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Travel insurance overview

Travel insurance and trip cancellation insurance plans are designed to provide insurance coverage for short term overseas travel, vacations and tours abroad. The plans are available with varying deductible options and premium costs. Some of the benefits offered by these insurance plans include coverage for medical expenses (pre-existing conditions may be covered), dental expenses, prescription drugs expenses, emergency medical evacuation. If you are want coverage for losses like (non refundable ticket costs) due to trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost baggage you can buy the Trip cancellation insurance

Key features

Trip Cancellation

In the event of unexpected trip cancellation the plan will protect your investment up to the full trip cost.
Trip Delay

This feature helps you recover the expenses incurred in case of trip is interrupted, delayed or you miss your connection.
Medical Expense

In case if you fall sick or injured the medical expenses are covered.
Flight Coverage

Few plans offer up to $1 million coverage for add-on or Stand-alone flight accident.
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Baggage Loss/Delay

While on your overseas vacation or trip there can be events of loss of baggage and personal possessions or can be stolen or damaged. Airlines can only provide limited coverage for checked baggage. The insurance plan will offer coverage for loss or delay of baggage.
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