Sunsign for Babies

Libra : Babies born under this star sign are sweet and charming. Libra babies can look so different - but every Libra baby is good looking. This baby does not actively seek to be in the spotlight but will find herself the centre of attention wherever she goes. Their love of peaceful and harmonious surroundings brings out their expressiveness for the arts. Much encouragement is needed to get their intellect and emotions to work together. Young Libras have a magnetic attraction by other children and desperately need to be liked. This often leads to them to the entertainment or creative field for adoration and appreciation.
The Libra baby is even-tempered and draws people to her by her charming disposition. She loves to be around others and parents will often find her mediating disputes. They know exactly when to cry or when to make a cute noise. They also have an ability to endeavor to influence people by smooth, flattering, or beguiling words or acts and people often fall pray to this. Parents must prepare plenty of activities as Libra children get very enthusiastic by a project then quickly lose interest and constantly look for something new. Your Libra child will reward you with lots of love and affection.
Other Details : Birth stones: Diamond, Opal; Birth metal: Copper; Birth color: Indigo Blue.

Scorpio : Babies born under this star sign will be active, quick to learn and intelligent. This baby loves to be in a group as long as she is the leader. She can be very manipulative and will draw out energy from all the people around her. This baby has a keen mind and loves challenges like hide-and-go-seek or magic tricks. They resent harsh orders and like to be dealt with reason on an adult level much better. They like people to be loyal to them and usually have as friends kids who are more powerful or elder to them. Your Scorpio child will thrive if you give him tasks that are meaningful.
The Scorpio child likes to be honest and truthful and reciprocates the same from his parents and friends. Learning comes easy to Scorpios and they need to be challenged and kept busy. Once they get a goal in mind, they pursue with incredible endurance. Your little Scorpio is very independent but very loving. rom a younger age they have strong personalities and know what they want and will make sure that they get it. The Scorpio baby is extremely demanding and will expect both parents and siblings to drop whatever they are doing when the baby wants them.
Other Details : Birth stones: Topaz, Malachite; Birth metal: Steel; Birth color: Deep Red.

Sagittarius : Babies born under this star sign are full of energy, versatility, adventurousness and eagerness. hey are bright, quick and eager to learn. She is extremely independent and will be more likely to begin walking by the time she is a year old. The Sagittarius baby loves to explore her surroundings. The Sagittarius baby does not just explore new places. Everything grabs her attention, right from objects to new individuals. They will have lots of loyal friends who loves them.
Sagittarians are the sports stars and you will see them involved in lot of sports and games than their studies. The Sagittarius baby's exploratory instincts may sometimes get her into trouble. Parents should keep a firm grip of their toddler's hand or she is likely to wander off and get lost. They are not generally not shy in nature. The Sagittarius baby seems like they smile all the time. They are also wonderful at making everyone around them to smile. Your baby is insatiably curious and restless and impatient but will be a source of delight and affection your whole life long.
Other Details : Birth stones: Carbuncle, Turqoiuse; Birth metal: Tin; Birth color: Light Blue.

Capricorn : Babies born under this star sign are often silent and they have a wisdom about them that many remark about. They like people to be loyal to them and usually have as friends kids who are more powerful or elder to them. Capricorns usually love to read and to make things. The Capricorn baby thrives on being disciplined and organised. She is not slow, but simply making sure that she learns every aspect thoroughly. These kids have good memory and concentration and do well at studies. Be an appreciative parent and your Capricorn will be the next scientist, engineer or builder.
Capricorns usually love to read and to make things. The Capricorn baby is responsible and will enjoy being given tasks to accomplish. This makes her feel important and she will hunger for approval. Capricorn children fall a lot, but they are ambitious and adorable people. This is a serious baby that seems to know the secret of life. Right from a young age they have strong personalities and know what they want and will make sure that they get it.
Other Details :Birth stones: White Onyx, Moonstone; Birth metal: Lead; Birth color: Green.

Aquarius : Babies born under this star sign are quick thinkers who want to analyze everything and everyone. They are also very sensitive and intuitive. They rebel against commands and rules but if you leave them to think they will normally come to a sensible conclusion on their own and settle down. This is the baby that will drop their toys into their food, or try to eat food out of the pet's dish. They truly seem to look at the world in a different way. An Aquarius baby is a little unusual and unique.
The Aquarius baby sometimes wants to be left alone so that she can work out her own troubles. She is quick to learn new things and will delight in finding new ways to do what she has been taught. The child will be constantly on the go and needs plenty of opportunity to make new discoveries. You as parents need to be extra careful and watch out for the typical Aquarian absent-mindedness. The Aquarius baby might seem lonely at first but this is not so. This baby prefers to be solitary and will often appear to be detached from her surroundings.
Other Details :Birth stones: Amethyst; Birth metal: Uranium; Birth color: Electric Blue.

Pisces : Babies born under this star sign are extra-sensitive by nature. Since Pisces is a water sign, emotions play a big role in determining personality traits. The Pisces baby is sensitive to any discord between parents or siblings and will easily pick up any bad vibes in the home. One can easily be impressed with the piscean charm of manner and lazy good nature. They value humanity and all actions of Pisceans are lovely. This child has a potential of possible genius or brilliance to be encouraged.
The Pisces baby has beautiful, deep soulful eyes that seem like they can see into your very heart. This is the baby that cries when other people are unhappy. The Pisces baby is gentle, kind and loves all animals. These babies have the most winning ways and the cutest of smiles. The Pisces baby is also blessed with a dreamer's mind. She can often be seen lost in her thoughts. They have good sense of humor but most of the times their fun is a cover for another emotion which hides behind.
Other Details :Birth stones: Aquamarine; Birth metal: Uranium; Birth color: Electric Blue.


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