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Covid travel insurance for US citizens visiting USA
Travel insurance covering covid 19 for US citizens visiting USA. Know more »
Travel insurance during covid for tourists to USA
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Covid 19 travel insurance for travel outside USA
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Covid 19 insurance for international students in the USA
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Coronavirus travel insurance for expatriates
Expatriate covid 19 health insurance.
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Covid19 Europe Schengen Visa Insurance
Europe Schengen Visa travel insurance covid 19. Know more »
Covid19 Annual Travel Insurance
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trip cancel
Covid19 Trip cancellation insurance
Trip insurance with covid19 coverage.
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US Immigrant green card
Covid19 new US Immigrant insurance
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Best health insurance for H1b visa holders in USA, Medical insurance for H1b visa holders

H1B Visa Holder Medical Health Insurance plans are short term plans designed to the special health needs of new immigrants (Green Card holders sponsored by family members) to the US and potential immigrants (H4 & F2 visa holders).

H1B Visa Holder Medical Health Insurance plans cover medical expenses resulting from sudden illness or injuries during their period of coverage.

US immigrant insurance required for US visa

The US government has made it compulsory from November 2019 for all immigrant visa applicants to have adequate health insurance in the United States. This new rule will directly impact new immigrants visa applications to the US of family members of current US citizens. The aim of this mandatory immigrant health insurance is to reduce the burden on the US hospitals, US health care system and ultimately on US tax payers by uninsured new US immigrants. While this proclamation is aimed at those applying for immigrant visas and not for H1B visa’s, which is not an immigrant visa, we are getting customer calls that even H1B visas are expected to have proper short term health insurance. The US short term health insurance plans offered here work ideally for prospective H1B and H4 visa applicants to the US. After purchasing these immigrant insurance plans, customers will receive the immigrant insurance document by email. Customers can show this immigrant insurance document as proof of US health insurance while applying for the H1 B visa. Given the high cost of US healthcare, it is important for US H1b visa holders to buy adequate US health insurance.

Benefits of buying US H1b visa medical insurance, Visitors insurance for H1 visa

Most insurance plans under the H1B Visa Holder Medical Health Insurance category offer the following benefits. General descriptions of the various benefits are offered below. Please note each insurance plan may have unique requirements for offering these benefits and you are encouraged to review the individual insurance policy brochures or insurance policy certificate.
  • Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Dental Expenses
  • Organ transplants
  • Mental health Expenses
  • Preventive and Wellness Checkups
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Emergency Medical Reunion
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Flight Accident or Common Carrier Accidental Death & Dismemberment (CADD)
  • Home-country Coverage
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H1b Visa Insurance, Health insurance for H1 visa - FAQ's

Does H1b health insurance cover covid illness in the USA?

Yes, some of the US coronavirus health insurance for H1B visa holders offer covid health insurance coverage. The H1b visa holders can find the best Coronavirus medical insurance by using the above compare covid19 USA health insurance.

Is it mandatory to have health insurance for h1b? Is health insurance mandatory for H1b?

Health insurance had been made mandatory in the United States according to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) commonly referred to as Obamacare. The Trump administration later repealed the requirement making it compulsory to have health insurance. However in October, 2019, the Donald Trump administration indicated that the US government will insist on proof of health insurance for arriving immigrants without which visas to enter the US will be denied. While the H1B is not an immigrant visa, we have heard from customers that this proposed rule is being followed through on other visa categories as well. Visas can be denied if the consular office is not satisfied by the provided proof of health insurance in the US.

How much do H1b visa insurance cost?

The cost of US health insurance depends on the H1B visa holders requirements. Following are some of the factors on which the cost of H1B visa insurance depends:

  • Age: The health insurance is more expensive for older H1b visa holders.
  • Plan maximum coverage: There are many options available ranging from $25,000, up to $1,000,000, the cost of health insurance for H1b visa holder is higher for high coverage limit.
  • Deductible: the initial amount the insured has to pay before the insurance begins to pay. The higher the deductible amount, the lower is the premium amount.
  • Special coverage for pre-existing conditions, sports, emergency medical evacuation may cost a little more.
  • Type of coverage: Fixed benefit insurance which offers limited coverage and more affordable. Comprehensive insurance which offers exhaustive coverage and is more expensive.

Popular US visa insurance among Indians to USA

Tourists on Visitors visa
Tourist Visa ( B2 visa) insurance
B2 visa health insurance for tourists, B2 visa tourist insurance for USA.
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Students ( F1 visa ) Insurance
F1 visa student health insurance, international student insurance in USA.
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J1 visa Exchange
J1 visa insurance
J1 visa insurance for exchange scholars, J1 visa medical insurance.
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H4 visa
Work Visa H1B and dependents H4 visa
H1B visa health insurance, health insurance H1B visa holders.
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Business Visa /B1 visa
USA B1 visa health Insurance, B1 visa travel insurance for USA.
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US Immigrant insurance
Compare to buy best US health insurance for new immigrants.
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Green card
Green card holders
Health insurance for green card holders, Green card health insurance.
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Travel insurance for spouses of students (F2 visa)
F2 visa medical insurance for F1 visa dependents. F2 visa health insurance.
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