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Studying in the UK

Studying in the UK

UK qualifications are recognised and respected all over the world. Many UK education institutions work with local agents/representatives in India. The university, college or school enters into an agreement with an agent to represent their institution to students in India who are considering an overseas education. UK Study is dedicated to making the process of finding and enrolling with English colleges, English language schools and British universities in the UK simple. There are many reasons to study in the UK. You can improve your English language skills, experience new and different cultures, and take advantage of an excellent standard of education. UK degrees are prestigious and highly valued throughout the world.

Top Universities in UK

  • Birmingham City University
  • Cambridge University
  • Cardiff University
  • Lancaster University
  • London South Bank University
  • Newcastle University
  • Oxford University
  • University of Arts London
  • University of Bradford
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Essex
  • University of Leeds
  • University of Manchester
  • University of Warwick
United Kingdom

The following table gives information about the name of the college, subject name and the respective website address

Subject Name Website Address
Studying in the UK British Council
  Education UK
  Study UK Guide
Study abroad agency Study Overseas Ltd
Tourist information Visit Britain
UK immigration British High Commission
British culture BBC World Service
Indian radio in UK Sunrise Radio
Hindu culture in UK Hindu Youth UK
Living in the UK Indian High Commission

The following information applies to England, Wales and Northern Ireland

About Northern Ireland
Information about Northern Ireland

The local education authority in the Northern Ireland is called the Education and Library Board (ELB). Education in Northern Ireland differs from systems used elsewhere in the United Kingdom.

Parents find difficulty in finding the relevant school for their children when the Local Education Authority (LEA) may not provide the type of educational provision you would like for your child or your child may not have a statement of special education needs. Local Authority has a duty to provide an appropriate education for your child. LA's will explain where to place your child for education. Different types of schools
  • Mainstream school
  • A base or unit within a mainstream school
  • special schools
  • Residential schools
  • Independent or non-maintained schools
Free education places for three and four year old children In England and Wales, there is a free early education place for your child if they aged three or four years. The place should be for 15 hours per week during a normal term times. This is only if you want to take up a place. For more information about schools and other organisations providing early education places at or contact 0800 096 0296. In Northern Ireland, currently free nursery education place is guaranteed for three and four old child. The places which are available differ from area to area and you are inspired to apply if you are willing to take up a place for your child. If the nursery is registered to receive the free early education, they will be able to offer three and four year children free part-time places. Schools and groups in the scheme will provide information about how to apply for a place and about the education they offer. If you cannot find a suitable place offering free early education, you should contact your local education authority. For all other problems with free early education, you should contact the organisation involved. For free early education if you are not willing to find a appropriate place, you should contact your local education authority. For all other problems with free early education, you should contact the organisation involved.
In England and Wales, a pupil with special educational needs (SEN) is defined as
  •  - Children with SEN as children who find difficulty in learning than others the same age.
  •  - Children who cannot use the educational facilities which other children of a similar age because of their disability.
  •  - Children under school age, who would fall into either category without extra help, are also included.
Local Authority (LA) will come in need if your child has a health issue which has caused concern from an early age. The LA first consides individual support based on your child needs. In Northern Ireland, special education needs has a lot of similarities to the system in England. Here it is not Compulsory to provide full-time education to children with special needs until the age of five. Education and Library Boards (ELBs) can, where they feel it is suitable, place children with Statements of Special Educational Needs in pre-school education which meets pupil needs.
If a child is suffering from health issues like sickness, injury etc who comes under Compulsory school age, the local authority must organize appropriate education for them. Few pupils will receive education in hospital schools or hospital teaching units, and some will receive tuition at home. Children who have disability and admitted to hospital should have their educational needs evaluated as soon as is reasonable after admission. They should train a pupil as soon as their health condition allows. Children should not be in home when they are not well for more than three weeks (four weeks in Wales) without home tuition. If a pupil is not attending school regularly, the school is expected to arrange work for your child to do at home. The Department for Education and Skills has issued guidance on the education of sick children. It is called 'Access to Education for children and young people with medical needs'. You can get it from DfES publications on 0845 602 2260 or from their website at
Special Education Needs associated with learning disabilities is more common among pupils. In England and Wales, children will face severe problems in learning. Schools must not treat pupil with a disability less advantageous than children who are not disabled. School need to be aware of all these issues new generation children are facing difficulty in learning because of disabilities. They must also make arguable adjustments to take account of a child's disability. This applies both to pupils and prospective pupils. More information is available on the Disability Rights Commission website at Information in Northern Ireland is available on the Equality Commission Website at
In England, if a pupil is permanently excluded from a school, the local education authority will be responsible to provide other appropriate education. When a pupil is expelled from school local authorities will provide home tuitions. If you want your child to go back to the same school, you have a right to appeal against your child's exclusion.
Children who are unable to attend school due to health issues and who are permanently excluded from school can take education out of school like home tuitions... The local education authority (LEA) has a duty to ensure that the out of school education arranged for your child is satisfactory. When you're taking out your child out of school, you need to notify the local authority. If you don't do this, the LEA will probably make enquiries to find out what education parents will afford to a child. Parents have a right to educate your child at home; you do not need to observe school hours, days or terms and conditions. If your local authority makes an enquiry about your children, you have to provide respective documents about your children education. If it appears to a LEA that a child is not receiving suitable education, it may decide to take action against you.
Admissions to all schools in England and Wales are governed by the School Admission Code. Each Local Education Authority's have different rules for admissions. In England, code of practice is called the School Admissions Code of Practice, and can be viewed on the Department for Education and Skills website at In Wales, the code is called the Admissions Welsh Office Code of Practice, and can be viewed at
In Northern Ireland, Grammar schools are currently able to select pupils based on their grade received transfer tests kanown as 11 plus. Secondary schools cannot select pupils on the basis of ability. Parents will complete a transfer form indicating their choice(s) of post primary school(s). If a school has more applications than places it will apply the admission criteria. The process will allow for appeals. The pupil profile is intended to be a key element of informed parental choice and will replace the annual report to parents by providing information in a standardised format.
You may want to send your child to a particular school but be concerned about the financial costs. Help with some of the costs, for example, school transport or school meals may be available. Some independent schools offer scholarships to help parents pay the fees at the school. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship you should contact the school concerned.

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