Housing in the UAE

There is tidy sum of accommodation for expats in UAE and finding one suitable to your requirement and taste is not a tedious task. When in UAE you have a wide array of accommodation to choose from ranging from average to expensive. The price of your accommodation solely depends upon the spaciousness, location and standard of the property.
Types of houses in UAE
  • Apartments
  • Standing villas
  • Town houses (duplex , triplex)

How to look for a house in UAE?

Before seeking an accommodation you should decide on where to buy the house, the price you can afford and the capaciousness of the house.There are quite a few methods to look for an accommodation in UAE
  • Hire a real estate agent ( make sure they are registered in Real Estate Regulatory Agency[RERA])
  • Drive around looking for to-let signs
  • Use your contacts like friends , relatives and other expats to search for an accommodation
  • Search online
  • Look through housing classifieds
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Tips for buying house in UAE

It is best to sort out your priorities before buying or renting a property in UAE. This helps you in selecting a house in an efficient way.


Buying a house in UAE isn’t cheap. The standards of properties varies upon the price.so it’s better to plan out your budget before entering to the real estate market.


While choosing your property another significant criteria to be considered is the location of the property. The prices of the property varies with the location , in main centers prices can be pretty high but as you move further away from it the prices tend to drop . However an ideal location for the property would depend upon its proximity to available basic needs such as public transport, grocery stores etc.

Property Type

After planning out your budget you must look into the type of property that you want to go for. Apartments are cheaper where as independent standing villas are quite expensive, as expensive as it may be the villas comes with its perks like a splendid garden, beautiful interior decorations and a swimming pool.

Property Inspection

It is better to get the property inspected with a registered inspection company before finalizing and purchasing the property, so that no future loses are incurred.


It is not that difficult to obtain mortgage in UAE, with a reasonably good income an expat can easily acquire loans from most of the banks in UAE. The maximum amount of mortgage that would be disposed to you would be seven times your salary and the maximum period of time before its repayment is 25 years or before the tenant reaches the age of 65.

Expat Communities

UAE is brimming with expats from all over the world. So locating an expat community relatable to you wouldn’t be very difficult and would make life in UAE easier.

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