Popular Parsi Boy Baby Names starting with 'R'

We are happy to present our comprehensive list of Unique Sikh Boy Baby Names from Gurbani starting with letter R in a simple and easy to navigate format. The table below gives a list of popular Sikh boy names for letter R from Guru Granth Sahib ji along with its english meanings for your child. These traditional Sikh baby boy names starting with letter a are popular among NRIs living across the world.
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Modern Sikh Boy names with meanings - Alphabet 'R'

Rachanbir Brave and Creative
Rachanjeet Victory of creation
Raftaar Speed, Gait
Raghv Lord Rama
Raghubir Lord Rama
Raghujeet Victory
Raham Merciful
Rahul Genious
Rahuldeep Lamp of Rahul
Rajan King,Powerful
Rajandeep Light of Ruler
Rajanjeet Succesful Ruler
Rajanmeet Good Ruler
Rajbir The warrior of the kingdom
Rajdeep Best of kings
Rajdev God, sovereign
Rajindar The king of god of gods
Rajinder Spontaneous
Rajkanwar Prince
Rajnarind Palace
Rajpal The protector king
Rajsukh Kingdom of gems
Rajveer The warrior or hero of the kingdom
Raman Beloved
Ramandeep Absorbed in the light of Lord's love
Rambir Warrior of God
Ramdas Servant of God, slave of God
Ramdeep Lamp of All-Pervading God
Ramgeet Song of the All Pervading God
Raminder God, beloved
Raminderpal Brave god
Ramjeet The winner of God's Love
Ramanjit Victory of beloved
Ramjot The Light of God
Ramleen One absorbed in God
Ramneek Beauteous
Rampreet In love with God
Rampal Protected by God
Ranbir The brave warrior,A valiant warrior,Triumphant in war
Randeep The hero of the battle
Rangjot One colored in the union of God
Rangleen Imbued in the Lord's absorption
Rangpreet The lover of God's Love
Ranjit The conqueror of the battle
Ranpaul Victor Warrior in battle
Ranprem One who Love to Fight
Ranveer The brave warrior
Ranvir Hero of the Battle
Rasanbir Lord of beauty
Rasbir Drinking the elixir of courage
Rasdeep Lamp of the Elixir
Rasjeevan One whose life is full of elixir of Naam
Rasjog One who has union with elixir of Naam
Rasleen One absorbed in the elixir of Naam
Rasnam One who drinks the elixir of Naam
Raswant Charming Full of nectar
Ratan A diamond like person
Ratanbir The priceless brave one,Great elixir
Ratandeep Precious like God's Lamp
Ratangeet Song of diamond
Ratanjot The diamond of God's Light
Ratanpreet One who is in love of the Diamond
Raushan The exalted, famous person
Ravideep Love for fame
Ravijeet Love for fame
Ravindar The god of Sun, knowledge
Raviraj The Sun
Reet Style
Reetinder Light of Moon
Reetpaul Immersed in God Tradition
Rijak Earning Tradition Way
Ripjot Light of beloved
Robinder Lord of traditions
Rompreet Protector of traditions
Ronith To be Charming
Roopbir Protector of traditions
Roopdev Who lives in heart
Roopindar God of Beauty
Roopjot Beauteous Light
Rupinder Lord of beauty
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