Recognize your personality through numbers..
No.1 - They have inquiring minds and leadership qualities. One's can be self-centered and like to be admired by all. Consequently, are ambitious, progressive, determined, and stubborn.
They usually start out in life by being dependent, and gradually achieve a degree of independence as they mature.

Best career paths : Inventor, designer, aviator, leader of a business organization, ambassador, director, program planner, store owner, military officer, film, TV or theater producer, lecturer, promoter, sales manager, engineer, executive, explorer or creative work of all kinds. You would do very wel as an inventor, designer, group leader, director, filmmaker or initiator of any new work in any field.
Best Day : Sunday
Colors : Yellow, Orange Family

No.2 - They are gracious, charrming, sensitive, peace loving, naturally intuitive and make wonderful hosts and hostesses. They make good friends and express their feelings well.
They are not overly concerned with status or material needs.

Best career paths : Diplomat, caterer, clerk, lawyer, insurance adjuster, architect, bookkeeper, bill collector, custodian, legislator, librarian, minister, politician or teacher/counselor/psychologist. Dance, music, poetry and mathematics could be your best options. Number twos make great secretaries and researchers.
Best Day : Monday
Colors : Cream, Green and White Family

No.3 - Communication is their forte. They have active, imaginative brains and are always full of ideas. However, they often lack the motivation to put them into play.
They are friendly, social and enjoy having others around them and cannot stand being on their own for a very long time.

Best career paths : Artist, musician, nurse, dietcian, physician, writer, entertainer, cometician, salesperson (cosmetics, art supplies), lawyer, judge, engineer, priest, playground director, athletic coach, scout director, vocational teacher or philosopher. Versatility and openness are characteristic of number threes. Communication and entertainment are fields that you could explore and excel at. Acting, singing, stage arts, writing and journalism are well suited career options for you. You could also consider fashion design and modeling.
Best Day : Thursday
Colors : Yellow, Lilac, Purple and Mauve Family


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