore Platinum
Geographical scope
Asia Africa Europe Worldwide excluding US Worldwide / Worldwide excluding US and Canada Worldwide / Worldwide excluding US and Canada
Sum Insured
USD 25,000, USD 50,000 & USD 100,000 USD 25,000, USD 50,000 & USD 100,000 € 30,000 & € 100,000 USD 50,000 & USD 100,000 USD 50,000, USD 100,000, USD 300,000 & USD 500,000 USD 50,000, USD 100,000, USD 300,000 & USD 500,000
Hospitalization expenses
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
In-patient Care   Deductible: US $100 / € 75
Up to SI* Up to SI* Up to SI* Up to SI* Up to SI* Up to SI*
Pre-existing diseases (Life Threatening Condition)   Deductible: US $100 / € 75
10% of SI* 10% of SI* 10% of SI* 10% of SI* 10% of SI* 10% of SI*
Additional SI* for Accidental Hospitalization   Deductible: US $100 / € 75
Yes, up to 100% SI* Yes, up to 100% SI* Yes, up to 100% SI* Yes, up to 100% SI* Yes, up to 100% SI* Yes, up to 100% SI*
Out-patient care   Deductible: US $100 / € 75
20% of SI* 20% of SI* € 30,000 USD 50,000 USD 50,000 USD 50,000
Daily Allowance   Time Delay: 2 days
US $25 per day, max 5 days US $25 per day, max 5 days US $25 per day, max 5 days US $25 per day, max 5 days US $25 per day, max 5 days US $25 per day, max 5 days
Compassionate Visit
- - - - - US $5,000
Return of Minor Child
- - - - - US $2,000
Upgradation to Business Class
US $1,000 US $1,000 € 750 US $1,000 US $1,000 US $1,000
Dental Expenses  Deductible: US $100 / € 75
US $300 US $300 € 300 US $300 US $300 US $300
Personal Accident
US $15,000 US $15,000 € 10,000 US $15,000 US $15,000 US $15,000
Common Carrier Accidental Death
- - - - - US $5,000
Medical Evacuation
US $10,000 US $10,000 € 30,000 US $50,000 US $50,000 US $50,000
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
US $10,000 US $10,000 € 30,000 US $50,000 US $50,000 US $50,000
Trip Cancellation and Interruption
US $1,000 US $1,000 € 750 US $1,000 US $1,000 US $1,000
Trip Delay   Time Dealy: 12 hours
US $500 US $500 € 300 US $500 US $500 US $500
Loss of Checked-in-Baggage
US $100 US $100 € 100 US $100 US $100 US $100
Delay of Checked-in-Baggage   Time Delay: 12 hours
US $100 US $100 € 100 US $100 US $100 US $100
Loss of Passport
US $300 US $300 € 250 US $300 US $300 US $300
Personal Liability   Deductible: US $100 / € 75
US $100,000 US $100,000 € 75,000 US $100,000 US $100,000 US $100,000
* - Sum Insured

Sub limit details are as follows:
Sublimits are applicable for age 61 and above. However this sublimits are waived off / not applicable for travelers who buy a Explore Platinum plan
Medical Expense Sub-limit
Room Rent including boarding and lodging 1.5% of the sum insured subject to maximum of US $ 2,000 per day / € 1,500 per day
ICU Charges 2% of the sum insured subject to a maximum of US $ 3,000 per day / € 2,250 per day
Operation Theatre Charges
(Including surgeon charges)
10% of the sum insured subject to a maximum of US $ 20,000 per claim / € 15,000 per claim
Ambulance Services US $ 500 per claim / €375 per claim
Diagnostics and Radiology Services US $ 1,000 per claim / €750 per claim
Medical Practitioners visit fees US $ 100, per visit / € 75 per visit subject to maximum of 10 visits per claim
Miscellaneous Expenses US $ 1,000 per claim / € 750 per claim

For the purpose of application of the above limits :
(i) Surgery includes operation theatre charges, surgeon fees, implant charges and all other associated charges.
(ii) Ambulance Services include cost of transportation of the Insured Person to the nearest Hospital and paramedic services.
(iii) Miscellaneous Expenses includes but not limited to the cost of medicines, pharmacy or drugs supplies, nursing charges, external medical appliances as prescribed by a registered Medical Practitioner as necessary and essential as part of the treatment on actuals, blood storage and processing charges and any other services which are not specified above.

Care Foreign travel insurance - Unique features

  • Pre existing covered upto 10% of Sum Insured in case of life threatening only
    E.g.: USD 5,000 for USD 50,000
    USD 10,000 for USD 100,000 .
  • Age band covered from Day 1 (baby) - unlimited age.
  • Sublimit option for Gold plan for over & above 60 Years is applicable; but Sublimit not applicable for Platinum Plan for any age group.
  • Per day rates - Premium calculated for actual days of travel i.e. Slab rates not applicable
    E.g. 2 days , 4 days etc.
  • Double Sum insured in case of accident.
    E.g. Customer buying USD 50,000 cover will have coverage upto USD 100,000 in case claim arising due to accident.
  • Explore Europe & Explore-Platinum Plans are approved by all the Schengen consulates up to unlimited age cover without any restriction
  • Issuance of policy through Travel Agents login - Individuals could use their credit cards for payment.
  • E- Travel Insurance Card comes with every policy issued instantly. This helps the customer in case of any accident/ immediate reference in case of emergency
  • Premium quoting & coverage details could be sent to customer on their email ID's automatically from the Agents login before purchase/ Issuance of the policy
  • Our Policy don't have Per Aliment Limit
  • Customer can Upgrade to Business class travel ticket in case of hospitalization abroad while returning (Return should be within 20days post Discharge form hospital)
  • Treatment in home country covered upto 30days if the customer returns to India as per Doctor's advise post hospitalization abroad.
medical insurance

Coverage for medical needs

  • Hospitalisation Cover - In-patient & Out-patient
  • Pre-Existing Disease Coverage
  • Double Sum Insured for Accidental Hospitalization
  • Treatment in Home Country
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Common Carrier Accidental Death
  • Dental Expenses
  • Daily Allowance for Hospitalization
  • 2-way Compassionate Visit
  • Accidental Death/Permanent Total Disability

non medical

Coverage for non-medical needs

  • Trip Delay, Cancellation or Interruption
  • Loss/Delay of Checked-In baggage
  • Loss of Passport
  • Personal Liability
  • Return of Minor Child
  • Up-gradation To Business Class

Care overseas travel insurance claims procedure

In case of Claim, notify Care(Formerly Religare) health insurance immediately on any of the below touch-points for hassle free processing and speedy settlements.

Falck Global Assistance (24 hours assistance centre)
    • USA & Canada: +1 844 301 3135 / +1 844 301 3146 ( Toll Free)
    • Rest of the world: +91-124-4498760 (Call Back Facility)
  • Email:
  • Fax: +91- 124- 4006674
In case of reimbursement of treatment expenses, reach Care health insurance at the below touch points

Care(Formerly Religare) Health Insurance Company Limited GYS Global, Plot No. A3, A4, A5, Sector - 125, Noida, U.P. - 201301
  • India: 1800 200 4488 (Toll Free & Accessible in India only)
  • Email:
  • Fax: 1800 200 6677
Be it Cashless settlement or reimbursement of medical expenses, Care Health Insurance Company delivers its promise of worry free experience!
NRI Online Pvt Ltd markets Care(Formerly Religare) Health Insurance company's various insurance products. However NRI Online Pvt Ltd is not responsible for any claims. Claims are settled directly by Care(Formerly Religare) Health Insurance Company Limited.

Care travel insurance plans, overseas health insurance - FAQ's

How do I use the insurance if I fall sick during my overseas trip?

The Medical Cover component of your Car travel insurance (formerly Religare travel insurance):
Covers your treatment and hospitalization if needed for an illness that happens during your travel. In the event that you need further treatment even after your return to India, the medical expenses for this ailment will be covered up to a period of 30 days or the policy end date whichever is earlier. There is an additional benefit in that the policy medical Sum Insured is doubled in the event of an accident (as opposed to sickness).

How does this policy cater to medical evacuation should the need arise during my travel abroad?

The Medical Evacuation component of the policy will
covers the costs incurred for any emergency evacuation and transportation that is needed to transfer the insured to an appropriate medical facility within our coverage network.

Does the policy provide any coverage should the vehicle that the insured is traveling in has an accident?

The Personal Accident clause
covers any adverse circumstance arising due to an accident, be it death or permanent total disability, while the insured is overseas.

Does the insurance cover the insured if the aircraft that he/she is flying in is involved in an mishap? The Common Carrier Accidental Death clause provides
a lumpsum payment of the Sum Insured in the event of accidental death of the insured while traveling on a common carrier/transport.
What dental coverage does the policy provide?

Dental Expenses:
incurred in connection with any injury while on your trip are covered by the policy.

Care overseas travel insurance plan exclusions

  • Expenses arising out of or attributable to alcohol or drug use/misuse/abuse.
  • War and Nuclear perils or consequences thereof.
  • Ionising Radiation or contamination arising out of the same.
  • Any intentional self-injury, suicide or attempted suicide.
  • Any claim relating to hazardous activities.
  • The insured being involved in Breach of taw.
Travel to France


Indians visiting France can buy the Care (Formerly Religare) travel medical insurance policy.

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Travel to  USA


Indians travelling to USA can get free quotes from Care (Formerly Religare) travel insurance to USA online.

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Travel to Australia


Indians travelling to Australia can get free quotes for Care (Formerly Religare) Explore Gold or Platinum travel insurance online.

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Travel to UK

United Kingdom

Indians visiting UK can get free quotes and buy the Explore Europe Care (Formerly Religare) travel insurance online.

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Find out more about Care (Formerly Religare) overseas mediclaim insurance

Care (Formerly Religare) travel insurance reviews

Travel Reviews

Care (Formerly Religare) Travel Insurance Reviews - Customer experiences and testimonials.

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Care (Formerly Religare) Proposal form

Proposal Form

Care (Formerly Religare) travel insurance proposal form for Indians travelling overseas.

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Premium calculator

Premium Chart

Calculate the international travel insurance premium for Indian travelers travelling overseas.

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Customer Care

Customer Care

Care (Formerly Religare) Travel insurance customer care information for Indians travelling overseas.

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Resourceful Care (Formerly Religare) travel insurance links

Overseas Travel Medical Insurance

Care (Formerly Religare) Travel insurance for Indians traveling overseas.

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Annual Multitrip
Annual Multitrip Insurance

Business travelers making multiple trips overseas annually can buy the annual multi trip travel insurancer.

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Travel Asia Insurance

Care (Formerly Religare) Travel Care insurance for Indians going to other Asian countries.

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Senior Citizen
Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior travelers up to the age of 90 years can opt for Care (Formerly Religare) Travel insurance coverage.

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Schengen visa
Schengen Visa Insurance

Applying for Schengen visa? Then this Care (Formerly Religare) Schengen insurance is a good option to go for!

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religare family travel insurance
Family travel insurance

Buy Care (Formerly Religare) family travel medical insurance online.

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