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What does visitor travel insurance cover?

US travelers insurance

Cancel for any reason travel insurance
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Cruises travel medical insurance
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Schengen visa travel insurance
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Annual multi-trip travel Insurance
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Travel insurance VS Travel medical insurance
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Thank you very much for all the help and explanation of the subtle things that we did not understand by mere reading of the benefits of the different insurance plans.


I wasn't expecting an update so soon! I appreciate your customer service. Your service representative was prompt, courteous and accurate with her response.


Really appreciate your help here. I have gone ahead and purchased the plan so quickly because of your well-organized mail towards what I was exactly looking for to purchase a plan.


Travel insurance resources

Find the right travel insurance for your needs
Visitors insurance coverage for injury/sickness
Steps to purchase the US visitors insurance online
International travel insurance - Glossary
International students, US Visitors, US Immigrants…
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Insurance Services, Non Resident Indians Insurance Features

There are several different plans offered by different insurance providers and underwriters available for travel insurance coverage to USA and Canada.There could be different coverage, options and limitations all of which are difficult to understand for common customers. To help you in this situation, we have insurance services for you to compare quotes and benefits and to buy a plan online with ease.

With our online insurance quotes and compare engine you can access plan information and compare to choose policies from insurance company of your choice. Complete a simple online application providing relevant information regarding the applicant and insurance requirement to get quotes. Select a plan that can satisfies your insurance needs and continue to buy the plan online. You can review the brochure of each policy for coverage details. The facility also allows you to select the date for starting the coverage and end of the coverage.

Travel medical insurance segments

Types of Visitor insurance plans

visitor insurance

Visitor Medical Insurance

For overseas travelers. Ideal for Indian parents & relatives visiting US.

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global health insurance

Global Health Insurance

For expatriates, international travelers.

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global health insurance

Student Medical Insurance

For students studying in a foreign country.

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global health insurance

US Immigrant Insurance

For H4, F2 Visa holders and new immigrants.

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global health insurance

US J1 Visa Insurance

For exchange program visitors and scholars.

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trip insurance

Trip Insurance

For vacationers and cruise travel.

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trip insurance

Europe Travel Insurance

For business travel, vacation and Schengen visa.

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trip insurance

Nanny (Au Pair) Insurance

For overseas babysitters and nannies.

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us visitor insurance

Best travel insurance to USA

  • Visitors Insurance Resources for Travelers
    US visitor medical insurance resources for indian parents vsiting USA.
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  • Fixed benefit vs Comprehensive Visitor Medical Insurance
    Important factors to consider while buying best travel insurance for parents visiting the U.S.
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  • Visitor insurance claims procedure
    Visitor Insurance India claims process for getting medical care in hospital.
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Popular US travel destinations

The US is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world ! The US has tourist attractions for all tastes.

Tips for international travelers visiting the US

Best International travel tips for first time travelers - Safety, Comfort and Wellness.


Compare visitor insurance plans

Compare the benefit options and coverage limits of visitor insurance plans.

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Visitor insurance USA links, Health insurance for overseas visitors

Insurance FAQ

Commonly asked questions (FAQ's) about international health insurance.

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Insurance Blog

Read insurance blogs and articles for international travel health insurance.

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Insurance Forum

Customer queries and answers about international health insurance.

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Travel tips for parents and older travelers to USA

Are you excited about your parents and in-laws visiting the US? As they are senior citizens and older travelers travelling on long flights and coming to different weather conditions, they are more vulnerable to travel and health risks. Here some travel tips for parents and older travelers visiting you.

Tips for Senior Citizens

One does not have to stop traveling as one gets on with age. Below are some useful travel tips for older travellers.

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Travel to hot and cold places

Some useful tips while traveling to different climatic condition places, be it extreme heat or cold weather.

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Tips for food and water safety

When you are traveling, you are exposed to food and water. Some precautions to help you reduce chance of getting sick.

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Tips for Cruise travelers

Cruise travellers can enjoy their vacation more by taking certain precautions. Some tips for cruise travelers.

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Popular US visa insurance, US visitor health insurance

Tourist Visa ( B2 visa) insurance

B2 visa health insurance for tourists, B2 visa tourist insurance for USA.

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Students ( F1 visa ) Insurance

F1 visa student health insurance, international student insurance in USA.

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J1 visa insurance

J1 visa insurance for exchange scholars, J1 visa medical insurance.

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Work Visa H1B and dependents H4 visa

H1B visa health insurance, health insurance H1B visa holders.

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Green card holders

Health insurance for green card holders, Green card health insurance.

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Business Visa /B1 visa

USA B1 visa health Insurance, B1 visa travel insurance for USA.

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US Immigrant insurance

Compare to buy best US health insurance for new immigrants.

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Travel insurance for spouses of students (F2 visa)

F2 visa medical insurance for F1 visa dependents. F2 visa health insurance.

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K1 visa insurance

Fiancée health insurance, K1 visa health insurance for fiancé on K1 visa.

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Travel health insurance USA

Travel insurance for tourists in USA, tourist insurance USA.

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H4 visa insurance

H4 visa health insurance, Health insurance H4 visa holders.

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Travel insurance international for Global destinations

01. International travel insurance for USA

International travel insurance for USA

Travel insurance for USA

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