Housing in the UK

United Kingdom offers different types of housing and wide range of prices. Finding the right place for residence for you and your family will take some effort. Here we have provided information about the types of houses in England, housing customs, finding a place to live

Types of houses in England

  • Detached
  • Semi-detached
  • Terrace
  • Apartments (Flats)

How to look for a house in England?

Firstly you have to decide where to buy house and have to list the requirements of one's needs. There are different sources of information when looking for a house to rent.
  • Housing classifieds
  • Local newspapers
  • Looking on internet
  • Real estate agencies
  • Personal contacts
  • Government offices
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Tips for buying house in UK

While planning to buy a house, you have to keep so many important aspects in mind. It is useful to keep a checklist handy, by this checklist you can make sure that all your important aspects are covered. Checklists for buying a house are :


When people stay in United Kingdom for some years, quite often people like to buy a house. Buying a house is not an easy task to all, depending on your affordability you have to aware of budget towards buying your own house. You can make use of mortgage to buy a house to avoid taxes.


Location is important, have to think of good location according to your budget. In a good location prices of house are costlier and probably you will find a house or an appartment within comfortable walking distance. It is advisable to make easy on yourself as possible.

Property Type

According to your budget, you have to think of whether to buy an independent house or apartments. But independent houses are most expensive choice compared to apartments.

Property Inspection

While purchasing a house, you need to get the house checked by an inspection. By having the inspection done, you can safeguard yourself from loss of value later on.


The loan you get from the bank is called mortgage. To buy a house or apartment you can be eligible for a home loan on the property. You have to always think of your budget and plan how much you can put money in your house. Alternatively you can make a use of mortgage broker to find the low cost deals more easily.

Paper Work

While buying a house, verify the documents with a legal advisor. There would be many documents to sign, and you should review all documents thoroughly before you sign on any document. After signing by both vendor and purchaser and after registration, purchaser has to take the original documents from the vendor of its property. Later you have to change name of the holder of the property to the purchaser in the records of society.

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