Visitors Insurance

 1. Age of visitor
 2. Age of the visitor's spouse
 3. No. of dependents under 18

 4. Coverage limit for medical expenses
 5. Deductible amount
6. Dates for coverage
Start Date:

End Date:       months days
 7. Visitor's country of citizenship
 8. Countries where medical coverage is required
 9. Where is the mailing address?
 10. Where is the visitor's permanent home?
 11. How long has the traveler been in USA?

Visitor travel insurance - Introduction

Visitors insurance is required in the United States and Canada and in European countries. Residents within the US usually do not know about this insurance till you have family members visiting the country. For me it was only after our children were born and the need to have parents for extended stays with grand children, that we realised the importance of insurance. We could not afford to have elderly parents, or for that matter visitors of any age in USA or Canada without visitor health insurance.

It is too risky without visitor insurance given the high medical care costs and the fact that visitors to the US and Canada are not eligible for domestic health insurance plans. Small visits to hospitals can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. To mitigate the risk of expensive hospital bills and some peace of mind, I did my research on visitors insurance.

Tips for international travelers visiting the US

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Insurance for Visitors to USA

Visitors insurance to my surprise has several details and many options which make it all very confusing. There was no one place to find all visitor medical insurance plans available and identify what was best suited for our needs. Then we came upon this site, which gave us a comprehensive view of all the health insurance plans for visitors to the country. Something like Travelocity or Expedia, all we had to do was put in some basic information such as the age of our parents, dates of travel and we were were able to purchase health insurance for our parents overnight. It was fantastic. There was even explanation on the insurance terms used and a toll free number to answer all our questions about visitors insurance.

Travelers who go to the USA need proper insurance coverage to stay secure from financial shortcomings in case of an emergency. These plans designed by American insurance providers can be accessed online and can be compared before making a purchase. Visitors can compare medical insurance plans before making a purchase. The insurance start date after the completion of the transaction can be as early as the next day or as per the request of the customers.

Visitors insurance USA

We strongly recommend visitors insurance for all visitors traveling outside their home countries. Purchase your visitor health insurance plans through this site as it is easy to use and easy to understand.

Buying this insurance for your parents or anyone who loves traveling is important, as it ensures that you have the medical coverage when you need it most - in a crises. Use this site to make an objective decision by comparing all available health insurance plans.
Compare visitor insurance plans
Compare the benefit options and coverage limits of visitor insurance plans.   Click here  

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