Lord Ayyappa Names

Ayyappan also called Sastavu or Sasta, the offspring of Shiva and Vishnu. Lord Ayyappa is the presiding deity of Sabarimala temple. The name "Sri Ayyappan" is used as a respectful form of address in the Malayalam and Tamil languages. The Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil sentence Swamiye Saranam Ayyappa can be translated as, "Oh Ayyappa!". He came down to earth to free his devotees from the clutches of demon Mahishi. Lord Ayyappa enshrined in the Sabarimala temple combines both these aspects of Brahman. In the Puranic lore, as usual, this fact is presented in an interesting and symbolic story form. As Sri Ayyappa represents both Vishnu and Shiva in one Divinity, He is worshipped both as Protector and Deliverer.

108 names of Lord Ayyappa

Sl.No Name
1 Om Mahashasthre Namah
2 Om Shilpashasthre Namah
3 Om Lokhashasthre Namah
4 Om Mahabalaya Namah
5 Om Dharmashasthre Namah
6 Om Veerashasthre Namah
7 Om Kalashasthre Namah
8 Om Mahojhase Namah
9 Om Gajadeepaya Namah
10 Om Angapathe Namah
11 Om Vyagrapathe Namah
12 Om Mahadhyuthaye Namah
13 Om Ganadhyakshaye Namah
14 Om Mahaguna Ganaye Namah
15 Om Agraganyaye Namah
16 Om Nakshatradepaya Namah
17 Om Chandraroopaya Namah
18 Om Varahakaya Namah
19 Om Durvashyamaya Namah
20 Om Maharoopaya Namah
21 Om Rigveda Roopaya Namah
22 Om Kruradhrustaye Namah
23 Om Anamaayaya Namah
24 Om Thrinethraya Namah
25 Om Utpalakaraya Namah
26 Om Kalanthakaya Namah
27 Om Naradeepaya Namah
28 Om Dakshayagna Nashakaya Namah
29 Om Kalhara Kusuma Priyaya Namah
30 Om Madhanaya Namah
31 Om Madhava Suthaya Namah
32 Om Mandara Kusuma Priyaya Namah
33 Om Madhalasaya Namah
34 Om Veerashasthre Namah
35 Om Mahasarpa Veebushanaya Namah
36 Om Mahasuraya Namah
37 Om Mahadheeraya Namah
38 Om Mahapapa Veenashakaya Namah
39 Om Asiasthaya Namah
40 Om Sharadharaya Namah
41 Om Halahaladhara Sutaya Namah
42 Om Agni Nayanaya Namah
43 Om Arjuna Patheye Namah
44 Om Ananghamadhana Turaya Namah
45 Om Dustha Grahade Paya Namah
46 Om Sastre Namah
47 Om Sishtarakshana Deekshitaya Namah
48 Om Rajarajarchi Taya Namah
49 Om Rajasekaraya Namah
50 Om Rajasotamaya Namah
51 Om Manjuleshaya Namah
52 Om Vararuchaye Namah
53 Om Varadaya Namah
54 Om Vayu Vahanaya Namah
55 Om Vajranghaya Namah
56 Om Vishnuputhraya Namah
57 Om Khadghapanaye Namah
58 Om Balodyathaya Namah
59 Om Triloka Gyanaya Namah
60 Om Adi Balaya Namah
61 Om Kasthuri Tilakamchithaya Namah
62 Om Pushkaraya Namah
63 Om Purna Davalaya Namah
64 Om Purna Veshaya Namah
65 Om Krupalayaya Namah
66 Om Pasha Hasthaya Namah
67 Om Bhaya Pahaya Namah
68 Om Omkara Roopaya Namah
69 Om Papaghnya Namah
70 Om Pashanda Rudera Shanaya Namah
71 Om Pancha Pandva Samrakshakaya Namah
72 Om Parapapa Vinashakaya Namah
73 Om Pancha Vaktra Kumaraya Namah
74 Om Panch Akrshara Parayanaya Namah
75 Om Panditaya Namah
76 Om Sreedhara Suthaya Namah
77 Om Nyayaya Namah
78 Om Kavachine Namah
79 Om Kavina Madhi Pathaye Namah
80 Om Kandha Yajushe Namah
81 Om Tarpana Priyaya Namah
82 Om Shyama Roopaya Namah
83 Om Navya Dhanyaya Namah
84 Om Satsamtha Pavi Nashakaya Namah
85 Om Vyaghra Charma Dharaya Namah
86 Om Shooline Namah
87 Om Krupalave Namah
88 Om Venu Vadhanaya Namah
89 Om Khambu Khantaya Namah
90 Om Keerita Divi Bushitaya Namah
91 Om Dhur Jathaye Namah
92 Om Veerya Nilayaya Namah
93 Om Veraya Namah
94 Om Verendra Vandithaya Namah
95 Om Vishwaroopaya Namah
96 Om Veerapathaye Namah
97 Om Vividhardha Phala Pradhaya Namah
98 Om Maharoopaya Namah
99 Om Chathurbahave Namah
100 Om Para Pasha Vimochakaya Namah
101 Om Naga Kundaladharaya Namah
102 Om Rathna Keerethaya Namah
103 Om Jatadharaya Namah
104 Om Naga Lamkara Samyukthaya Namah
105 Om Nanarathna Vibushita Dehaya Namah
106 Om Purnambha Samethaya Namah
107 Om Pushkalamba Samethaya Namah
108 Om Hara Hara Puthraya Namah
prayer mantras

Shri Ayyappa Mani Kanda Sthuthi

  1. Bhootha nadha,, Dayambhudhe, Bhuvanadhi Nayaka, Pahi maam,
    Bhoothalakhila pala, nirmama, Sarma dayaka, Pahi maam.
  2. Bhoothi poorna, surendra vanditha, Sadhu rakshaka, pahi maam,
    Bhoothi bhooshana, bhoori bhavuka, Bhootha sevitha pahi maam.
  3. Aadhi nayaka, veda varnitha, nithya, Nishkala, nirmala, Pahi maam,
    Modha dayaka, dheena vathsala, Deva vandhitha paduka, Pahi maam.
  4. Nadha ranjitha, pada sevaka, Bhaktha pala, krupaalaya, pahi maam,
    Kheda bhanjana, manju roopa, Miranjana prabha, pahi maam
  5. Bhaktha manasa raja hamsa, samastha Bhaktha vasamkara, pahi maam,
    Nithyamuktha, nithantha bandhura, Bandha mochana, nisthoola, pahi maam.
  6. Sathya dharma hithangarachyutha, Sankara,pahi maam,
    Nishthoola prabha, veera thunga-, Thuranga vahana, pahi maam.
  7. Mara maraka veera nandana, Deva raja supoojitha, pahi maam,
    Saramanasa sarasasana nandaneeya, Suravana, pahi maam,
  8. Ghora satrava sangha dandana vethra Hastha, Bhayapaha,pahi maam,
    Dheerasan mani kanda, paditha Mandalarchitha, Pahi maam.
  9. Pahi mam bhava bhanjana Priya, Manju bhashana pahi maam,
    Pahi maam mahishee madhapaha, Narthana Priya Pahi maam,
  10. Pahi mam paramathmaka bodhaka, Dharma saasana, pahi maam
    Pahi maam nikhilamayardhana, Bhootha nayaka, Pahi maam.
daily mantras

Different Names Of Lord Ayyappa

  1. Bhoolokanathan Ruler of the earth
  2. DharmasasthaProtector of dharma
  3. KaliyugavaradhanProtector in kaliyug
  4. ErumelivasanOne who lives in erumeli
  5. LokapujyaWorshipped by the universe
  6. ManikantanOne with a bell around his neck
  7. PambavasanOne who lives in pamba
  8. PandalavasanOne who lives in pandala
  9. SabariOne who lives in sabari hill
  10. Shri JagadeeshLord of the universe
  11. AiyappanHalf vishnu and shiva (Ayya meaning vishnu and appa meaning shiva)
  12. SabareeshwaraOne who lives in sabari hill
  13. HariharanBorn out of hari (vishnu) and hara (shiva)
  14. Veeramanikanta Brave one with a bell around his neck
  15. Hariharaputra Son of hari (vishnu) and hara (shiva)

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