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Nanny (Babysitter) Health Insurance helps to protect the nannies or au pairs from medical expenses in case of an emergency. Nannies or Au Pairs who are non US citizens require a proper medical insurance cover to stay secure from unforeseen medical emergencies during their engagement. New immigrants in the USA (green card holders) and au pairs in the US are eligible to purchase special classes of health insurance.

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1. Nanny's age
2. Dependents under 18
3. Coverage limit
4. Deductible amount
5. Dates for coverage
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End Date:       months days
6. Country of citizenship
7. Where coverage is required
8. Mailing & permanent address
9. How long has the traveler been in USA?
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Nanny health & Babysitter Healthcare Insurance

Nanny Health Insurance covers the policy holder for medical expenses incurred in case of sudden illness or injuries during the period of coverage. These insurance plans usually offer short term coverage and allow period renewals. Au pair medical insurance plans have limited coverage for pregnancy and will not cover for pre-existing medical conditions.

There are longer term plans available which can cover pre-existing conditions and preventive care. Babysitter insurance plans can be accessed at our long term immigrant insurance quote engine. Here you can get instant online quote and compare all long term major medical insurance plans.

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Nanny health insurance is most essential need while living a foreign country.

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