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Banking in the UK

Online UK bank account opening

If you are planning to spend a considerable amount of time in UK, it is a good idea to set up your own savings amount. We all have a bank account in our respective home countries or residences but when we go out of country its normal that we have to deposit money in banks for our safety purpose. Opening a bank account is one of the best ways to keep your money safe. If you need to open a bank account you should make sure you have all of the documentation you need.

Opening a bank account is a part of everyday life and is something most people should do by the time they begin earning money. To open a new bank account, you will need to provide to provide your bank of choice with appropriate information to verify your identity. Most UK bank offers the same services as American banks.


HSBC is one of the largest banking in the world. It provides support to all customers and account holders. This bank is having more assets than any other bank in UK. This bank maintains a network of around 1500 branches throught out England. HSBC bank now has 215,000 employees in over 9000 offices in 80 countries across Europe, the Asia-Pacific region, North, Central and South America, the Middle East and Africa.

banking in uk

The HSBC bank was originally founded in 1865, and was named the "Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation". HSBC supports for UK education, UK enterprises and also offers exciting range of opportunities in a number of different business area. This bank offers many services such as loans, mortgages, planning,credit.

Royal Bank of Scotland Group

Royal Bank of Scotland Group has the largest branch network in UK. RBS Group operates a wide variety of banking brands offering personal business banking, private banking, insurance and corporate finance throught out its operations located in Europe, North America and Asia.

Royal Bank of Scotland Group has become one of the largest services groups in tha world. This bank has around 700 branches in larger towns and cities throughout England and Wales. This also provides a broad range of financial products to both business and personal customers.

Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group was renamed by Lloyd's TSB (Trustee Savings Bank) Group plc on 19th January 2009. This is one of the oldest banks in the UK. Lloyds Banking Group plc provides a wide range of financial and banking services in the United Kingdom. This bank headquartered in the London, United Kingdom.

Lloyds Banking Group has products such as Rental Banking, Commercial Banking, Private Banking, General Insurance, Life Insurance and Pensions. This bank now has 104,230 employees in over 2000 branches across the UK. Offers banking and related services for major UK and multinational corporate and financial institutions.


Barclays is a Universal bank and headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Barclays is a member of Global ATM Alliance and has the largest network of ATM's in the country. This bank now has 147,500 employees in over 1800 branches across the UK and 4,750 branches in over 50 countries.

In UK, Barclays has the products such as Rental Banking, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Investment Management and Private Equity. Barclays group is having subsidiary of Barclays corporate which provides banking solutions to organizations with an annual turnover of more than £5 million. This bank is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

Following table gives the list of banks and their subsidiaries :

Bank Subsidiaries
HSBC HFC bank, First Direct
Royal Bank of Scotland Group National Westminster Bank, Ulster Bank, Direct Line, Citizens Financial Group, ABN AMRO, Coutts & Co., Adam and Company, Child & Co., RBS Greenwich Capital
Lloyds Banking Group Lloyds TSB, HBOS (Halifax and Bank of Scotland), Intelligent Finance, (50% Sainsburys bank) Cheltenham & Glocester, Birmingham Midshires
Barclays Woolwich Building Society, Goldfish Credit Card

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