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What does visitor travel insurance cover?

China travel insurance for US citizen

Cancel for any reason travel insurance
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Travel insurance for Covid quarantine expenses
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Travel insurance with quarantine coverage
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Cruises travel medical insurance
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Travel insurance with Covid19 coverage
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Schengen visa travel insurance
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Annual multi-trip travel Insurance
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Travel insurance VS Travel medical insurance
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Extending the US visitor visa for travelers from China

The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has stranded many travelers in the US for lack of travel options. The international travel restrictions has forced many foreign travelers to cancel their return journey who are on temporary or short term US visas. These travelers will now have to extend or renew their visa status in order to stay for longer durations in the US.

China visitor insurance for USA

While you have visited the U.S.A, an unexpected pandemic of COVID-19 has made you stranded in another country. Which is why having a best travel health insurance is very important outside the home country. Staying in America as an uninsured visitor is highly risky. Our insurance covers act as boon in an event of sudden sickness due to COVID-19 or accidental injuries and require a hospitalization which can leave you with huge medical bills having an impact on your financial situation. You can compare travel health insurance plans for Coronavirus to avoid all such disastrous situations.


Extend/renew US visa for travelers from China

Steps and procedure to extend US visa for further stay in USA.

Travel insurance for China

Chinese visitors traveling outside their home country can buy insurance plans offered by American insurers and get effective coverage. There are short term, visitor, travel and immigrant plans available for Chinese. We work with several reputed insurance providers who offer these plans. You can get free quotes from wherever you are and compare plans before buying. Added to this we also provide 24x7 customer support to customers and assist them in understanding coverage details and help them choose best plan.

Impact of Coronavirus for worldwide travelers and travel medical insurance coverage

US travel medical insurance coverage and restrictions for medical coverage for Coronavirus. Benefits of buying Trip cancellation insurance with Cancel for any reason.

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Chinese international travel insurance services

  • We have wide range of travel insurance plans.
  • 24x7 professional customer support by licensed insurance agents. USA Toll Free Number.
  • Compare engine for travel medical insurance plans from different providers.
  • Purchase plans online, secure transaction, instant coverage.
  • Insurance for visiting parents, new immigrants, J1/J2 visa scholars, students (F1 visa), nanny, expatriates.
  • Complete privacy of insurance subscriber information.
  • View and download medical insurance policy brochure.
  • Before buying travel insurance policy medical test are not required.
  • Plans are underwritten by top American and International insurance companies.

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What is the best health insurance for visitors to USA?

What is the best travel insurance for USA? What is the best visitor insurance USA?

travel tips

Obamacare for visitors to the US

Are visitors to US eligible for Obama Care?

Factors determining cost of Chinese visitors insurance for USA

  1. Age of the visitor: The cost of best travel insurance for parents visiting USA depends on the age of the traveler. The older the traveler and greater will be the cost of the visitors health insurance.
  2. Type of visitors insurance: Comprehensive visitor insurance which provide exhaustive coverage are more expensive than fixed benefit visitors insurance.
  3. Medical maximum coverage and deductible options: The price of travel insurance for Chinese visitors depends on the maximum medical coverage and is inversely proportional to the deductible of the plan chosen.
  4. Region of coverage: Visitors insurance is dependent on the coverage region. The cost for visitor medical insurance for the United States is most expensive.
  5. Length of visitors insurance: The longer the duration of visitor insurance for parents, the higher will be the cost.
  6. Add on benefit requirements: Additional add-on benefits like adventure sports coverage will increase the cost of coverage.
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Types of US travel medical insurance

Fixed Benefit travel insurance

Fixed or scheduled benefit US travel insurance plans are cheapest travel insurance plans. These visitor travel insurance plans are cheap as they have a specific limit of coverage for different medical benefits.

Fixed benefit plans work well for minor ailments but can be inadequate in the event of serious medical ailments that involves hospitalisation.

Comprehensive travel insurance

Comprehensive travel insurance plans are more expensive than Fixed benefit plans but provide comprehensive health coverage up to the policy maximum limit. This is in contrast to scheduled benefit plans as there are no fixed limits for each benefit.

Comprehensive travel insurance is more expensive than fixed benefit plans but provides significantly better coverage in case of a serious medical emergency involving hospitalisation.

compare plans

Fixed vs Comprehensive plans

Buy US travel insurance for Chinese visitors

Finding all available travel insurance plans

Complete the travel health insurance quote form by providing traveler details and insurance requirements.

Compare different travel health insurance options

Compare prices and the coverage benefits of the different visitor insurance options to find what fits your needs best.

Buy Travel medical insurance that satisfies your needs best and review policy documents

Buy Chinese traveler insurance that fits your needs and budget best by using a credit card and completing the online application.

Review the traveler medical insurance document & download visa letter is required

Review the medical insurance for Chinese travelers documents & download visa letter if required.

Chinese travel insurance, Travel insurance China Faq's

Since travel medical insurance does not provide trip cancellation and other package-like benefits, the cost of the plan is often quite economical. A typical single trip travel medical plan can range from $40-$80 for a relatively short overseas trip.

There is no single international travel insurance which will work best for all Chinese travelers.The best Chinese travelers insurance will vary based on the travelers requirements.While some Chinese travelers will look for the cheapest travel insurance plan usually for visa purposes while others want comprehensive travel insurance coverage.The price will be higher if you need travel insurance with pre-existing conditions.

For older travelers, as the risk of falling sick or getting injured is high, the cost of Chinese older traveler insurance would be high.It is advisable to compare travel insurance plans for Chinese travelers and buy the best Chinese travel insurance satisfying your needs.

Yes Chinese travelers can buy US travel health insurance.Here there are popular Chinese visitor travel insurance plans designed by reputed insurance providers to give the travelers a wide range of options.Chinese travelers visiting the US can compare visitors insurance and review different travel insurance plans based on their benefits and price.

Travelers can get US visitors travel insurance plans online at American Visitor Insurance. A US visitor insurance plan will provide medical and travel insurance cover in the US. Due to the increase in the Covid-19 cases with Omicron Variant travel insurance has become important while traveling during the pandemic for safe travel to the US.

American visitor insurance offers travelers some of the good US travel insurance choices. Travelers can compare and choose the most suitable insurance plan that fufulfillslfils the travel requirement. For more details travelers can call the customer service or email and the team will be glad to help.

Traveling to the US involves a change in weather and food, long travel hours and difference in time from the home country. Often these changes increase the travel risks for unexpected illness or injury. It is not mandatory to include a visitor medical insurance for traveling to the US; however given the travel risks it's good to get travel medical insurance.

Healthcare in the US is very expensive and if there is need for hospitalization travelers may end up in a huge financial trauma. A good US travel insurance plan will provide coverage for medical expenses incurred in case of any injury or illness especially during the pandemic.

Purchasing travel insurance cover before the start of a trip is best to get complete coverage before leaving the home country.

Travel medical insurance comes to the rescue in an event of unexpected illness or injury while traveling away from the home country. It covers medical bills; treatments availed, in case of trip cancellation, trip interrupted etc. Travelers can choose the travel insurance cover according to their travel requirements.

Travel insurance gives protection against unforeseen incidents and mishaps that occur while traveling overseas. Travel insurance is important while traveling overseas for leisure or for work .By including travel medical insurance, travelers will be covered against emergency evacuation and medical expenses, and trip insurance will cover trip interruptions or cancellation, loss of passports, misplaced luggage. Travelers can also include Cancel for any reason cover as an extra rider to get maximum coverage.

US travel insurance for visitors from China

What does US Travel Insurance cover? What is travel Insurance USA?

Some of the main US travel health insurance benefits for China travelers are listed below. China travelers can compare US travel insurance to review specific coverage details offered by the different companies and insurance plans. For all these benefits listed below, it is important for travelers from China to buy the best US travel insurance given the relative cheap cost of travel insurance when compared to the high cost of US healthcare. This is very important for Seniors citizens, as older travelers are vulnerable and more likely to need the coverage offered by the best USA travel insurance plans.Some of the other important travel health insurance for USA benefits are listed below. Travelers can compare visitor travel insurance to review specific coverage details offered by the different companies and insurance plans.


Medical coverage for accidents and emergency medical ailments

The high cost of US healthcare makes it necessary for China travelers to have good travel insurance while traveling in the United States. The travel insurance maximum coverage depends on the selected travel insurance. The available medical maximum coverage however decreases for travelers over 70 years.


Doctors visit

The US travel insurance allows customers to visit Doctors for sudden unanticipated medical ailments (continuing treatment for already existing ailments and preventive care are not covered). The Co-pay and deductible will vary depending on the travel insurance plan, China travelers do have the option of no Co-pay and Zero deductible.


Pharmacy drugs

Doctor prescribed eligible pharmacy drugs are covered and varies for different travel insurance plans.


Surgery coverage

Emergency surgery treatment will be covered. The maximum available amount for surgery is typically $50,000, but again depends on the plan chosen.


Medical Evacuation coverage

The best travel insurance provides medical evacuation coverage up to $1,000,000 if the China traveler has to be evacuated to get access to proper medical treatment in the event of a medical emergency.


Emergency dental coverage

Emergency dental coverage up to $300 is available for acute pain to natural teeth.

Travel tips for parents and older travelers to USA

Are you excited about your parents and in-laws visiting the US? As they are senior citizens and older travelers travelling on long flights and coming to different weather conditions, they are more vulnerable to travel and health risks. Here some travel tips for parents and older travelers visiting you.

Tips for Senior Citizens

One does not have to stop traveling as one gets on with age. Below are some useful travel tips for older travellers.

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Travel to hot and cold places

Some useful tips while traveling to different climatic condition places, be it extreme heat or cold weather.

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Tips for food and water safety

When you are traveling, you are exposed to food and water. Some precautions to help you reduce chance of getting sick.

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Tips for Cruise travelers

Cruise travellers can enjoy their vacation more by taking certain precautions. Some tips for cruise travelers.

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Visitor Medical Insurance above 60 years

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Tips for travelers visiting the US

Best International Travel Tips for First Time Travelers - Safety, Comfort.

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Different groups of travelers

International travel insurance for different groups of travelers

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Covid19 travel insurance, Travel insurance Covid19

Covid travel insurance for US citizens visiting USA

Travel insurance covering covid19 for US citizens visiting USA.

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Travel insurance during covid for tourists to USA

Travel insurance coronavirus for visiting USA.

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covid19 travel insurance for travel outside USA

Travel insurance covid for travel outside USA.

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covid19 insurance for international students in the USA

Best student travel insurance that covers covid.

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Coronavirus travel insurance for expatriates

Expatriate covid19 health insurance.

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Covid19 Europe schengen visa insurance

Europe Schengen Visa travel insurance covid19.

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Covid19 annual travel insurance

Annual Travel Insurance with covid19 cover.

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trip cancel
Covid19 trip cancellation insurance

Trip insurance with covid19 coverage.

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US Immigrant green card
Covid19 new US Immigrant insurance

New immigrant insurance with covid coverage.

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Travel insurance international for Global destinations

International travel insurance for USA

International travel insurance for USA

US travel insurance for pre-existing ailments


The best travel insurance for Asthma

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Travel insurance for Arthritis

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Travel insurance for Diabetes

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Travel insurance for Heart Ailment

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Travel insurance with Covid coverage and acute onset of pre-existing medical conditions

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Tourists from India in foreign countries
us visitor insurance

Best travel health insurance for parents visiting USA

  • Visitors Insurance Resources for Travelers
    US visitor medical insurance resources for indian parents vsiting USA.
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  • Fixed benefit vs Comprehensive Visitor Medical Insurance
    Important factors to consider while buying best travel insurance for parents visiting the U.S.
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  • Visitor insurance claims procedure
    Visitor Insurance India claims process for getting medical care in hospital.
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Travel insurance to the US in the post-covid19 world

The global pandemic novel coronavirus, COVID19, has infected millions around the world with the resultant death toll continuing to increase.

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International travel in the Covid19 world

A new paradigm for international travel. Are we prepared?

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Mental Stress during the COVID19 pandemic

Coping with the stress during Coronavirus outbreak...

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Annual multi-trip travel insurance

Compare Annual multi-trip travel insurance plans

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Travelling during Covid19 outbreak

Coronavirus travel insurance
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Compare visitor insurance plans

Compare the benefit options and coverage limits of visitor insurance plans.

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