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We at NRIOL.COM are a group of friends and we've been through the usual highs and lows of life abroad. We were at high school together in India, and funnily enough, all of us are currently living abroad. We've gone from being fresh off the boat, ambitious yet nervous and feeling desperately alone, to working professionals comfortable with living life abroad - yet feeling a vague sense of longing and restlessness. And we lived with those feelings for a few years, without actually doing anything about it.

The arrival of the Web changed that. But usually, it takes something - an incident, a conversation or even a book - to spark off the creation of an enterprise. Our case is no different. To read about the real life incident that led to the creation of our website, and our first welcome message, please click here. To create NRIOL.COM, we've pooled together our skills - NRIOL's co-founder's are all professionally qualified and have Post-Graduate degrees in Management (MBA), Engineering and Journalism, gained at universities in the US and UK.

Our aim is not just to serve as an information provider. In addition to giving you relevant news and information, NRIOL.COM is a place where we NRIs can talk about issues relevant to us, such as homesickness as a newly arrived student or bride, bringing up children abroad or dual nationality.

From humble beginnings in 1997, NRIOL.COM is now one of the key players in the NRI segment on the web. We have big plans for the site - and by big we don't mean to become more recognised or simply increase our hit-rate (although this would be nice!). By "big plans" we mean that we aim to serve you in as many ways as possible, and to continually improve our usefulness to you. If you would like to see more features added to the site, or to just comment on the site, please let us know. We will be delighted to receive your comments and suggestions: please write to us at: contact form


NRIOL.COM, the premier online community since 1997 for the Indian immigrant community provides a range of resourceful services for immigrants and visitors in America.

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