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ICICI student insurance - special features

  • Offers coverage for 2 way Compassionate Visit, Bail Bond, Study Interruption, Sponsor Protection.
  • Pro-rata refund of premium in case of cancellation if the university rejects the policy.
  • Premium paid in Indian rupees, while coverage is in US Dollars. This is advantages if currency fluctuations make US dollar more expensive.

ICICI Lombard has partnered with leading US-based Health Care provider UnitedHealth Group, to provide better health care benefits and services to be availed when in the US and accepted by most of the foreign universities as a substitute for their compulsory insurance. Gold Plan available with second year extension option, thereby covering you for the entire period of study.

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How to buy online ICICI travel insurance?

You can buy insurance online by using a credit/debit card, direct funds transfer using NEFT or RTGS or by using a cheque

Student Outside India

Students who have already traveled from India and do not have insurance can buy ICICI Lombard travel medical insurance.

ICICI Lombard travel insurance claim

In case of Claim or reimbursement of treatment expenses, notify ICICI Lombard travel health insurance.

ICICI travel insurance renewal

Insurance customers can renew their existing policy online before the exipry date at any time.


List of some of the Universities whose students have purchased ICICI student insurance in the past.

ICICI Lombard Student medical insurance policy plan details

  •  Medical Expenses (including medical evacuation)*- US $50,000 to US $500,000 This covers medical costs incurred due to illness or accident including medically necessary and prescribed emergency evacuation. It covers defined outpatient, in-patient, medical aid, therapies and diagnostic tests. Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains to home country is covered up to the medical sum insured chosen (US $50,000 - US $500,000)
     Dental Treatment *- $250 Covers acute anesthetic treatment of natural teeth.
     Repatriation of Remains- Upto medical sum insured Covers the funeral expenses or expenses of repatriating the remains back to India, in case of death overseas.
     Checked Baggage Loss - $1,000 Compensation for the permanent loss of checked-in baggage.
     Passport Loss* - $200 For expenses incurred in obtaining a fresh or new passport.
     Personal Accident - $25,000 Compensation paid in case of death or permanent total disability.
     Personal Liability - $100,000 Compensation of damages to be paid to a third party, resulting from death, injury or damage to health or property caused involuntarily by the insured.
     Bail Bond - $5,000 For the bail amount, if arrested or detained by police or judicial authorities of the place, for any bailable offence whilst abroad.
     Study Interruption - $7,500 Reimbursement for the remaining part of the current school semester fee, if studies are interrupted on account of a medical condition or compassionate reasons on the family front.
     Sponsor Protection - $10,000 Reimbursement of tuition fees in case of demise of person paying for studies due to an accident.
     Compassionate Visit - $7,500 In case of hospitalization (exceeding 7 days) of student or a family member, where a family member visits student or student visits India. Round trip economy class tickets for student/ family member, and accommodation for the family member visiting abroad, will be reimbursed.
  • ICICI Lombard Student medical insurance eligibility

    • Minimum age of insured persons is 16 years.
    • Maximum age of insured persons is 35 years.
    • Non-insurable persons: professional and semi-professional sportsmen.
    • The policy can be bought by students already studying abroad.
    • Plans available with second year extension option, thereby covering you for the entire period of study.
    • Extend your policy 3 months in advance - Now you do not have to wait till policy expiry to extend your Student Medical cover, extend your policy 3 months in advance.
    • Policy coverage for 2 years - Student Medical Insurance is now available with a continuous cover for 2 years. Now cover your entire period of study and rid yourself of policy extension hassles with a policy duration of 365+365 = 730 days.
    • Medical outpatient expenses covered.
    • No pre-medical check-up required.