Best Historical & Heritage Sites in Mizoram

Review the list of Historical & Heritage sites in Mizoram

Lianchhiari Lunglentlang
  • Location: Duntlang village
  • The cliff has a rocky projection jutting out to a dangerous distance. One can spend hours sitting on the rocky ledge, enjoying the cool breeze.
Fiara Tui
  • Location: Champhai
  • The spring holds a special place amongst the Mizos as the sweetness, and the purity of its water has been mentioned in many of their writings and folklores.
Solomon Temple
  • Location: Aizawl
  • The four towers indicate the four virtues ideal for mankind – Salvation, Righteousness, Life and Overcomer.
Tomb of Vanhimailian
  • Location: near the Myanmar border
  • A tomb know as the 'Tomb of Vanhimailian' was erected in Vanhimailian Sailo's memory, which overlooks the vast Champhai plain.
Lamsial Puk
  • Location: Farkawn village
  • The main feature of the cave is a wooden box which holds a about a cubic metre of densely packed and well preserved human bones.
Chawngvungi Lungdawh
  • Location: Khankawn Village
  • There are a number of Historical Sites and Artifacts in this village and its surrounding areas. The tallest monolith (about 25 ft) has been erected in this village.
Sibuta Lung
  • Location: Tachhip village
  • It is a memorial stone which was raised by a Palian chief about 300 years ago. The memorial Sibuta Lung offer a story of jilted love and lust for revenge.
Khuangchera Puk
  • Location: Mamit District
  • It provides a variety of cave experiences with its dark ambience, peculiar acoustics, specific odours, tactile interaction with earthly surfaces, etc.
Pukzing Cave
  • Location: Mamit District
  • Literally "A Cave of Shouting Stone". It has three chambers of about 4 sq.metre each connected with narrow passages.

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