Best Lakes & Rivers in Mizoram

Review the list of Lakes & Rivers in Mizoram

Tuichawng River
  • Location: Tlabung Town
  • This river owes its starting point to the abstinence of a young lady named Tuichawng.
De River
  • Location: upper east state of Mizoram
  • De River is said to have a wealth of fish species and prawns and is encompassed by thick tropical evergreen woods.
Khawthlangtuipui River
  • Location: Mamit district
  • It is otherwise called the Karnaphuli is a river of Mizoram. It is said to "speak to the seepage arrangement of the entire south western piece of Mizoram".
Langkaih River
  • Location: Mamit
  • The river flows in a northerly direction, joining the Barak River in the Cachar plain of Assam.
Tlawng River
  • Location: Kolasib
  • It is also called Katakha or Dhaleswari in the local language. This river also promotes fishing activities and being surrounded by lush green environs and some very pretty scenic locales.
Serlui River
  • Location: Kolasib district
  • The water from this river is mainly used for agriculature. This river covers several places and the people of Mizoram give so much importance.
Tuirial River
  • Location: Kolasib district
  • It streams northward to join the Barak River in Assam. The river waters have likewise been utilized for cleaning and other local purposes.
Palak Dil Lake
  • Location: Phura village
  • Palak Dil, also known as Pala Tipo which is Mizo for 'swallowing lake'. The location of this place in particular is pretty rich in nature.
Tam Dil Lake
  • Location: Saitual
  • Tamdil Lake which literally translates into 'Lake of Mustard ' in Mizo, is a wonderful lake with great landscape, clear, blue water and serene environment.
Karnaphuli River
  • Location: Mizo Hills
  • The river's Karnaphuli hydroelectric venture gives energy to tea, jute, tobacco, and cotton-preparing commercial ventures to store inundates an unfathomable rural area.
Kaladan River
  • Location: Aizawl
  • It is also known as the Chhimtuipui river, Chhimmtuipi Lui or Kaladan river.

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