Famous cities in India

India had a name as "Golden bird" because of its architecture, landscapes and culture. India has many destinations that are not possible for the other country tourists to visit at a one shot. Different parts of India have different type of destinations. India has many famous destinations which will attract the people in large number.

Famous Cities and History of India


Bangalore is an anglicised version of "Bengalooru" a word in the local language Kannada given to the city. It was also called as "bende kaalu ooru" means "the town of boiled beans", the history behind the name is the King Ballala of the Hoysala kingdom was roaming around the forest and he was very hungry and fully tired and he saw an old woman sitting under a tree who gave him a boiled beans hence the name "bende kaalu ooru".

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The history behind the name was, there was a king called as Sultan Ahmed Shah when he was on the banks of a river doing some adventures. There he found that some rabbits were attacked by his dogs and the rabbits were strong enough to fight with dogs, so this incident made him to think that the rabbits are very strong and this place is good for him to start the new capital hence the name Ahmedabad.

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New Delhi

According to the past history, Delhi was the place of Indraprastha, which was the capital of Pandavas. Indraprastha is among the five plains including Sonepat, Panipat, Pilpat and Baghpat in the 16th century. Raja Dhilu built a city called Delhi or Dilli before the Greek entry. In earlier days Delhi has been referred to Hastinapur, means "City of elephants".

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The city name splits into three parts namely "Tiru","Anantha","Puram" meaning "the town of Lord ANANTHA". The city is famous for traditional temples and the kings in the court used to call themselves as "servants of Lord Ananthapadmanabha". The city has good architectural temples, paintings and carvings. The temples are built in different styles of Chola and Chera.

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During the Stone age the people of Mumbai were called as Mumbaikars, because the islands were located outside the city. During the 3rd century these islands became a part of the Magadhan empire, then later the empire left some monks and fishermen, who were worshipping goddess Mumbadevi. In 1995 given the goddesses name to the modern world.

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Hyderabad is famous for its Islamic culture and known as 'Istanbul of India'. This city is influenced by many other religion culture and trends, so it is called as 'City of Nawabs'. It have some fine architectural places like Qutab Minar, Char Minar, Birla Mandir etc.

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Chennai was called as Chennaipattinam in the olden days which was famous for trading. The village called as Madraspattnam, where the British East India Company were rested, now Chennai is called as "Temple City".

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Calcutta is the name derived from the goddess Kali which means "lime". The people from 3 villages namely Kalikata, Sutanuti and Gobindapur hailed to this place before the Battle of Plassey. Kolkata was renamed in the year 2001.

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